Alex Meluskey revealed as McCain operative?

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To call the U.S. Senate candidacy of Alex Meluskey a “long shot” is being extraordinarily kind. After reading, Will Meluskey “principles” re-elect John McCain? a stellar report on the newly minted conservative by author William Heuisler posted in the Arizona Daily Independent, it’s clear Meluskey actually warrants scorn.

Using deceptive tactics, it appears Alex Meluskey is working double time to assure the reelection of John McCain — the man he farcically alleges to be challenging. Meluskey is uncovered as helping fulfill McCain’s promise to purge conservative elected precinct committeemen from the Arizona Republican ranks.

The establishment and career politician he claims to disdain is actually the one he is helping by splitting the vote. John McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day has good reason to be running scared for his sixth six-year term. Physician and former state Senator Kelli Ward, is mounting a vigorous and fearless campaign for the Arizona Senate seat.

Meluskey’s most recent FEC quarterly report makes interesting reading with few contributors and even fewer who live in Arizona. Operating expenditures are high, donors sparse.

Dr. Kelli Ward is a principled conservative who has vowed to “shake up Washington.” Tell your friends and neighbors about her. Make sure you vote. U.S. Senate terms are six years long. We can do better than the dinosauric and Republicrat status quo who has repeatedly turned on us with nostrils flared and spewing flames.

Last November, in a historic upset, the Republican voters of Virginia replaced RINO House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with David Brat, a conservative college economics professor. Cantor had a 26-to-I cash advantage, but the die had been cast and the people spoke.

Arizonans are no  less riled than Virginians were. We also have an excellent option. Bucking the establishment is the new political reality. Meet Dr. Kelli Ward:

14 Responses to Alex Meluskey revealed as McCain operative?

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I’ve regarded Alex Meluskey as being in the same league as Jimmie Lee Deakin who many suspected was encouraged to run in 2010 by McCain operatives. But it turns out Meluskey is actually worse. He’s in the same class as big headed and illiterate Clair Van Steenwyk and seat cover guy David Pizer, who have no hope of winning, but will siphon off enough votes from the uninformed to make a difference in McCain’s final tabulation. None of these men are patriots. They are traitors to the people of Arizona who deserve much better than the feeble Señor Juan McAmnesty. Shame on them all and especially Meluskey for falsely attempting to portray himself as a conservative. Thanks to William Heuisler for providing this very informative report and to the Arizona Daily Independent and Seeing Red AZ for re-posting it.

  2. state committeeman says:

    lf this tripe is true how come lil mz ward won’t debate the other candidates? What is she holding off on as we all know McAmnesty won’t debate her or anyone else. So untill I hear from her mouth what why etc she will not be considered a choice. We either see her in a debate or she won’t get my vote.

    • William Heuisler says:

      Tripe? First, look up all the references at the bottom of my report. Second, use your damn name like I do. Anonymous seems a little ironic when complaining about Wards’s mouth.
      Third, this has nothing to do with Ward, but everything to do with State Committeemen like you

  3. Dennis O'Brien says:

    How many years do we have to endure the treasonous John McCain and his win at any cost duplicitous tactics? Look folks, IF he is able to trick enough people to be returned to Washington, he will be nearly NINETY by the end of his term, if he lasts that long. Don’t you think that we all deserve better?

  4. William Heuisler says:

    Thanks to you C Guy and to SREDAZ. This was my answer to Arizona Freedom Alliance (AFA) in response to their somewhat odd defense of Alex Meluskey:

    Only my name and reputation are behind every word in yesterday’s Report about Meluskey’s “principles”.
    Your defense of Meluskey baffles me. He has been involved with two fraudulent incidents that you pass off as mistakes. The first was the Meluskey campaign event run by PT Burton (from a sub-group of the Robert Morris Group) that was suddenly and mysteriously called off with none of the Republican donor money refunded. You wrote that he fired PT Burton and that it was just a mistake.
    Second you emailed me yesterday of Meluskey’s altered “Voter’s Guide” :
    “Yes, Meluskey printed it. Yes, he should have known better. He’s guilty of being extremely naive and making a bad mistake.” (my email copies of this are available to anyone who asks)
    Notice Meluskey’s answers are full of words and faux indignation, but no facts about his hundreds of thousands of dollars and about his connections to prominent campaign managers from the Robert Morris Group.
    (Aren’t the AFA people even interested in DC? Emphasis added to show irritation and impatience.)
    Bill Heuisler

    McCain certainly knows how to pick ‘em, doesn’t he?

  5. Doc says:

    Operating expenditures HIGH? So, listed are a bunch of receipts from “Ultimate Auto Works”. As a GEARHEAD, I’d recommend that th’ 1st thing mr. meluskey do is get his sorry @$$ OFF th’ ballot! Th’ 2nd is GIT RID OF THAT BEEMER! ‘Cuz he’s claiming a PILE of money to those guys on his expense account…He coulda’ bought a used F-150 for that much money. THAT’S what he needs to be driving so he can haul all his BOOLSHEET!

  6. state committeeman says:

    Dennis we deserve to have ALL of the candidates show transparency which has been missing in the GOP for a long time we need to look at all running under a microscope I am sick of the hide and lie tactics of all the clowns Including the az delagation congressmen who side with the establishment and quake in their boots that freaky McAmnesty might go after them if they show a backbone. If any one of them cared for the folks back home they would take on the misceant Juan! Let the debate begin Kelli or get out of the race!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      I agree that the AZ GOPe congressional contingent are all in it for themselves and try to shuck and jive us at every opportunity, telling us how conservative they are when they support amnesty, voted for Paul Ryan and fulfilled Obama’s request for his bloated and unsustainable budget that will destroy our nation’s abilities to compete and defend.

      Sen./Dr. Kelli Ward is not the problem. I view her as the solution. You’re hurling vitriolic slurs in the wrong direction. Did you also request that McCain. Flake, Gosar, Schweikert, Salmon and Franks get out of the race?

      I suspect you of being a “state committeeman” for the Democrats. Have you had a complete exam lately? It needs to start above your ears.

  7. Annie O. says:

    All I needed to see was that Kim Owens was wearing a Melusky T-shirt at the state meeting. She has been a McCain-Establishment groupie for years. Just 11 days ago Owens led the effort to kill the “Anyone But McCain” resolution. Her support for Melusky should tell everyone that Melusky is the McCain-Establishment candidate.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’ve heard his radio show a couple of times……he rambles on about all kinds of things in general. I didn’t hear any fire in the belly for someone who wants to beat McCain. I’m glad for the SRAZ posting today. It seems to explain things perfectly.

  9. SuzanneC says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, The Tempe bunch along with Lynn Breyer and Jim O’Connor did it again, back the McCain horse, same as they did with Jimmy Lee Deakin. Ok I am a broken record on that, sorry don’t bother reading my post.

  10. Terry Dudas says:

    Placing ‘ringers’ into hot elections is a time-honored ploy; see the recent (November, 2015) Oro Valley, AZ recall election with the late insertions of Burke, et all. These men were admitted onto the ballot after a contested nominating procedure by no less than the vaulted Superior Court judge, Gus Aragon, a man who didn’t see anything wrong with invalidating more than 3,000 signatures on a recent Oro Valley referendum.

    Cry the beloved country.

  11. Silence Dogood says:

    No refunds yet from the failed Meluskey convention, what about the victims of that fraud? promising presidential candidates that never agreed to appear. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD.

    • William Heuisler says:

      Mr. Silence Dogood,
      Meluskey’s declarations of innocence, include his “not knowing PT Burton” who organized the “Convention. Please go to:
      Or google Meluskey’s AZ Corporation Commission Reports
      See Directors as of 02/18/2015 on the second page and note the name, PT Burton.

      My purpose is to refute Meluskey (or any of his allies) when they try to distance themselves from the Meluskey/Burton “Event” you mention that failed to materialize and cost Arizonans money.
      Are you one of those who lost money? If so please contact me and I will take action on your/everyone’s behalf. I need standing (or a victim) to be able to file a complaint with the police/Arpaio.
      Bill Heuisler or call 520-403-2939