Robert Graham attempts to protect low level McCain operatives

If you’re an elected Republican precinct committeemen who will be attending the Mandatory Meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) this coming Saturday,  Jan. 16, 2016, you no doubt received this baffling letter emailed Sunday, Jan. 10, from Arizona GOP chairman Robert Graham.

Read it carefully. For all of his smooth word play touting party unity, it’s actually Graham who is engaging in attempts to sabotage the leadership of Maricopa County Chairman Tyler Bowyer.

This is not the first rodeo for cowboy Graham. A July 30, 2015 post titled, AZ GOP Graham misleads, blames; ignites war with LaFaro, includes a similar letter which he emailed under the heading, “Dispelling Rumors.” As we noted at the time, it should have been titled, “Fancy Footwork by a Clumsy Dancer.” Graham, closely linked to John McCain, obviously has a problem with Maricopa County chairmen, who represent the conservative wing of the party.

In the recent Jan. 10, letter Robert Graham attempts to protect low-level McCain operatives Jeni White and Aaron Borders as he undercuts the leadership of Maricopa County Chair Tyler Bowyer.  The split between the two grew to monumental proportions when Graham employed spiteful retribution aimed at Bowyer for having the audacity to buck Graham and his McCain-led establishment allies, when Bowyer hosted and appeared onstage at the July 11, 2015 Phoenix event featuring presidential candidate Donald Trump. That kind of independence doesn’t play well with those who want to dominate the party and, like John McCain, consider the conservative base “crazies.”

Graham was one of the few Republican precinct committeeman who did not attend the Trump event. Neither did he have anything positive to say about it afterwards. Many will recall that Borders clumsily angled to become the chair of Trump’s Arizona campaign. A poor working relationship with Trump’s national staff caused him to be rejected. Borders overplayed his hand, alluding to greater abilities than he possessed. Jeni White has a reputation for undercutting conservative leadership at every turn.

The question to ask is why is state chair Robert Graham even involving himself in these issues?

He has shown a propensity for interfering in MCRC affairs. Contrary to his claims of simply wanting to get Republicans elected, his purpose is actually to elect McCain aligned officials and ensure protection of low-level McCain operatives as he has done in LD 30 and in his letter advising precinct committeemen not to vote in Saturday’s MCRC election.

Robert Graham has also failed to fulfill his responsibility as state chairman by refusing to assemble bylaws and resolutions committees in advance of the upcoming meeting.

At Saturday’s meeting, Maricopa County GOP PCs will have the opportunity to determine the leadership they desire in the crucial coming year. There is a clear choice between the saboteur tactics of First Vice Chair Jeni White and Second Vice Chair Aaron Borders or the conservative leadership of chairman Tyler Bowyer.

You know what to do.


19 Responses to Robert Graham attempts to protect low level McCain operatives

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    This 2015 Breitbart article is definitely worth reading, since it provides background to the internal AZ GOP war between conservatives McCain characterize as “crazies” and the establishment elites who think they know better than we do. Robert Graham is angling for something grander than state chairman and views McCain as his ticket, so he enthusiastically does his bidding which includes bashing MC Chair Tyler Bowyer.

    It also mentions the challenge on his right from Dr. Kelli Ward. Her support has grown since July when this was written. She has reigned her state senate seat to concentrate on this race. Imagine Arizona sending a vivacious doctor to Washington who understand the urgent need to replace Obamacare? What a contrast to an elderly egotist who colludes with liberals.

  2. Geoffrey Parker says:

    We have to be focused on winning. The Democrats are (and will), if we don’t stop the in-fighting that is killing us.

    Our crucial problem is inherent in your, correct, description of Maricopa. Here’s the deal, you note that the Maricopa County chairmen “represent the conservative wing of the party.” The good part is that that’s me. The bad part is that, that’s not their job, or Graham’s to represent, or be biased toward any faction, or against any self-identified Republican.

    Our leaders are supposed to lead with their heads first, not their passions . . . but for one overarching passion, and that is to win in November. That takes a unified party engaging in training, GOTV, registration, promoting Republican principles, and raising funds to make all of that happen.

    My favorite candidate will not get my vote IF, it’s clear to me that he or she is not appealing to sufficient constituents to garner 51% of the vote in November. The righteous purity of my issues will be completely irrelevant if we don’t get elected into office.

    I don’t know how close Graham is with McCain, but let’s be clear, if he isn’t, then he isn’t doing his job. He needs to be close to all elected Republicans, supporting them in office. Yet, at the same time, he must be impartial in primary contests. It’s a careful line to follow but that is what falls to him, and all other party leaders as well.

    Our leaders need our prayers more than our barbs.


    • MacBeth says:

      Those are amazing powers you attribute to yourself. Are you so all discerning and omnipotent that you can actually determine who will win and who won’t? How about voting for the best candidate and use your prayers to help them along?
      Not supporting an excellent candidate because you have made the determination they won’t win is absurd. Then you in fact are supporting the worst candidate regardless of what the rest of us are doing.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      I take it from your comment that you’re a McCain supporter. You obviously had clear insight into the fact that he would win over a conservative, so you graciously gave him your vote. That ESP you have is quite a gift. I prefer to call it self fulfilling prophesy.

      • Doc says:

        Copy THAT, LD 23 PC ! You, & MacBeth Have NAILED IT, i.m.h.o. Anybody who attempts to “prophicy”…is a false prophet.

        …and Mr. Parker, lying while “prophisy-ing”….please take your false-ness somewhere else. You are posting on a KNOWN CONSERVATIVE website & we her can smell a mccainiac from well over a MILE AWAY! Go pound yerself some sand buddy.

    • William Heuisler says:

      Mr. Parker,
      Give your little lecture to John McCain and his Vietnamese PCs.
      Your “51% of the vote” guideline is cold comfort to Mississippi’s Republican winner of Republican votes in the 2014 Primary. His victory was stolen when John McCain and Karl Rove paid enough Democrats to vote for incumbent RINO, Thad Cochran.
      McCain has no respect for the “righteous purity” of conservative issues or the Arizona voters he calls names and disenfranchises with Laws like McCain-Feingold that regulates Conservative, Pro Life and Tea Party political speech, but ignores Liberal, Democrat and Media speech.
      McCain-Feingold was paid for by George Soros’ money funneled through McCain’s Alexandria, Virginia, Reform Institute.
      There is precious little righteous purity in McCain. And there is precious little intellectual honesty in your defense of him. .

    • Rob Haney says:

      I am so tired of hearing this argument from “moderates” in the GOP. They pretend that the Republican Platform does not exist. Therefore, it does not matter what policies our candidates advocate. This is similar to the Democrat politicians ignoring the fact that we have a U.S. Constitution. As Republicans, are we not arguing that these Democrats should be removed from office or impeached?

      Unlike the Democrat Platform, the Republican Platform planks echo key articles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. By promoting Republican office holders, as Graham and others are doing, they become complicit in the demise of our Republic and enable tyrannical politicians to remain in office. .

      It is hypocritical that we can not admit that our RINOs are doing the same as the Democrats. We should do all we can to remove them from office for not defending the Constitution as they swore they would do when they assumed office. We disgrace our Founders by enabling our subversives to remain in office.

  3. Doc says:

    Yet ANOTHER informative post, SRAZ! While I’m not in Maricopa Co., it’s important to me to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s goin’ on down there.

    All that said, I’d like to post an opinion: McCain & Co. have “Got Something” on Graham. NOBODY’S (with the self sustaining capability of breathing…) THIS STUPID! Graham’s constantly shooting himself in th’ foot. EVERYBODY Knows that mcStain’s time as one of Arizona’s U.S. Senatorial representatives has gone up in smoke…as evidenced by every stinkin’ poll in existence has CLEARLY PROVEN…

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Although you’re not in Maricopa County, Graham the Sham covers the GOP statewide. As I recall, Yavapai County had to replace RINO leadership not too long ago.

      I view the driving force behind Robert Graham’s worshipful compliance to McCain as being his desire for power. He clearly wants something that he thinks McCain will deliver to him for his boot licking. Graham would no doubt like to be Jeff Flake’s seat mate. Let’s hope that never happens!

      John McCain is the sole reason my wife and I are no longer precinct committeemen. After our years of dedication on behalf of the Republican party giving our all to electing Republicans, we were part of the purge of conservatives that McCain surrogates pulled off in numerous districts. This action shows how much McCain cares about the Republican party! The petty codger was fuming over being censured and wasn’t about to allow conservatives to publicly humiliate him again. We volunteered our time and donated money to the party and Republicans for years. No more. The only people we are supporting now are Dr. Kelli Ward who is working to defeat this liberal calling himself a maverick, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has devoted his life to law enforcement and our security. The border is the front and center issue for most of us today. With terrorism on the rise and the fact that anyone can sneak into our country especially through the southern border, we need to focus on what actually matters. Our country is going down a hell hole with Obama at the helm. McCain, Flake, Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer along with the rest of the amnesty based Gang of 8 are doing all they can to destroy the USA. We need to elect strong conservatives. It’s our last hope.

      • Doc says:

        1st, Thank You & your Bride for your service! 2nd, while I see your thought on Graham wanting to be rewarded for his boot licking, I still can’t believe that ANYBODY’S that stupid. He’s got to know that anyone associated with mcStain at this point is considered a pariah, & not to be touched.

        …but, I’ve been wrong before. Maybe th’ dood’s actually that Stupid which, is astounding to me.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    McCain regards us as “crazies” because we censured him and want actual border security, not the amnesty for illegals he prefers. That overwhelming vote actually showed us to be quite sane. He is out of touch with not only the ever increasing conservative base, but with Republicans in general. So is Jeff Flake who is Obama’s BF in the GOP. Throughout McCain’s decades in Washington, he has aligned with the most liberal of democrats advancing liberal issues. This is what Robert Graham supports as he advances his own self interests tied to McCain’s zipper. I’m beyond disgusted.

  5. Army Of One says:

    I more than regret my vote for Robert Graham. I believed his BS that he was a conservative. Nothing could be further from the truth. He showed us his true self when he pulled his fast one with McCain and Flake at the last state meeting. Many people, me included, walked out. Others booed, and as I was leaving some were turning their backs on all three of them. Robert Graham is a fraud!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    The list of useful idiots who willingly carry the slop buckets for the likes of McAmnesty and Billary seemingly has no end.
    Today, both Gabby Giffords and Kim Kardashian have openly pledged their loyalty to Hillary Clinton.

    • Marianne says:

      These two brain trusts must have misinterpreted the news that Hillary is under investigation by the FBI and think that the FBI is instigating on Hillary’s behalf.

  7. Tucson GOP says:

    Robert McGraham is as slippery as they come. Have any of you ever seen any of his campaign videos, with the false sincerity, practiced knitted brow and weird hand gyrations? In this one from his 2012 campaign for state chairman he pledged “to respect the grassroots conservatives and tea party members who have infused our party with energy and recommitment to the conservative ideal.”

    What a stomach turning bogus load of hot air! McGraham, reading a teleprompter like Obama, is as close as many of us will ever get to actually witnessing a Republican impostor in action.

  8. jakesez says:

    I just received the letter and after reading it a second time I have decided that I will not only support the recall, but I will fight hard to assist the recall. That letter was a slap in the face to all PC’s. I am calling on all PC’s in my district and so far have promises for proxies from six. Long live the conservative movement.

  9. jojo says:

    Just heard today that Freedom Works is pushing David Schweikert to jump in the primary against McCain. Why would a DC “conservative” group try to shove Schweikert down our throats when we already have a citizen selected candidate in Kelli Ward? Let ’em know how you feel.

    • PV PC says:

      That rumor has been circulating for a while, tho originally, it was Salmon being pressured. It angers me, too, since Schweikert announced some time ago that he would stay out of this race. He even made it clear that he had promised his wife he wouldn’t get in. Dr. Kelli Ward, a true conservative, is not a waffler and not playing the “beg me, beg me” game.

      Schweikert has caved on several scores, not the least of which was playing the establishment game on supporting giveaway artist, Paul Ryan for Speaker. Schweikert also signed on to the idiotic “We are all immigrants” My Turn piece with Reps. Salmon and Gosar printed in the Arizona Repugnant newspaper.

      I live in CD 6. I have no respect for these games or the players. My vote will remain with Kelli Ward.