Problem-plagued Tony Bouie out as AZ Lottery Director

An obviously embarrassed Gov. Doug Ducey, intent on keeping his ethically challenged Lottery Director Tony Bouie in place despite escalating evidence against him, stiltedly confirmed his resignation Thursday via a spokesman: “In discussing these recent issues with Director Bouie, the director and the administration agreed this would be a distraction, so in the best interest of the state, Director Bouie has stepped down.”

“Distraction,” indeed.

The Arizona Republic covers Tony Bouie’s resignation, saying he resigned amid “controversy.” The newspaper can’t be too shocked by the revelations. It was aware of his ethical lapses when it endorsed him for a legislative seat in 2008, after first exposing his lies.

Arizona Capitol Times reports Doug Ducey’s hand-picked chief of the Arizona Lottery has been forced out of office, following numerous allegations — including that he’d improperly used state vehicles for personal reasons and fired several employees, replacing them with friends.

Bouie was paid $115,700. 

The Phoenix New Times opened the door Monday with this reveal of Bouie’s admission that he had violated the law in his misuse of a state vehicle. The report included a link to this Seeing Red AZ Jan. 2015 post “Tony Bouie scores cushy post: Establishment takes care of its own“—- which, in turn carries links to numerous other exposés regarding the cagey Tony Bouie — dating back to 2008.

Politics is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those who cannot withstand public scrutiny. As we noted at the time of Bouie’s appointment as lottery director, Arizona’s governor was taking a pointless gamble with Tony Bouie.


7 Responses to Problem-plagued Tony Bouie out as AZ Lottery Director

  1. Seen It All says:

    I suspect Ducey got his McMarching orders on this appointment.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      During his state legislative races, Tony Bouie was endorsed by a load of fast food franchisers and other Chamber of Commerce types committed to low wage illegal workers. He was their guy. So your comment makes sense.It’s also why the AZ Repugnant newspaper endorsed him. He was singing their amnesty tune.

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    For the sake of propriety, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Ducey to appoint a person with integrity to head up the state sanctioned gambling apparatus instead of man who lies, misuses his post for his own advantage, has had run-ins with the law and has filed for bankruptcy? It’s not like none of the issues were unknown. These are the reasons he lost when he ran for the state senate in LD 4. He previously ran for the legislature and lost in a different district.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I understand he was a Democrat in FL and when he moved to AZ, he became a “Republican.”

      • Ajo Joe says:

        That’s true and it made the news at the time. Tony Bouie’s faced the same type of disclosures before and like the old Timex watch, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking (or in his case putting his name out campaigning for public office or appointments) . Nothing dissuades the shameless. It’s time for him to consider another vocation like selling used cars or working for the AZ Republic where integrity isn‘t expected.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Last week, KFYI (McCain’s flagship radio station) played an excerpt of Tony Bouie talking about the Powerball frenzy. He could barely put two words together—-it was embarrassing to think that he was a public official. Maybe McCain will give him a job in the District of

    On another note:
    Just read that Sheriff Joe’s wife, Ava, has returned home after “cancer treatment”. No other info.

    If you are so inclined,
    Please pray for Ava and Sheriff Joe.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      Ava Arpaio is a lovely and gracious woman and she and Joe appear deeply devoted to one another. They have endured a lot of grief at the hands of the left, the skewed newspaper and amnesty predisposed federal judges. It’s taken its toll.

      I join you in praying for Sheriff Arpaio and his lovely wife, Ava.