Eden-like wisdom dispensed by John McCharlatan

There it was, hanging like juicy, ripe fruit on the tree of Breitbart. Missing was the beguiling temptress to provide the enticement, but the forked-tongue serpent was fittingly portrayed by Arizona’s senior Sen. John McCain. And his message encompassing all political wisdom? John McCain, who spectacularly lost the White House to Barack Obama in 2008 — barely carrying Arizona by 8+ percent — now has the audacity to opine on why Republicans lose elections.

John Nolte, writing for Breitbart makes no bones about the fact that McCain knows a thing or two about losing big. Editor-at-large Nolte correctly noted that McCain lost the 2008 presidential election even before it began. Additionally as we have pointed out, he has few friends outside of the Republicrat establishment and the Democrats he regularly colludes with. For his career-long transgressions, he’s been repudiated by elected Republican state and county committeemen who have repeatedly censured him. Both John McCain and his doppelganger Jeff Flake have been the object of their jeers and backs turned to them in disgust.

Embarrassingly unable to generate a crowd, even with a cringe-worthy suspenseful build up, John McCain chafes at Donald Trump’s ability to draw thousands as he has done during his Phoenix and Mesa visits. When the Arizona senators do hold “town halls” the meetings are frequently closed-door events with hand selected attendees.

In the Breitbart article, McCain absurdly expounds on the integrity of journalists, as if they have that rare commodity in abundance — or that he would even recognize integrity if it looked him squarely in the eye.

SRAZ recommends you take a few minutes to read, Why We Lose: John McCain Blasts Trump For ‘Destruction of the Press.’ It’s definitely worth your time — and reassuring for Arizona conservatives, who are fed up with the decades of John McCain’s arrogant deceit, to know we are not alone.

10 Responses to Eden-like wisdom dispensed by John McCharlatan

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain’s stupidity is surpassed only by his arrogant disconnect to reality. I haven’t voted for him in years and doubt that he voted for himself when he ran against his buddy Obama. McCain even declared the use of Obama’s middle name “Hussein” off limits, referring to its use as a racial pejorative. Obama didn’t agree, using it in both of his swearing-in ceremonies.

    • Rob Haney says:

      Remember McCain’s crude joke? “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno!” How about, ” We have nothing to fear from an Obama administration.”

      This is not the Straight-Talk Express he lauds as he praises himself. It is the Forked-Tongue Express we are hearing all over again as he rips into Donald Trump and Ted Cruz while he praises his Gang of Eight amnesty buddy Mark Rubio.

      No matter what Robert Graham tells you, there is no one who has done greater harm to the Republican Party or the country than John McCain through his lies and deceit.

      That is why four former Maricopa County Chairman (Lyle Tuttle, Tom Husband, Rob Haney and A.J. LaFaro and former State GOP Chairman, Tom Morrissey) have signed the censure resolution “Anybody but McCain” at the January County and State meetings.

      We have the first-hand experience of knowing the man’s character and we want no part of it. We also now know Robert Graham’s character after the stunts he has pulled at the last two state GOP meetings in defense of McCain.

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    The major reason Republicans lose elections is because RINOs like John McCain, Bob Dole and Mitt Romney head the ticket. The recipe for disaster is repeated so often it would appear the DNC is making our selections. Old liberals running under the GOP banner are killing us. It’s time to learn from our mistakes, instead of repeating them.

  3. Maggie says:

    John McCain continues to prove his irrelevance and yet he’s running for another 6 year term at age 80. He’s the doddering, crude and angry poster boy (??) for term limits.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    Beware of a McCain “dynasty”. I predict if he is re-elected, at some point, his daughter will be appointed to fill his seat (actually our seat). Rush Limbaugh exposed the liberal media and brought them out into the open. He gave birth to conservative hosts and programs. Now Trump is exposing some so-called conservative outlets as not so conservative establishment types.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Thant’s a terrifying thought, but not outside the realm of possibility. Gov. Doug Ducey is tied at the hip to John McCain and the establishment cabal.

      Meghan McCain is now on “Outnumbered” a Fox News morning program that’s an all female lineup of democrats and republicans, including one lone (outnumbered, get it?) male they spar with. Today it was US Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah, regaling the viewers with tales of how wonderful Marco Rubio is, how well he did in the debate last night, how poorly Ted Cruz performed and that his buddy, Marco, is not actually for amnesty. Pure BS. The Washington insiders must think Americans are brain dead. Maybe they have a point, since they keep getting reelected.

      • VINOAZ says:

        Marco is slick, but when diverted from his talking points it’s deer in the headlights. Does Meghan mascaraed as a Republican?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Speaking of “Eden-like wisdom. . . “, the Phoenix City Council meeting scheduled for Feb 17 will include members of the Phoenix Satanic Temple to offer the “invocation”.

    When circumstances similar to this have occurred in other areas of the U.S., the Catholic bishop in those areas have issued a call for Catholics to show up and pray the Rosary aloud. Will the Bishop for the Phoenix Diocese have anything to say?

  6. Vince says:

    McCain characterizes his leftward lurches as being a “maverick.” A maverick is a yearling or young range animal. McCain is an ancient mule, ready for the glue factory. He can’t even get that right.