BHO’s year-end sucker punch wallops American workers

Unprecedented, expansive, foreign worker program imperils future of U.S.    

Are you or someone you know still out of work, underemployed or working multiple jobs to keep hearth and home together? If you’re a recent graduate, is your college debt taller than you are, while the jobs you are trained for are scarce? Well, listen up!  Barack Obama has an end-of-the-year surprise for you.

Acting unilaterally, the imperial president is executing yet another executive order — a massive one — circumventing congress, that will definitely impact your job prospects in 2016 and beyond.

In a sweeping year-end action, Obama’s latest display of distaste for Americans comes by way of a new proposal issued today by his Department of Homeland Security.  Not only will this expansive rule increase work permits for much cheaper-to-hire foreign college graduates, who will directly compete with, and negatively impact, Americans seeking professional level jobs — it also imperils national security at a time when it such measures should be should be tightened, rather than relaxed.

Barack Obama is making good on his promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” And the foolish crowds cheered.

For all the facts, read Neil Munro’s report in Breitbart News. We recommend you do so on an empty stomach. The report also includes a method for the public to protest the executive order. We envision those forms sliding down a chute into a vast, dark hole never seen by human eyes.

7 Responses to BHO’s year-end sucker punch wallops American workers

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    This outrageous move against Americans is deeply rooted pre-election machination, intended to bring in more Democrat voters. Obama wants to ensure the GOP is relegated to history’s trash heap and there is a uni-party system, Democrats, Democrat/Socialists, Socialists and straight up Marxists.

    Immigrants have traditionally voted Democrat and their ideological descendants usually keep the ball rolling. Massachusetts, Illinois and New York are outstanding examples. Irish, Italian, Jewish and Polish immigrants settled in these states in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s but are still predominately liberal voting blocs. Labor unions were a contributing factor.. Hispanics are in the same category. Reagan could never be elected in California today.

    As an Italian political conservative, I’m an anomaly in my family, three generations removed from our immigrant roots..

  2. MacBeth says:

    As well as losing our jobs, we are losing our country. These foreign worker‘s American born kids will be citizens and anchor babies, providing the conduit for the rest of the family to come and Balkanize America. We are losing our culture, our language and our history to non assimilating newcomers who bear no relationship to previous immigrants who embraced America.

  3. Doc says:

    The level of arrogance shown by this man is Absolutely OFF TH’ CHAIN!!! Check THIS out:

    America has Veterans sleeping on th’ streets in th’ dead of Winter & this S.O.B. spends $8 MILLION DOLLARS ON CHRISTMAS VACATION?!?!?!?!?!

    …and our “elected representatives” CONTINUE… to let him run amok….

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This is just another strike at America and its people to bring this haughty, rich, white country down to size and pay for all of the wrongs it has perpetrated on the world. /s I also saw somewhere this morning that he’s giving green cards/work permits to immigrants who are scheduled to be deported. Crime in L.A. is way up according to the LATimes this morning and I’m sure other cities and towns across the country are experiencing the same as Obama has been letting prisoners out early, some are felons – the border is pretty much open to anyone so more and more drugs are coming in to further the horrific heroine epidemic small towns are coping with.

    I don’t believe this has anything to do with new Democrats at the polls. It’s way beyond that. He wants to destroy every last trace of anything American and has done it since day one. All we do is “hope” for “change” from our representatives and they’ve done absolutely nothing. We’ve been watching first hand this slow-motion destruction of everything we believe in. And the GOP cretins in D.C. go along showing no alarm – just business as usual. The ones who do try to stop him (Jeff Sessions for example) are ignored.

    A craven, vile, contemptible tyrant needs nothing else but a compliant Congress to turn us in to a third world, multicultural and soon, lawless society…….while “the loyal opposition” watched.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Where are the voices in opposition to this and other Obama overreaches? The AZ 5 GOP members of congress and our two useless RINO senators McCain and McFlake are as silent as lambs when it comes to shouting out about the destruction of our country by this dictator.

      I still get email solicitations for campaign donations from my worthless congressman. I imagine all the rest of you are receiving them from your Obama lap dogs also. I delete, delete, delete.

  5. azgary says:

    dont forget the omnibus passed in the gop controlled house gave huge increases in bringing in foreign workers too.

    the only way there will be a handle on this kind of garbage is demanding politicians will deport illegals and drastically slow or stop legal immigration.

    Trump must be elected.

    and the hand wringing is funny, most of you are kelli ward supporters and her amnesty/immigration policies are no different than the other az republicans, which is let illegals stay.

    no different than obama.

    staggering hypocrisy

    • Mohave Mike says:

      You bet I’m a Kelli Ward supporter!! I’ve heard Dr. Ward speak numerous times and have had the ability to question her on her position on amnesty. She is clearly NOT pro-amnesty in any manner. Her web site is also clear on this subject. She’s spent two terms in the state legislature and has an undisputed record of conservative votes.

      She is well respected in the Kingman/Lake Havasu City area where she is a contributing member of the Mohave County community.

      I’ve seen your repeated efforts ad nauseum to tear down this fine and accomplished woman and can only conclude you are a McCain supporter trolling on this conservative site.

      The only hypocrisy that is “staggering” is yours.