Trump’s Mesa rally draws massive crowd

Thousands reliably turn out for Trump braving extreme weather conditions

Business Insider covers presidential candidate Donald Trump’s dramatic arrival in Mesa Wednesday afternoon. Colin Campbell, political reporter for the publication writes about Trump pulling up in his “Trump Force One,” his personal Boeing 757-220 jet with “TRUMP” written in giant letters across the side:

The rally, conveniently, was at an airplane hangar in Mesa, Arizona. His plane drove in front of the hangar twice before Trump got out.

“So we had three venues,” he told his supporters. “The first one too small. The second one too small. The third one too small. We said, ‘Does anybody have an airplane hanger?'”

A private hangar at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport filled the bill.

Contrast this visual with the puny crowd of about 300 who turned out for what was pitched as a McCain rally Saturday at Dobson High — also in Mesa. Mitt Romney came to provide oxygen to the flat-lined carcass of McCain’s senate kickoff. We covered the embarrassingly low turnout here. See the photo and topical cartoon here.

Attempting to comport herself as a loyal wife, Cindy McCain did her best to gin up a crowd, but ultimately had to admit she was unable to generate the necessary enthusiasm. After over three decades in Washington working hand-in-glove with Democrats and pushing amnesty for illegals, John McCain is running for another 6-year term.

Trump has the ability to draw loyal fans. When he came to Phoenix in the scorching heat of July, over 5,000 turned out. The seemingly endless line snaked for blocks around the Phoenix Convention Center. Yesterday an estimated 6,000 braved the chilly mid-December air to hear him and  listen to popular Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s introduction. Following on the heels of Tuesday night’s presidential debate and Trump‘s stellar performance, the energy was palpable. This was not a blasé crowd.

Check out the latest national polling numbers here.


16 Responses to Trump’s Mesa rally draws massive crowd

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    I’m a Cruz supporter and thought he won the debate Tuesday night. But if Trump is our nominee, I’ll have no problem supporting him. He alone has made the issue of the illegal invasion of the USA an issue and now even Marco Rubio who partnered with John McAmnesty, Jeff the Flake, Lindsey Grahamnesty, UpChuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and other open borders liberals, is trying to backtrack from his “Gang of Eight” amnesty position.

    • azgary says:

      slick teddy is for amnesty, he just refuses to call his mass legalization scheme amnesty.
      he is also been bought and paid for by his donor/owners to import millions more slave wagers to take American jobs from American citizens to drive down wages and vote democrat.

      all of these CoC amnesty shills will be importing a permanent democrat voting majority, turning the nation into california.

      FOX’s Brett Baier Targets Senator Ted Cruz for Immigration Lies…

      Fact Check: While Suggesting Rubio Lied, Cruz Misstates Own Immigration Record

      Ted Cruz- “Legal Status for 11+ Million Illegals, Double Legal Immigration, Raise H1B visas by 500%

      • Maggie says:

        Have you ever had a change of opinion? I certainly have — and on major issues. I’m appalled at my youthful ambivalence on abortion, for example. I voted for McCain the first time he ran for the senate. I remember arguing with my husband who wanted to purchase a gun years ago. I once thought Islam was pretty much the religious equivalent of Christianity and Judaism. I hold not a single one of those views today. Now I’m an NRA member with my own concealed carry permit and firearm, I’m pro-life, understand the Islamic desire of global domination, and wouldn’t vote for John McCain if he was the last man standing. I am adamantly opposed to amnesty in any form and support Ted Cruz.

      • azgary says:

        too bad cruz doesnt feel the same as you about amnesty.

        he only refuses to call his mass legalization scheme amnesty.

        all of these donor owned politicians who are choosing bribes and foreign invaders over american citizens like slick teddy will be creating a permanent imported democrat voting majority, the califiriafication of the nation.

        so support teddy all you want, we all own our own vote, but after teds lobbyist purchased amnesty (if hes elected) the consequences will be the end of our nation as we know it and the completion of the “transformation” into a 3rd world plutocratic oligarchy where we are all wageslaves like the third worlders they import.

      • Maggie says:

        Donald Trump wants to put a door in the wall to “bring all the good” invaders back. He supports the illegal DREAMers because he says he “has a heart.”

        You’re following a pro-illegal Pied Piper whose views have not a shred of consistency. How can you beat up on Cruz and then support Trump?

      • azgary says:

        its disingenuous and really grasping at straws to even try to compare deporting illegals, including dreamers and letting them some back legally if they qualify to mass legalization’s of tens of millions of foreign invaders.

        the amnesty/immigration issue is something you cannot win when comparing any of the others to Trump.

    • azgary says:

      slick teddy is for amnesty, he just refuses to call his mass legalization scheme amnesty.
      he is also been bought and paid for by his donor/owners to import millions more slave wagers to take American jobs from American citizens to drive down wages and vote democrat.

      all of these CoC amnesty shills will be importing a permanent democrat voting majority, turning the nation into california.

      FOX’s Brett Baier Targets Senator Ted Cruz for Immigration Lies…

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    We were there. The people in attendance were all smiles and happy to be there. The line to get in was l-o-n-g, but moved right along. Nice to be talking with people who have the same view of the current political situation.

    Since Donald Trump was given secret service protection, the amount of security was something. Sharpshooters on the roof(s), local, state and Homeland Security present. A woman TSA agent stood in front of me to take a picture of Trump. She definitely didn’t look like the type who will put it in her scrapbook. Maybe on a dart board.

    The crowd loved Trump. I saw a lot of military vets, along with young, old and in-between. There was a small group of “protesters” across the street yelling “Stop Hate.” We were laughing at such silliness. They were probably paid. Two Hispanic couples in front of us were their biggest adversaries. They also went to the Trump visit this summer in Phoenix.

    Kelli Ward was there. She had petitioners there to sign form to get her name on the ballot. We signed. ASU students were there from the McCain campaign doing the same, but one told me they get credits for doing it.

    Trump is Trump in person. He seems to love audiences and vice versa. He’s afraid of no one.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      I wanted to attend, but had to work. Glad to read your account of the event. And thanks to SRAZ for posting this and the video. While Trump draws huge crowds, McCain can’t draw a yawn. Glad to know Kelli Ward was there. She definitely has our votes. I talk her up every chance I get. In fact, I create opportunities to do so!

    • azgary says:

      yes, it was a great time and great people.

      I was particularly impressed with the numbers of young voters, and they had the same concerns most of us Trump supporters have, the future.

      they see both political parties and politicians doing the opposites of whats best for Americans through bad trade deals and importing slave wagers to take american jobs and drive down wages.

      They are fearful of the future and are finally getting down to realizing the cause.

      Trump will bring in demographics the gop has been repelling for decades, and how he does it is simple.

      He chooses American Citizens over donor/owners and foreign invaders, and this is what is going to make him our next President.

  3. azgary says:


    With every third world immigrant entering the United States of America, our country loses its ethos. It loses its culture. It loses its language and it loses its religion. Ultimately, it loses its identity. It loses its way in the world. Final breakdown: sociological disintegration……….

    ………..For the first time in the past 40 years, a presidential candidate, Donald Trump, speaks up about securing our borders. He speaks proactively to ban Muslim immigration—which, by the way, stems from sheer common sense. He demands a return to an America that serves Americans above illegal alien migrants— a priority expected within the borders of any country.

    His numbers show him soaring ahead of all other candidates. Why? Because if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or Cruz or Rubio gain the White House—the invasion will continue unabated.

    Of course, the GOP and the corporate elites that dictate to this country whether or not Congress or the president do their jobs—call Donald Trump every name in the book. They degrade him and bemoan him. Why? Because if he gains the White House, their game of turning America into a multicultural third world country will be delayed.

    None of the talking heads or writing pundits understands why Trump leads the polls. The answer grows more obvious with each passing day: the American people can no longer tolerate the invasion of their country at the hands of their own elected leaders.

    highly recommended reading!

    • Casper says:

      Hey azgary,
      I’ve figured you out. You’re the AZ advance man for the Trump campaign working double time here.

      • azgary says:

        yeah, sure because a Trump “advance man” would have nothing better to do than comment on sraz.


        tinfoil hat much?

        Im just a guy who prefers american citizens to foreign invaders and Trump is the only candidate who does the same

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I forgot to mention that there was an African American man there yesterday who had on a T-shirt that read: “I never realized how liberal I was until I moved to Arizona” He got the attention of the media and was being interviewed for quite a while.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    It’s things like this that taxpayers detest about the GOPe. Are these politicians stupid or evil. It’s no wonder Trump is taking up all of the oxygen in the room. Like him or not, he’s not “one of them.”

    Paul Ryan Builds Border Fence Around His Mansion, Not U.S.