“Anybody BUT Sen. John McCain” resolution

Grassroots Precinct Committeemen will bring an “Anybody BUT Senator John McCain” resolution from the floor on Saturday, Jan 16 at the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Mandatory meeting.  The resolution reads:

We precinct committeemen of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (“MCRC”) fully support our Party, platform, and candidates in the general elections. In the primary elections we each are free to choose which Republican candidates to endorse and support. Since the MCRC members censured Senator John McCain in January 2014, we have hoped Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values. He has not. With sadness and humility we rise and declare our beliefs:

  • Whereas, Senator McCain was censured by the Arizona Republican State Committeemen on January 25, 2014; and
  • voted for DHS funding that included money for Obama’s illegal amnesty for illegal aliens; and
  • as a “Campaign Conservative,” campaigned on securing the border but cosponsored legislation giving “pathway to citizenship” to millions of illegal aliens; and
  • actively worked to purge the party of grassroots conservatives using out-of-state funding via the Arizona Grassroots Action PAC; and
  • voted to kill an amendment requiring certification that Iran has not directly supported or carried out an act of terrorism against the United States before sanctions can be lifted; and
  • demeaned Republicans who stand for the Constitution, calling them “crazies” and “wacko birds”; and
  • voted to support funding for the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obamacare, Executive Amnesty and Planned Parenthood’s selling of body parts;

 RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen endorse anybody BUT incumbent Senator John McCain in the 2016 Republican primary election for the United States Senate.

More information regarding agenda issues HERE on Republican Briefs.


7 Responses to “Anybody BUT Sen. John McCain” resolution

  1. Attila The Hunny says:

    McCain’s got a new campaign ad out, giving a phone number and asking Arizonans to call and thank him. I’ll be happy to give him my gratitude…when he takes a hike. John McCain should have run as a deimocrat. He’s never done anything during all of his decades in Washington that exemplified conservative values. He’s brazenly colluded with the left as long as I can remember and calls himself a “maverick” for sticking his finger in our eyes.

  2. Former GOP PC says:

    John McCain is a disgrace to all conservative activists. His retribution for the Republican state delegates voting to censure him was to have his operatives work to purge us from the party ranks to which we were elected. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher.

    My wife and I would gladly vote for the “anybody but John McCain resolution,” but we were ousted, and replaced by Vietnamese PC’s who never attend a district meeting.

    Anyone who votes for this miserable old coot should have their head examined.

  3. Braveheart says:

    I’ll be voting for Dr. Kelli Ward. Casting that ballot will give me great pleasure. She’s much better qualified than “anybody” in the anti-McCain resolution. She’s stellar and will make us all proud.

    • Observer says:

      Ditto! I bought and proudly two anti-McCain political buttons at the statutory meeting on Saturday. They were everywhere! Kelli Ward lapel stickers were also front and center. Her speech was energizing and she won over many who had not previously heard her.
      I wish the other vote splitters would quell their egos and stop helping McCain get reelected.

  4. William Heuisler says:

    Just in case anybody has forgotten:
    McCain voted to fund Obamacare, to bail out Wall Street and for a $600 billion tax hike. His McCain-Kennedy and Gang of 8 legalized illegals. His Soros-funded McCain-Feingold silenced Pro-life and Tea Party groups – a Treasury audit found the IRS had targeted Patriot and Tea Party groups in the 2012 Presidential Election. Lois Lerner admitted her IRS targeted conservatives, but John McCain said the IRS was “not reining in political advocacy groups” enough. (5) (9) (10)
    Dirty money and corrupt connections elected McCain. He came to Arizona (AZ) in 1981 to run for Congress – helped by AZ Republic Publisher Duke Tully and $553,000 dollars from United Liquors. United Liquors is AZ’s beer-liquor monopoly and employed McCain’s father-in-law, James Hensley. But United Liquors has been owned by Kemper Marley since 1940. Millionaire developer, owner of Transamerica Wire Service, Marley is a protégé of mob-connected Sam Bronfman. So McCain’s main money-connection was really Kemper Marley. Republic Publisher, Duke Tully, bragged he was a decorated pilot in Vietnam, but Tully was a Stolen Valor fraud. Ex-Pentagon lobbyist, McCain knew the truth and became Duke’s buddy. Duke became Meghan McCain’s Godfather. Tully ordered editorials endorsing newcomer McCain who won the 1982 Republican primary with fake newspaper endorsements and a half million dollars from mob-connected Kemper Marley. (1) (2) (3) (6) (7) (11)
    Charles Keating stole $1.1 Billion from elderly Arizonans with a Lincoln Savings real estate fraud. He also gave $112,000 to Senator McCain so McCain would delay Federal Home Loan investigators. McCain also invested $359,000 in Keating’s Fountain Square Mall (sold in 1998 for 15 million). After the Keating Five scandal broke Keating was jailed. McCain was scolded for “poor judgment.” (1) (11)
    Ironically, in 1987 McCain was the first Republican to accuse new Republican Governor Mecham of corruption. This lie gave our State House to Democrat Rose Mofford and then to another big McCain campaign donor, Fife Symington. Symington was convicted of seven felonies for defrauding lenders and filing false financial statements for his real estate businesses in the 1980s and early 90s. (4) (8)
    Republican, Marine, cop and Investigator, my cop and reporter friends remind me how McCain’s biggest donor paid to kill a reporter. AZ Republic reporter Don Bolles’ dying words, “Mafia, Emprise, Adamson”, directly implicated race track (Emprise, Mafia) wire service activities of Kemper Marley. But no official investigated or interviewed Kemper Marley, the man who bought a reporter’s death, and paid a half million dollars to John McCain five years later. My fact-based book, “Casual Executions: assassinations in Arizona,” shows how justice was blinded when newspapers ignored murder, fraud, bribery and politicians taking mobbed-up millionaires’ money. (1) (6) (7) (9) (10) (11) Questions? Email – or call William Heuisler (520)-403-2939 in Tucson.
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  5. LD 23 PC says:

    The McCain surrogate who spoke on his behalf was not exactly greeted warmly. I can only assume he’s a novice who thought it was an honor to be asked to represent a US Senator. What a wake up he received!

    • Doc says:

      …did anyone have rotten eggs or tomatoes to throw? I personally hope that stooge went back to his master with a wet spot on his pants & fear in his heart…

      86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!