AZ GOP poised to pass censures of McCain, Graham

Graham’s parliamentarian rules censures out-of-order

The Arizona Republican Party Mandatory meeting took place Saturday. Elected delegates from around the wide expanse of the state traveled to Tempe to vote for party officers. For many of the 1187 attending in person or by proxy, the meeting also presented the opportunity to vote on resolutions censuring Sen. John McCain and state chairman Robert Graham.

Instead the delegates were greeted with platitude-filled, campaign-styled speeches, that mostly insulted the intelligence of those in attendance. Gov. Doug Ducey, slated to give the opening remarks was otherwise occupado, as were John McCain and Jeff Flake. But U.S. Reps. Matt Salmon, Paul Gosar, David Schweikert and Trent Franks didn’t disappoint. Salmon told us he returned to Congress, not just to be against Obama, “but to get congress back on track.” He also congratulated Graham on the bang up job he’s been doing. Franks called Graham’s efforts “amazing.” Though they touted their own conservative credentials, none of them addressed the fact they voted to gift Barack Obama his every desire in the bloated budget they passed, blaming it all on the senate when they had the power of the purse to defund. Franks said he opposed shutting down the government — which never would have happened.

Chairman Graham, who boasts about his communication skills, failed to communicate critical information to the state committeeman — as required by AZ GOP bylaws — as to when the nominations committee, bylaws committee and resolutions committee would meet prior to the state meeting. As a consequence, those attending had no idea who was running for the offices nor did they have an opportunity to run themselves.

It was obvious to everyone that Robert Graham’s intent was to allow only candidates, resolutions and bylaws that he  favored to be presented at the meeting

To insure the outcome of any points of order raised, Graham brought in his own Parliamentarian straight from the RNC to replace the previously selected Parliamentarian who, at recent meetings, ruled against Graham’s wishes. The only incumbent officer who had opposition was Second Vice Chair Gabby Saucedo Mercer, who was the sole anti-establishment name on the ballot — clearly indicating she had been targeted for elimination. They also cut her mic when she began to talk about RINOs within the party. No other person suffered that indignity. Fortunately, she won.

This was a strong indication how the censure resolutions would have fared, had Graham’s Parliamentarian allowed them to be heard. Graham abdicated his chairmanship to the imported RNC honcho during the presentation of the floor resolutions, never reclaiming his authority  even to the point of adjournment.  Breitbart Big Government also covered the meeting.

Last Saturday, elected precinct committeemen attending the Maricopa County Republican statutory meeting in Phoenix voted 921 to 582, easily passing the “Anyone But McCain” resolution. 

The AZ Congressmen regaled the delegates with their conservative credentials by reminding them that they had formed the Freedom Caucus to oppose the establishment Republicans who were leading us in the wrong direction. John McCain is universally recognized as the Number One Villain in the GOP hierarchy, yet not a word was mentioned about him.  Amnesty, the issue that has propelled Donald Trump to the forefront of the presidential pack nationally, is still their hallmark.

From the onset, the fix was in. Chicago politics now reigns in Arizona.


26 Responses to AZ GOP poised to pass censures of McCain, Graham

  1. SuzanneC says:

    Remember, they pay no attention to the rules, that is exactly what Congress Does. I do not understand why Graham was reelected, except the nuts of the Republican Party, who have their own agenda turn people off. Look at the bunch who have Meluskey in, all they are doing is helping John McNuts. There is a Tea Party leader who actually told Graham what names I posted under, I guess when you want power you tow the line, even if you betray others. Republican’s can not stick together, that is what it is going to take to get this country back to the wonderful Country we always were. I thank God everyday that #Trump is way ahead of everybody else, no one else is going to get us out the problems we have now.

    • Annie O. says:

      Did anyone notice that the McCain loyalist, Kim Owens,( who led the stalling parliamentary tactics at the MCRC meeting last week) was wearing a Meluskey tea shirt during the State meeting? That shows me that Meluskey is the McCain stalking horse whether Meluskey knows it or not. This is the same tactic McCain used last time when little Jimmy Deacon was used by McCain to divide the conservative vote. This observation sealed my vote for Kelli Ward.

    • Fed Up says:

      It was a contrived set-up from beginning to end. Robert Graham’s imported parliamentarian Alvin Gage failed to include the Roberts Rules footnote that clearly states: “It is also possible to adopt a motion of censure without formal disciplinary procedures.”

      I’ve never seen such a disgusting display of arrogance as was exhibited at this meeting. I’m weighing not reupping as a PC after continued service to the AZ GOP for years. Ronald Reagan said he became a Republican when the Democrat party left him. I feel the same about the AZ Republican party. It’s filled with McCain toadies who wouldn’t know conservative values if they bit them on the butt.

  2. jakesez says:

    After watching the establishment block the votes by the PC’s I can only say one thing, “GO TRUMP”

  3. State Delegate says:

    McCain is so reviled that the only people I saw sporting McCain tee shirts and trying to hand out his campaign fliers were teenagers, who were hired by his strategists to make him appear to have a following. As I walked from the parking lot to the building, they approached me and others but most delegates emphatically said “no thanks!” it was the same last week at the Maricopa County meeting. I didn’t see a single familiar face hawking for McCain. In the meeting those cheering the attempts to silence the Anybody But McCain resolution were the PCs who were brought in after the McCain purge of conservatives. We still prevailed even though our vote was ruled out of order.
    This article provides the facts of how McCain operates:

    • State Delegate says:

      I neglected to mention the buzz created by Dr. Kelli Ward yesterday. She’s a very impressive woman, with real conservative determination. She was engaging with people not hiding from them!!

  4. Longtime GOP PC says:

    I saw Kelli Ward’s bus parked along the walkway to the meeting yesterday. It had the riveting words “Bold, Fresh, Fierce” painted on the front end. She had dedicated volunteers working on her behalf. They were not paid kids but grassroots activists who are deeply concerned about the future of our state and nation.

  5. East Valley PC says:

    This morning’s edition of the Arizona Repulsive newspaper must have gotten its skewed facts directly from McCain himself. The headline is “Arizona GOP rejects McCain rebuke.” I was there and that’s not even remotely close what actually occurred. The anti-McCain and Graham resolutions BOTH PASSED but were rejected by the the RNC parliamentarian. It was a FARCE!

  6. state committeeman says:

    It was comical when they all say they are not ‘establishment’ and then each of them voted for Boehner and Paul Ryan. And as mentioned gave it all to ObaMao. We all know when their lips are moving it is to LIE. RNC Hacks have made some deals and to be sure we the people will not be served well by any of them.
    Bang up job indeed and we all have the bruises to show for it.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Almost more than anything, I’m disappointed in the AZ4 – Salmon, Gosar, Schweikert and Franks. They purport to be rock-ribbed Conservatives, but when their conservatism is called upon, they disappoint. They wanted a more conservative person to replace Boehner – but knuckled under and we got Paul Ryan, one of Obama’s other favorite Republicans like Jeff Flake. I realize there’s need for compromise sometime, but with these four – Obama seems to get his way. I’m through with these guys. Especially MINE!

    • jakesez says:

      Don’t forget they voted with the democrats to give Obama full trade authority under the TTP act. Heard they all got a real nice campaign contribution for the PAC supporting the TTP.

  8. state committeeman says:

    The answer is TERM LIMITS. It is so irritating when we the people want to hold elected officials accountable we are accused of
    breaking Reagans 11th rule. Well they might have won this one yet we held accoutable and then ousted two of the worst county hacks ever and we will prevail. They serve us not the other way around.

    Many of the state committmen that stayed through the stalling and delaying tactics were enlightened to the methods they used and will pay more attention to how they operate. Those that left as we sat through boring slides and videos (as was the plan) left with no mechanism to hand off their vote. Yes, no ballots were provided so proxies were denied a voice! Remember back when though there was a paper ballot to vote individualy 7 (seven) resolutions BUT we were given 1 (ONE) voice vote as a package? We have been steamrolled again.
    HAD ENOUGH YET? Let us do what our founders expected of us
    and heed the words of Thomas Jefferson “Leave no authority existing NOT resposible to the people!”

  9. Doc says:

    “Chairman Graham, who boasts about his communication skills, failed to communicate critical information to the state committeeman — as required by AZ GOP bylaws”

    2 questions:
    1-If mcGrahamnesty is violating the by-laws, why isn’t anything being done?
    2-Even though th’ r.n.c. lackey dismissed the censure votes, is there a result, even though it was “dismissed”?

    …Chicago Politics? I have an answer. Maybe som HUGE MEAN BIKERS need to be present @ the next meeting & apply some DUCT-TAPE to mr. graham.

    …No…REALLY! I’ll volunteer…not huge, but AMAZINGLY MEAN when I need to be…

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Robert Graham doesn’t need duct tape applied, Doc. He WILLINGLY ceded his authority for running the meeting over to the RNC import. This was all done in collusion to silence the conservatives while promoting the antics of Señor Juan McAmnesty and his obliging lackey Robert McGraham.

      • CD 8 PC says:

        I read on Frosty Taylor’s “Briefs” that US Rep. Trent Franks announced he would support AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham for the Republican National Chairmanship…..which pretty much confirmed reports that have circulated for well over a year that Graham would go for current RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ seat.
        That also accounts for the RNC sending out its own parliamentarian, Al Gage, to keep Robert McGraham’s ambitions alive. Lawyer Joe Abate, who has served in that role, was sacked for not playing the Mcgame during the Maricopa County meeting last week..

      • Doc says:

        O.k., so Respectfully, my 2 questions stand. Can anyone answer them?

  10. Charlie Conservative says:

    What a disgusting display of arrogant Republican hierarchical corruption. This action by Graham is exactly why the Republican Congress is held in such disrepute and why Trump and Cruz are flying so high for addressing the problems caused by the RINOs.
    But let Gabby or the PCs address the problem and Graham shuts them down. I hope Trump or Cruz don’t plan on using Graham to get out their votes in AZ.

  11. Conservative Since Birth says:

    CD 8 PC: This is all too much for me. It IS Chicago politics. The Chicago way – the way of Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and Rod Blagojevich. Arizona is taking lessons from the best. And who loses? The people. Maybe the answer is term limits, something I was against thinking that the people would remove them if they went rogue. That’s not happening.

  12. Ajo Joe says:

    Sean Hannity interviewed Kelli Ward recently, saying he can’t understand why John McCain is running again at his age. All of the Foxcasters give McCain all the airtime he could want and the supposedly “fair and balanced” network even hired McCain’s moronic daughter as a “contributor.” Talk about an endorsement and free advertising!!
    The issue shouldn’t be McCain’s dinosaur status as much as his leftist perspective and his ongoing brazen deceit. The conservative precinct committeemen who keep the Republican party running (it’s most definitely not the elites) should walk away and let the Republicrats have at it. Democrats would sweep the state, but how much different is what we have with the go-along-to-get-along crowd kicking us in the teeth once we help them get elected? The DC crowd view themselves as royalty. Stop standing and applauding them when they walk on a stage attempting to con you. You’ve created monsters.

  13. Jethro says:

    Graham brags about the big increase in donations over previous state chairs. NO KIDDING! The previous state chairs came from the conservative base and the RINOs and chambers of commerce were loathed to give any money. They tried to drive the conservatives from office by denying them funds. Graham comes from the McCain wing, open borders, deep pocket liberals. They are pleased to reward Graham’s attacks on the conservative base.

    • PV PC says:

      That’s the truth!! I recall when then-Senator Jon Kyl put pressure on two confirmed nationally prominent Republicans who were each slated to be the keynote speakers at the Trunk “n Tusk dinners. Those were the well attended Republican fundraisers that were held a few times a year. Kyl put the squeeze on funding by getting the speakers to back out of the two engagements. Then the establishment chieftains could point to the fact that the AZ GOP Chairman was not raising money for the party. One event featured Dan Quayle, who was George H.W. Bush’s VP. Quayle lived in Arizona. The invitations had already gone out when Quayle suddenly “remembered” he had a trip to Japan scheduled. The other was a US Senator from Oklahoma, who also caved to the pressure. More evidence that conservatives have long been treated despicably by the RINO wing of the party. They view us a dirt under their Gucci’s.

  14. Jasper's Goat says:

    McGraham counts all of the donations every time he moves money from one account to another. No one can tell how much he’s really raised. He can’t tell truth from fiction anymore.

  15. Hagar says:

    I have a question and a comment regarding the proceedings. First, how is it the chairman can yield the gavel to a non member of the body to preside? If he should relinquish his position, shouldn’t it have gone to the 1st Vice Chair? Second, a simple “I appeal from the decision of the chair” (not to allow the resolutions to be considered) could have been made. An appeal motion takes precedence, is non debatable and only requires a majority to overturn the decision.

    • Keen Observer says:

      The Chairman can not turn over his authority to the parliamentarian. Graham has demonstrated that he does not have to follow the rules so he abdicated and gave the parliamentarian complete authority. The parliamentarian even went so far as to gavel the meeting at an end. What arrogance!

      This parliamentarian ruled instead of advising the chairman when the chairman asked for advice. The chairman should then have made his decision taking into account the advice received from the parliamentarian. It is unheard of and highly improper for the parliamentarian to take control of the meeting. This parliamentarian should lose his license for his flagrant misuse of Roberts Rules.

      This parliamentarian would not allow the appeal motion. He instead ruled his decision could not be appealed. What was the body to do? Could we string him up? Should we have caused a riot?

      If you have a dictator like Graham, you need a revolution to overthrow him. In the interim, his unlawful decisions have taken effect. By their example, our congressional GOP delegates have shown Graham that he can get away with disregarding the wishes of his constituents.

      The AZGOP is stacked with McCain operatives who will not stand up to tyranny and instead give us the unity pitch in order to cover for their corruption. Their lack of objection to the actions of Graham has enabled a dictator to prevail. Our congressional delegation is doing the same favor for the dictator McCain when they dare not even mention his name or point out his transgressions.