Ducey’s doozies: Top AZ posts filled by odd picks

There’s no denying Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is singing the establishment tune, as evidenced by his appointment selections.  They are so out of sync with Republican values, even the leftwing Arizona Republic has taken note — enthusiastically naming him one of 16 Arizonans to watch in 2016 — though not for threatening to return the AZ GOP to its conservative roots.

A few cases in point: Ducey inexplicably picked consummate charlatan Tony Bouie to head the Arizona Lottery, a job that requires the utmost integrity. Bowie, a lifelong Democrat, opportunistically re-registered as a Republican in a GOP heavy district a mere five days before running for a legislative seat, lying to various sources in a failed effort to cover his deceit. 

Ducey appears unable to find enough jobs to appoint censured, pro-amnesty politico Andy Tobin to. On Oct. 8, 2015 Ducey appointed Tobin director of the Arizona Department of Insurance.

Dec. 16, found Ducey also naming Tobin as interim superintendent of the Department of Financial Institutions in addition to the Insurance director post.

Then Dec. 30, Tobin was selected by Ducey to fill the vacancy on the Corporation Commission, replacing embattled Susan Bitter Smith who resigned under pressure.

Now, proving that the so-called “Merit Selection’ System of selecting judges is as political as we all suspect it to be,  Ducey picked Goldwater Institute (GI) lawyer Clint Bolick to fill a vacancy on the state’s highest court. GI is a libertarian think tank, far separated from conservative views on a wide range of key issues. Most importantly, Bolick, a member of Ducey’s gubernatorial transition team, has never served as a superior court or appellate level judge, though the other applicants possessed that crucial background.

A Jeb Bush advisor and amnesty-bent co-author of “Immigration Wars,” Bolick has morphed into a registered Independent on his unusual route to the judiciary. His wife, a perennial candidate, has retained her squish Republican cloak.

This March 2013 link includes two disturbing videos featuring Clint Bolick and Jeb Bush being interviewed by Sean Hannity.

Who’s advising Ducey?


10 Responses to Ducey’s doozies: Top AZ posts filled by odd picks

  1. Kathy says:

    Another doozey – McCain is going “birther” on Cruz, while on KFYI saying he doesn’t know if Cruz is eligible to run for Pres due to citizenship. McCain is such a (fill in the blank). Keep it up McCain – Kelli Ward I hope you are getting this stuff to use all of McCain’s words against him!

  2. jakesez says:

    Remember McCain was born in Panama. People seem to think you have to be born within the boundaries of the United States when all you need is to be born to a U. S. Citizen.

    • Doc says:

      …so since mcTraitor was hatched in Panama, is HE eligible to run for the Senate?!?!?

      …86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!

  3. Vince says:

    Ducey appears to think no one else in Arizona needs a job but Karl Rove look-alike Andy Tobin. The Tony Bouie appointment made it clear that neither Ducey nor his advisors do simple Google searches. How else could the unsavory facts have been disregarded? If Bouie was appointed Game and Fish(y) director….maybe. But to put a known fraud running the lottery…What‘s up with that???

  4. PV PC says:

    All of the appointments detailed here have one undeniable connective thread. Each of them are open border/amnesty clones. The fact that Doug Ducey endorsed Clint Bolick’s wife during one of her legislative attempts, makes this appointment to the AZ Supreme Court all the more politically disturbing. I’m missing the “merit” in this selection. What I see is cronyism.

  5. State Delegate says:

    Ducey’s an establishment guy all the way. Jon Kyl headed Ducey’s transition team after he won the governor’s race as the unpopular McCain stayed in the background so as not to taint their guy.

    But Ducey’s own McCain ties run deep. He was a financial bundler for John McCain in the “at least $100,000 range.” This link defaults to Obama bundlers. I typed in McCain AZ 2008 in the upper right side search box. Then hit advanced search to locate the information on Doug Ducey.

    Here’s the quick link. Be sure to specify 2008, McCain and AZ

    Ducey also played a key role in the “Twelve in ‘10” fundraiser seeking high dollar donations to benefit liberal Republicrats and Democrats who were described as possessing “unparalleled leadership skills.” In the height of understatement, it was billed as an “unprecedented event.”

  6. Villanova says:

    This is nothing short of one political hand washing the other. The only good thing about Doug Ducey’s blatantly self serving appointment is that it clearly exposes the chicanery that passes itself off as merit selection of judges. Where is the merit in appointing a longtime political crony?

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Who’s advising Ducey?
    John McManiac, of course.

    • Realist says:

      Longtime Republican Bill Mundell has reregistered as a Democrat. With his law degree, he could be Doug Ducey’s next judicial pick. Flying under the Republican banner, Bill Mundell has run and been elected a state legislator and a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission. He was appointed as the Registrar of Contractors by Republican Gov. Brewer….all the while stifling his liberal inner self as he pulled the wool over voter’s eyes to gain a paycheck. This guy should be right up McDucey’s alley!!

      We’re being conned at every turn

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off topic, but interesting.
    For a while today, Drudge had a link to Kelli Ward running against McCain. Wasn’t up long, but he does this every so often. Then there’s this:

    Happened to catch her in an interview on KFNX 1100 last night. Can’t say enough for her energy and quick, smart answers to questions that are made to trip her up. She’s smart and up to the task of taking down one of the worst of the worst in the Senate.