Jeff Flake exposed as colluding with radical Islamist

Playing politics with Hamas fellow traveler

Conservative Review, which has consistently given “F” ratings to Jeff Flake and his mentor John McCain, runs a revealing commentary by Daniel Horowitz.  Carrying the compelling title, “Jeff Flake Visits Islamic Extremist Who Chastised Moderate Muslims,” it exposes the staggering hypocrisy recently exhibited by Arizona’s junior senator.

Show-boater Flake earned accolades from the left-wing Arizona Republic for his recent family outing to the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley in Scottsdale. It was there he displayed his abysmal lack of historical knowledge as he drew bizarre parallels between “persecution suffered by Mohammad” and leaders of his own LDS faith as he addressed the congregants at the mosque. His soiree was photographed — including an image of Flake putting his shoes back on — and covered by Dan Nowicki, McCain’s assigned reporter at the Republic.

The newspaper ate up the contrivance like cotton candy. Flake’s self-righteous gambol resulted in front page coverage and an editorial extolling his “solidarity” with the Muslim community in light of Donald Trump’s recent suggestion of curtailing entry into the U.S. of unable-to-be-vetted Syrians claiming refugee status.

Missing from the glowing coverage is that Flake chose as his photo-op venue a mosque led by Imam Anas Hlayhel, the head of the Arizona branch of CAIR — an organization found by a 5th Circuit judge to be a North American funding arm of Hamas during the Holy Land Foundation trial.  Details of the radical group are included in Horowitz’ commentary.

He writes: Anyone who wants to learn more about the leadership of this mosque should read this riveting op-ed by prominent moderate Muslim, M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.  Jasser is president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and author of “A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot’s Fight to Save His Faith.”  After going on Fox to criticize the Muslim Brotherhood last year, Jasser was publicly demeaned by an Imam at the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley.

Watch Dr. Jasser, a Valley physician, here as he refutes Obama’s claim that “ISIS is not Islamic.”


10 Responses to Jeff Flake exposed as colluding with radical Islamist

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    No one has ever accused Jeff Flake of being smart. He‘s known as being wily and dishonest as he reneged on his self imposed term limit promise not to run for the US House for more than three terms. He called his promise “a mistake, “ and ran an additional three terms before running for the senate.

    He barely slid into the senate by a mere 3 percentage points over Richard Carmona, the former US Surgeon General appointed by George W. Bush. Flake’s slim victory came after McCain and Kyl flooded the airwaves with commercials glorifying the former lobbyist and registered foreign agent. Flake had represented the African nation of Namibia and a uranium mining operation with ties to Iran and was paid $7,000 a month in the 1990’s. White in the House, he received $100,000 in contributions from mining interests and voted a number of times against penalties on Iran.

  2. Kimball says:

    I trust Jeff Flake as far as I can throw my horse. He’s always been slippery. This venture into a mosque was contrived as a way of diminishing Donald Trump who McCain hates. The fact that that the Flake took his own Arizona Republic reporter along shows this setup for what it is.

  3. Maggie says:

    The words show boater in the post couldn’t be more accurate. That’s why Jeff Flake sends back shirtless photos of himself on his “survivalist” escapades. He takes no food. But he makes sure to take a camera!!

    I also agree that he’s not all that sharp. That’s why he continually grins. It’s a cover-up making him appear congenial. Personally, I think all the years of putting bleach on his hair has affected his brain. It’s seeped in through his follicles.

  4. State Delegate says:

    Jeff Flake, along with John McCain, was the recipient of boos and turned backs by many of the elected state delegates at the last state Republican meeting. He and the censured McCain were slipped in the back way by chairman/McToady Robert Graham. It was quite a spectacle and proves that neither of these phonys have fooled those of us in the know. Many of the delegates walked out. I was among them.

  5. Barbara Dickerson says:

    Hope Flake gets primaried for his next term.



    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      NOW is the time to be encouraging a solid person to run against Flake. It has to be someone with conservative credentials and the ability to energize the base and raise the necessary campaign funds to be competitive. The problem is state Republican chairman Robert Graham is in the pocket of the McCain, Kyl and Chamber of Commerce led establishment and will not lift a finger for anyone other than their anointed clones. In this case, that’s the deceitful Jeff Flake.

      As a first term senator, Flake should be fairly easy to topple. His polling numbers are very low and he has an unsavory record on numerous levels from his close association with Obama to his Cuba posture, again doing Obama’s work. They even traveled to Cuba together to celebrate the lifting of sanctions against the Communist regime. Besides that, Flake is an amnesty supporter and partnered with McCain, Marco Rubio, Chuck Schumer and other libs on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. That’s the same bill that Rubio tried to walk back last night during the debate. It was an utter fail.

      • Doc says:

        Hey…I’ve got a possibble guy…how about Ron Gould?

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        Ron Gould was previously unable to raise the money he needed for a U.S. House race. It’s a shame it boils down to such crass matters, but it costs money to finance a campaign, Rarely a David Brat can challenge that concept as he successfully did when he took out House majority leader Eric Cantor in Virginia.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Now, this, from Judicial Watch:

    A Middle Eastern woman was caught surveilling a U.S. port of entry on the Mexican border holding a sketchbook with Arabic writing and drawings of the facility and its security system, federal law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch.

    The woman has been identified as 23-year-old Leila Abdelrazaq, according to a Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) report obtained by JW this week. Abdelrazaq appeared to have two accomplices, a 31-year-old man named Gabriel Schivone and a 28-year-old woman named Leslie Mcafee. CBP agents noticed the trio “observing the facilities” at the Port of Mariposa in Nogales, Arizona on December 2. Schivone was first noticed inside the entrance of the pedestrian area while the two women stood outside by the entry door, the CPB document states.

    When federal officers asked Abdelrazaq why she was drawing sketches of the facilities she “stated because she’s never been to the border,” according to the CBP report. Abdelrazaq resisted showing officers the sketchbook, citing personal reasons, but subsequently handed it over. “During the inspection of the Abdelrazaq sketching book, CBPOs noticed the book contained writings in English and Arabic language,” federal officers write in the document. “There were drawings of what appeared to be vehicle primary inspection area and an additional drawing of pedestrian turn stile gate depicting video surveillance cameras above the gate.” The report proceeds to reveal that the drawings were “partial and incomplete.”

    This distressing information comes on the heels of two separate—and equally alarming—incidents in the same vicinity. A few weeks ago JW reported that five young Middle Eastern men were apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in Amado, an Arizona town situated about 30 miles from the Mexican border. Two of the men were carrying stainless steel cylinders in backpacks, alarming Border Patrol officials enough to call the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for backup. DHS officially denies this ever occurred, but law enforcement and other sources have confirmed to JW that the two men carrying the cylinders were believed to be taken into custody by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    More to this story, here:

    (Anyone out there who uses Twitter should send this info to Trump.)

  7. Kent says:

    Flake is appropriately named.