Clyde, the unwitting Lynch-pin of racism

Political correctness goes awry as historic college Pres. Clyde A. Lynch gets kicked to the curb

Nearly 160 years ago Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cites. The opening paragraph of the novel began with these words: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity……

We’re not going highbrow on our readers today, but Dickens’ words can’t be improved upon when it comes to the lunacy taking place at Lebanon Valley College in rural Pennsylvania. LVC is a small, Methodist-based, private liberal arts institution that is obviously taking the word ‘liberal’ far too seriously.

The 1,600+ undergrads also appear to have too much time on their hands. The students are now demanding that administrators rename a building long known as “Lynch Memorial Hall,” due to the negative racial overtones of the word “lynch.” Imagine the chaos that would ensue if a building was named after U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White. Will they demand the recall of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a black woman?

In a nation focused on Jihadist terror attacks, led by a president who governs via executive orders bypassing congress and shredding the Constitution, buried under insurmountable debt, leaders who worship at the debatable altar of global warminger…climate change, a still flaccid economy and shaky employment realities, it would appear these leaders-in-training would have other concerns.

The campus building was named to honor Clyde A. Lynch, who was president of Lebanon Valley College from 1932 until his death in 1950. The students, however, claim his name is offensive since the term ‘lynch’ recalls late 19th century hangings of mostly black men by lawless mobs.

The name change was included on a list of demands the students presented to school administrators, including “a more diverse curriculum, more sensitivity training for staff and regular surveys of the racial climate on campus.”

It appears as though the Office of  Multicultural Affairs already deals with those issues and more, veering off into Diversity La-La Land.  Priorities include the importance of instructing on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, religion, culture, and age. In other words, the things that divide rather than unite us. How did previous generations ever learn when they concentrated on studies and didn’t venture into “exemplifying inclusive excellence by fostering an environment of advocacy, support, and awareness within the realms of social justice”? 

Among the full-time students this year 83.6 percent are white, 5.2 percent are Hispanic, 3.1 percent are black, 2.4 percent are Asian, 2.2 percent are two or more races, 0.3 percent are international students and 0.2 percent American/Alaska natives.

Who’s doing the grousing?


7 Responses to Clyde, the unwitting Lynch-pin of racism

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    Institutions of higher education have become hotbeds of liberalism. Educrats have been hard at work for years while the parents became disconnected from what was actually going on in schools from kindergarten (where they are taught about homosexuality) on through the university level. Most of these malcontents, all too happy to have their parents underwrite the increasingly steep tuition and fees, are less educated than high school grads were a few decades ago. Few can construct a simple, readable sentence, but they know that the “white men in britches” who founded this nation are anathema.
    Open Secrets provides the facts showing where the teachers unions donate. They are solidly in the hip pocket of the Democrat Party not only with their personal donations, dues, and highly paid lobbyists, but also with the leftwing pap they are indoctrinating into American kids.

  2. Rambling Rose says:

    When mob rule rules, we are in deep trouble. The nation hasn’t been as racially divided in my lifetime as it is now under the regime of Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president. I have several black friends. With the racial climate today, I doubt we ever would have been open to the relationships we have. We’ve been friends for many years.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    The public school system was not truly designed to educate our kids in reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is, quite simply, an indoctrination tool.

    If you have a chance, check out the great documentary made by Curtis Bowers, entitled “Grinding America Down”.

    Mr. Bowers was a college student who was asked by his professor to attend a Communist party meeting being held at his California university. He thought that he would find a bunch of students at the meeting, but instead he found older men who were already very advanced in their planning to destroy America from within.

    This set Mr. Bowers on a mission to investigate many groups–some homegrown, but many with roots in Europe going back to the 19th century.

    The documentary also outlines in detail Saul Alinsky and his relationship with Hillary Clinton from the time she was a teenager.

    There are trailers that you can watch, but to see the entire documentary I think that you have to purchase the CD.
    It’s worth the dough.

    I saw this documentary a few years ago. The information that was presented continues to unfold in front of my eyes.

    The plan that all of these groups have been working toward has burst into full bloom with the installation of Barrack Obama.

    By the way, destroying religion and turning the country into a secular society is another one of the goals. You see what is happening, in just a very short period of time.

    Defy them all.

    Pray to God in Heaven and ask for Mercy.

  4. MattDeGennaro says:

    In answer to “Who’s doing the grousing?” it appears the politically correct white majority students, now made to feel ashamed of their “white privilege” are the grousers. They’ve learned their bullying tactics from the Black Lives Matter tyrants, who disrupt meetings and city traffic to spew their venom. Other universities have had presidents and chancellors resign as they caved to this outrageous behavior which they encouraged and fomented on their own campuses. Whatever happened to the notion of attending school to actually learn and eventually earn?

  5. MacBeth says:

    The Lebanon Valley College’s website acknowledges Lynch’s many accomplishments on behalf of the college. He led the school through the Great Depression and World War II and raised $550,000 for a new physical education building. The building that bears his name houses several academic departments.He died in 1950, so that $550,000 would be the equivalent of several million in today’s dollars. None of that matters to these liberally under-educated and ungrateful morons.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    In a short seven years, the progressives have taken full advantage of a fellow traveler being in the White House. They’ve covered every facet of traditional America and turned it upside down. Institutions of “higher learning” are teaching students to be malcontents. They’re fostering hatred against Whites, the military, police, religion other than Muslim and anything ‘traditional.’

    Have to hand it to the Left. They never let an opportunity go to waste. This country is on shaky ground because of them and with young people being poisoned by the Leftist America-hating professors in higher education, the future looks dim. In another time, Clyde A. Lynch would have been held up as an honorable American, a role model and someone to thank for the good he did – for all.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Heads up, folks—

    The person who is a board member of the Colorado ACLU is calling for anyone who supports Trump to be shot before election day.

    A screengrab was made before the remarks were removed.

    See it here, and be vigilant:—-because Obama’s DOJ will not come to your rescue or to your funeral.