“Anyone but McCain” resolution passes easily at GOP meeting

John McCain walloped in advance of quest for a sixth six-year senate term

Although John McCain’s sycophants tried their best to ward off another embarrassment — this one before his final senate campaign — elected precinct committeemen of the Maricopa County Republican Committee handed the senior senator his head in his hands again. By a vote of 921 to 582, they voted to pass the “Anyone But McCain” resolution. 

Amid the routine items such as election of members-at-large* at the statutory meeting Saturday, was a vote to remove McCain-aligned officers. Maricopa County GOP chairman Tyler Bowyer, a conservative, was retained by 1,074 votes. But First Vice Chair Jenni White was recalled by 1,083 votes as was Second Vice Chair Aaron Borders — recalled by 1,070 votes. White and Borders represent the McCain establishment wing of the party. There was no vote on the by-laws because the full content had not been sent in the call letter to committeemen.

Tucked in among the fiery speeches, patriotic video and a routine by the Buffalo Soldier re-enactors, was the effort to rescue John McCain from another censure-like vote such as the embarrassment he suffered in 2014. Using delaying tactics, ‘points of order,’ quorum calls and parliamentary ‘calls for division,’ his operatives worked diligently to table votes counter to McCain — even calling for suspension of the vote.  They were unsuccessful. He was trounced by 61 percent of ballots cast. Due to their shenanigans, the meeting needlessly continued on until nearly 8:00 pm.

Committeemen were required to register before the 9:00 am. deadline — with most elected GOP PCs arriving long before, in order to get credentialed and receive ballots. The packed parking lot attested to the 1,006 attendees, carrying 989 proxies.

Highlights included speeches by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, both punctuated by standing crowds and thunderous applause. Numerous county officials were in attendance and addressed the PCs, along with U.S. Reps. Trent Franks, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert who all sensed the ire in the air. Though they touted their conservative credentials, all were silent on the subject of the ‘Anyone but McCain’ resolution. Salmon made a point of referring to himself as a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. Franks reminded the assemblage that he “has attended every county meeting for the last 20 years.” Salmon, stated, “I’m proud to stand before you today and say I’m not part of the establishment,” and said it’s time for the Republican Party to stop being seen as the party of the Chamber of Commerce.

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, now the host of the “Joe Walsh show,” was anything but mute as he addressed the growing calls for Republicans to stifle their anger.  He boldly announced, “I’m here to deliver a message: Stay angry!” Walsh added, “The stupid Republican establishment tells us, don’t be angry.  Let me tell you something, stay angry and never apologize for your anger. It makes me angry that 234-year-old John McCain is still in the U.S. Senate.” Walsh noted, “It’s not just Republicans who are angry, most of the country is angry — this is not the country we grew up in.”

McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day, is running for yet another  six-year term.

* Members at large who won election are Linda Brickman, Mark Spencer, Wes Harris, Tom Morrissey, and Joshua Askey.


21 Responses to “Anyone but McCain” resolution passes easily at GOP meeting

  1. SuzanneC says:

    Makes me proud of the MCRC.

    • Braveheart says:

      Me too!!
      As I entered the meeting, I was met by quite a few young folks with clip boards holding McCain nominating petitions. They were receiving comments such as “are you kidding?” or “I wouldn’t sign to put McCain on the ballot if he was the last man standing.” The petitions I saw had only one or two signatures. The petition carriers were obviously very new to the realities of the deep resentment toward McCain, but were learning fast. I saw them laugh along with the precinct committeemen. He’ll have to resort to buying his signatures to get on the ballot.

      • Ajo Joe says:

        His lobbyist friends and his beer heiress wife can help him out!! I’d like to see a state law that prohibits this practice of purchasing signatures. As it stands, its hardly indicative of a groundswell of citizen support when paid circulators get an average of three bucks a name as they stand outside grocery stores, libraries, the post office, etc. begging for signatures. Many times when the issue is a ballot proposition, they don’t even give the proper information about what it actually entails The payment to circulators goes even higher as the deadline nears. There are companies that deal exclusively in this business and make a ton of cash from desperate candidates who aren’t able to collect enough names o their own.

  2. Attila The Hunny says:

    Former two-term Maricopa County Republican chairman Rob Haney, who relentlessly exposes McCain as the RINO he is, purchased a winning ticket for the firearm drawing. He received a gift card the Smith and Wesson M & P .223 AR 15. Way to go, Rob!!

  3. LD 23 PC says:

    If McCain wins and survives he’ll be 86 years old at the end of the SIX YEAR term he’s running for!! We can do better than perpetrate this type of arrogance from a man who doesn’t represent the Republicans in the state as well as he does the Democrats. His staff must keep a supply of Depends and Ensure on hand.

    It was great listening to Dr. Kelli Ward speak at the MC meeting yesterday. McCain obviously has to be running scared. The others in this race only serve to help McCain by siphoning votes.

    • William Heuisler says:

      LD 23, As a PC since 1968 in the then-District 10 in South-Side Tucson, please excuse my ignorance of Maricopa County politics nearly 50 years later.
      But who are Van Steenwyk and Melusky? Who do they represent and why are they running? What are their specific platforms?
      Apparently Van Steenwyk runs every time. His writing is even more long-winded than mine – if you can imagine that.
      Rumor says Melusky is a printer’s rep with lots of money. Odd. But he has already gone through one campaign chairmen named PT Barnum… or Beltram. Do Melusky or PT Barnum have any connection to John McCain?
      Does anyone know?

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    Those votes against McCain and his party officers would have been even higher, but the deliberate delays pushed the meeting so late into the evening that many PCs who arrived at 7:30 or 8 AM finally left. No doubt some had Saturday night plans, or families to get home to. Most were famished. No one expects a morning meeting to continue on so late. The McCainiacs were busy delaying the process at every opportunity in order to forestall this “Anybody but McCain” vote.

    • Willie says:

      And they do it every year. They deliberately pad “the event” with blow hard speakers, and patriotic glurge to delay all the voting until after lunch when people are hot tired and want to go home. By the time they get around to the business of the “business meeting” most have gone home or are tired pissed off and willing to just give into the establishment running roughshod over them. The by-laws should force all business to be conducted first with votes counted during lunch break and then the establishment can have they YEAH ME festivities with their speakers and pony shows when the worker bees have left. I’d like to see them institute the instantaneous electronic voting systems with the little clickers. I pushed for a technology chairman we got one, but no one with any vision has assumed the office that I can tell.

      • Sally Forth says:

        What are you talking about? No conservatives I know are “willing to just give into the establishment running roughshod over them.” If that were the case, do you think the censures that have rained down on John McCain at various county and state meetings would ever have taken place? And what lunch break are you talking about? I was there and am unaware of lunch being served. I’ve learned from my years as a committeeman to bring a PB&J sandwich, some trail mix and a bottle of water (which I can refill at the drinking fountain) in my bag.

      • Willie says:

        To Sally Forth (since there was no reply button on your reply I’ll have to address you this way). Yes they do call for a break for lunch and it is best to bring a PBJ because they will try to do sneaky things like start early or announce things during lunch. And I have gone with conservatives who knew that no one else would vote the same way they would and got tired of the b.s. and wanted to leave about 7pm every time we went. It is absolutely exhausting putting up with those blow hards. I thank you for having the determination not to let them keep you from the course of liberty. I would have never thought so much progress would have been done in the last couple of years since I’ve been away. Excellent work.

  5. Anthem Al says:

    .Liberal Dem Ann Kirkpatrick was quoted in the newspaper this morning as saying, “Look, we have to destroy ISIS, but if we’re going to send troops in, Congress has to have that debate and the American people’s voices have to be heard on that.”

    Can anyone imagine those words being uttered by any Dem during WWII? Even democrat monarch wanna-be Franklin Roosevelt took decisive action in engaging with the Nazis in Europe and the Japanese who bombed our base in Pearl Harbor, sinking ships and killing thousands in a sneak attack. Dem President Harry Truman, who followed after Roosevelt’s death didn’t ask for a show of hands either. Americans signed up to fight. Even Hollywood celebrities enlisted in the military on behalf of their country. Imagine such heroism from the Obama supporting leftists populating Hollywood today. History is getting short shrifted in American schools run by unionist teachers. If you want your kids to know history and have a deep respect of our Constitutional freedoms, you need to teach them yourself. They won’t get it in government schools.

  6. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    There was a speaker on behalf of McCain (whose name I didn’t catch), who made the preposterous claim that the reason McCain wasn’t there was because he was out of town. This guy was obviously handed a script and had no independent knowledge of the deceitful John McCain. I’ve been attending these meeting for many years and have NEVER seen John McCain show up. He’s running scared this time and though he’s always been willing to say anything, now he’s putting others up to lie on his behalf. The speaker was jeered.

    McCain and Jeff the Flake were slipped in through the back door at the last statewide GOP meeting by the equally slippery Robert Graham, the McCain-linked GOP state chair. They were booed and state committeemen walked out. I was one of the many. We’ve had enough of this from both McCain and Flake. No wonder both McCain and Flake are in the toilet.


    • Willie says:

      Might as well start early and begin the Flake censure proceedings well before his re-election year.

  7. Former GOP PC says:

    Thanks for this update, SRAZ! My wife and I attended these county GOP meetings and the state GOP meetings for years as elected precinct committeemen and state committeemen. We were part of the purge of conservatives orchestrated by McCain and implemented by his operatives.

    Robert McGraham never addressed this assault on the grassroots party activists by his good buddy John McAmnesty. Jeff Flake is integral to this scheme against conservatives, as well. They both need to go!!

    When we were sent packing, the party and the candidates lost a couple of dedicated workers. We also took our money with us. We will never again donate to the AZ Republican Party.

    • tpmorrissey38@gmail.com says:

      At the MCRC meeting yesterday there was an incredible display of anger-driven energy fueling a result that I haven’t seen before in my time as a Conservative Republican. The winners were “we the people”. The losers were the Establishment Elite, the Chambers of Commerce, the lobbyists and some consultants.
      The message coming out of that meeting was that there is a growing awareness of their ownership of those elected officials they put, and keep, in office through their money. (We are blessed with exceptions to this rule with our Sheriff Arpaio, Congressmen Salmon, Gosar, Franks and Schweikert.)
      Those who profess that we all “need to come together” and work as Republicans are missing the fact that we are already there, working together. However the ‘”we” that are being talked about are those of us who working in the growing movement called “Constitutional Conservatism” which is sweeping across our party and throughout our country. How else can you explain what happened yesterday at the MCRC meeting and the likes of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson dominating the political landscape these days?
      I pray that this is only the beginning. We have a country to save and we are not going to save it by playing nice with those who are trying to tear it down.
      Tom Morrissey

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    The beer heiress wife of John McCain was front and center on Greta Van Susteran’s FOX news show the other night.
    Mrs. McCain is overseas, working with the refugees, and telling us of their plight.

    She most likely has bodyguards surrounding her to ward off the sexual assaults that have become a daily occurrence, anywhere these refugees are.

    Perhaps Mrs. McCain is raising her visibility in case her husband kicks the bucket while in office. No doubt that she would follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Sonny Bono and other wives who have been given the keys to the kingdom just because their husbands went six feet under.

  9. Night Owl says:

    Alex Meluskey and Clair Van “the radio Man” Steenwyk have as much of a chance of winning as I do. Regarding them both as ringers is very astute. If they were seriously committed to removing McCain, they would rally behind Dr. Ward, who is a two term state senator and has the medical background to deal effectively with Obamacare.

    They are today’s version of Jimmie Lee Deakin in the 2010 election, who was regarded as a McCain plant to take “tea party” votes from former US Rep. JD Hayworth, the actual conservative in the race. People who engage in this behavior harming fine candidates who are actually raising money and pulling in large crowds, are worthy of contempt, not votes.

    • jakesez says:

      Lets not forget those congressmen who spoke about not being a part of the establishment, I mean Salmon and Schweikert, were the same ones who voted for Boehner, Ryan and voted with the dumbocrates to give Obama full trade authority. I am sure they received a large contribution from the PACs that supported the trade deal. These are the types of representatives we need to give walking papers to and not give standing ovations.

      • Longtime GOP PC says:

        I agree. They talk like conservatives with the home towners in their districts and to us all at the county and state GOP meetings, but few of us are fooled. The problem is getting these cons out once they are elected. The lobbyists keep them flush with campaign cash making it difficult if not impossible to unseat them. None of them got standing O’s yesterday. Sheriff Arpaio and McCain challenger Kelli Ward both did, however.

  10. jakesez says:

    I remember Salmon got a half hearted standing ovation. But you correct, we need to be able to attract viable candidates.