Phoenix ID scam includes ease in illegal voting

Last week the daily’s front page article went into frenzied overdrive as it pushed a costly and disastrous plan to grant ID cards to illegals in Phoenix.

Rife with incendiary language, the report claimed Republican legislators were attempting to “handcuff” a “grassroots effort” to extend identification cards to “city residents” — including, of course, illegal aliens. The alleged rationale behind this scheme is to allow freer access to banking services, provide the ability to report crimes, access city benefits and volunteer at their children’s schools.

Who knew residents needed ID to ride a city bus or be a home room mother in their child’s classroom?

Crime reporting is an old saw that is hauled out whenever the issue involves normalizing illegal invaders. Because they are here unlawfully, they allege they are less inclined to report crimes in their neighborhoods, fearing their own status will become an issue. Crime reporting does not require identification, as evidenced by the silent witness program — based on reporting anonymity — that has been an effective crime fighting tool used by law enforcement since 1979.

The baloney is too thick to cut with a sharp knife as the word “grassroots“ is sprinkled liberally throughout the news report giving the illusion that this is a all-encompassing, citizen based effort. It is not.  The issue is promoted by activists with an agenda.

The homosexual contingent is supportive, saying such a card would allow them to indicate the gender they prefer.

As expected, columnist EJ Montini backed up the report by declaring “Lawmakers launch attack on cities, immigrants.”

Like clockwork a few days following the initial report, a ‘My Turn’ column by Maricopa County District 5 Supervisor Steve Gallardo, the lone Democrat on the Board of Supervisors, appeared and the main thrust was revealed. Headlined, “Key solutions to increase voter turnout,” Gallardo advocates for expansion of identification that can be used at polling places.

Who’da guessed?


9 Responses to Phoenix ID scam includes ease in illegal voting

  1. Villanova says:

    Steve Gallardo has been behind this election scam for years. And retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor was in favor of expanding voting privileges without verification of citizenship when she sat as a member of a three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    What opportune timing! The 2016 elections are right around the corner. It shouldn’t be too much to expect that our elected officials stay vigilant and keep our elective process secure and honest. For County Supervisor Gallardo to be part and parcel of this deception is appalling.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Messing with our elections is an ongoing effort engaged in by the left. Listen as this unconcerned elections clerk says,” We’re not the police.”

  4. Vince says:

    When our elections are compromised so is the entire fabric of our country. Who’s in charge in Arizona? Where is Secretary of State Michele Reagan? The Obama Justice Department encourages these abuses so we obviously can’t look to it for relief. US AG Loretta Lynch is no better than Eric Holder.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    One would think the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal alien who was deported five times would be the spark to finally get tough on illegals. It was in the headlines for a relatively short time and did nothing to stop the Left from pushing ahead in defense of illegals.

    Another despicable act was committed by an illegal alien in Phoenix involving abuse of a three year old girl, the horrible details of which I won’t repeat here. The accused male is in ICE lockup right now. Is this the kind of “city resident” Steve Gallardo is talking about regarding ID cards. It’s on par with Obama bringing in Syrian ‘migrants’ without vetting.

    • Observer says:

      Your points are well taken. i read about the little girl and was sickened by the evil of the perp and her mother who left her in his “care.”

      As to the sanctuary city policies and the illegals, whether unvetted “refugees” or illegals sneaking into our country, It’s all political. The Left wants the masses of democrat voters the illegals represent and the Chamber of Commerce illegal alien profiteers want the continued flow of cheap labor. The colluding churches need the warm bodies and their donations since members are falling away.

      None of these entities think ahead of their self interests to the ultimate destruction of our two party system and ultimately the framework of our nation.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    There is more than good reason for this and long past due:

    Group Threatens Lawsuits Against Counties with Suspicious Voter Rolls

  7. Patriot Dad says:

    The latest scheme to watch out for is portraying partisan primaries as a technique to suppress voter participation. Seriously!!

    Liberals want open primaries that are not aligned with political parties. Their dream is the top two candidates, regardless of party affiliation, facing off in the general. Obviously they hope both candidates will be Dems, so a liberal wins either way. That scenario harms everyone as it severely restricts choices. Beware. It goes by the term “top two” or “jungle primary.” Its intent is to curtail voter options.

  8. LD 28 voter says:

    Lets not forget who is pushing this the most – none other than Greg Stanton Mayor of Phoenix. They already have “Top Two”, and the Phoenix ID will help their efforts.