Disciplinary actions against AZ teachers unrecorded

Failure to share serious criminal and breech of trust issues leave children vulnerable

The Arizona Republic sprang into incensed editorial mode on Friday noting that State Board of Education investigators have, since 2010, failed to properly record all teacher disciplinary information to state and national databases —- leaving children unprotected. It correctly noted that lacking the input of this vital information, offending teachers can go on to other districts or states and prey on other students. Among the offenses listed were: “sex crimes against minors, other improper relationships with students, teaching while under the influence of alcohol, teaching inappropriate material to students and physically harming students.”

Seeing Red AZ began tracking teachers who sexually exploited students in 2009, referring to our posts on Arizona’s predatory teachers as “The endless parade.”  Eventually, local and national politics as well as world events got in the way since these cases were occurring in rapid succession.

Due to the damning information which came directly from school administrators, we’ve selected this Sept. 2009 post for perusal. — which is far from the first as you’ll notice when you see links to earlier articles.  This April 2009 post also contains shocking admissions from Board of Education officials who said they would have divulged the information to the new school, if, (presumably like clairvoyants), they would have asked. This case involved a “love triangle” with a teacher in which one student lover stabbed another student rival to death.

Still the left-leaning teachers unions go all out to protect the predators as this Wall Street Journal report by former news anchor Campbell Brown factually details.


4 Responses to Disciplinary actions against AZ teachers unrecorded

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    Anyone who believes this disgraceful behavior was an oversight needs their head examined. This is union ingrained behavior that protects the teachers at all costs.

    This Fox news report “Dirty dozen: 12 bad teachers protected by tenure and unions,” fills in the gaps and tells of union involvement in protecting criminal teachers.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    This is an example of the far left indoctrination teachers get from the National Education Association  — one of the nation’s largest and radically far left unions. This is also the thinking they pass along to our children. Listen closely as the list of the group’s accomplishments are ticked off. By the NEA legal counsel. You won’t hear a single word about students or standards. But the national membership did vote to increase their own dues in order to boost donations to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. The salaries shown in this clip are significantly higher since this is seven years old. How nice that this goon calls us “conservative and right wing bastards.”

  3. Braveheart says:

    In some states unions defend teachers accused of sexual abuse, even when administrators are willing to fire them. In New York City, the United Federation of Teachers which represents K-12 teachers is among the most effective at helping these pervert teachers skirt the legal system.
    This is definitely worth reading. “Union, school officials sweep sex offenses under the rug, allowing ‘mobile molesters’ to strike again.”

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    The answer is home schooling in conjunction with a few other sound thinking families. This system offers a broad range of expertise in various subjects. For example, a CPA dad teaches math, a mom who worked as a nurse teaches health and biology, a retired professor granddad teaches history, etc. My sister’s children excelled on standardized tests in this type of environment and both of them qualified for university scholarships! Our family and friends saw first hand what dedicated parents can achieve outside of the realm of government schools.