2 anti-establishment censures at AZ GOP meeting: McCain & Graham

January 22, 2016

Sat. Jan. 23 elected state committeemen poised to vote on anti-establishment resolutions

You may have received this email from A.J. LaFaro:

There has been a lot of discussion and debate as to why Robert Graham should be or shouldn’t be censured.

It’s my understanding Robert Graham is using AZ GOP staff members, resources and hired a telemarketing firm using AZ GOP monies to call you for the purpose of finding out how you feel about the resolution to censure and possibly providing you with misinformation to influence your feelings and decision.

The censure doesn’t remove Robert Graham from office.

It wasn’t an easy decision to author the resolution to censure that will be introduced from the floor on Saturday, but it had to be done. With the AZ GOP Bylaws restriction of 250 words, it is extremely difficult to write one with any degree of detail or specifics. That’s why I penned the attached “Factual Reasons for Censuring AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham.”

Please let me say again, the censure doesn’t remove Robert Graham from office. However, it does provide all of the AZ GOP State Committeemen the opportunity to come together to honestly and passionately discuss Robert Graham and his term in office. Every elected official should be reviewed and held accountable to the people they are suppose to serve.

Please join me in signing the signature petitions and voting this Saturday for the resolutions to “Censure Robert Graham” and “Endorse Anyone BUT McCain.”
Respectfully yours,
A. J. LaFaro
LD18 Precinct and State Committeeman
Immediate Past Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)

 1. Robert Graham and the AZGOP are under investigation by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for alleged campaign finance violations.

2. Violation the Arizona Revised Statutes –

A. Several County and LD Chairmen have expressed concern that Robert Graham and the AZGOP have been filling vacant state committeemen positions without their advice and consent. This is a violation of ARS 16-825.01.

ARS 16-825.01. State committee; vacancy; filling of vacancy

In the event of a vacancy in the office of state committeeman, in counties with populations of less than five hundred thousand persons, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairman of the county in which the vacancy occurred. In counties with populations of five hundred thousand or more persons, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment made by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairman of the county in which the vacancy occurred and the district chairman of the district in which the vacancy occurred, and shall be filled by a person who resides in the same district in which the vacancy occurred.

3. Violation of AZGOP Bylaws –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP have repeatedly violated the AZGOP Bylaws concerning the 2015 Statutory Meeting and this year’s 2016 Mandatory Meeting.

The AZGOP Bylaws demand a nominations and a resolutions committee be created using specific bylaw requirements that provide for open transparency, honest communications with and input by all the State Committeemen if they so desire.

Article III, Section H, Paragraphs 1 and 2, Page 4, resolutions committee and resolutions

Article IV, Section C, Paragraph 2, Page 5, nominating committee meeting and call letter report

4. Reckless interference and meddling in County and Legislative District (LD) Republican Committees –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP have continued to recklessly interfere and meddle in the business of several County and Legislative District (LD) Republican Committees. Maricopa County and LD30 to name a couple. Defunding the Maricopa County GOP East Valley Office and having a cease and desist letter sent to Maricopa County and it’s LD Committees from using the elephant logo directly after the first Trump rally. Robert Graham has allegedly called the County and LD Chairmen and threatened to limit their state delegates to the April 30th State Convention as retribution.

5. Elimination of access to voter data systems –

Robert Graham and the AZGOP has taken away access to the voter data systems he once said he was providing to PCs for their direct use. He now has a person in charge who has very little experience and availability to support the amount of work needed to help the PCs and taken away all data/walk book access from the Counties and Districts.

6. Serious conflicts of interest –

Many of the AZGOP staff members and their family members have worked for or are working for John McCain’s PAC and Sean Noble’s Political Consulting Firm.

7. Refusal to close our primaries even after an overwhelming number of Precinct and State Committeemen demanded he do so.

Illegal alien just doing the work Americans refuse to do

January 22, 2016


Personification of evil: Mother allowed pervert babysitter to offer three-year-old for sex

We’ve heard the mantra incessantly over the years. The open-borders/amnesty influence peddlers have been phenomenally successful at getting the Beltway elite in both parties and the media to embrace their blanket overgeneralizations and platitudes about illegal alien invaders.

“They just come here to work.” “They’re all Americans, too.” “Illegals aren’t criminals.”

A favorite cliché is “they’re just coming to do the jobs Americans refuse to do.”

Today we present Francisco Javier Rios-Covarrubias, 30, a sterling example to graphically illustrate that old saw.

The Arizona Republic unconscionably chose to headline the report of this monster, “Immigration hold placed on suspect accused of duct-taping Mesa girl.” If only duct tape had been the worst of it.

The 3-year-old toddler, whose panhandling mother had shaved her head to give her credibility as a cancer victim in order to raise funds from sympathetic passersby —  was left in the care of Rios-Covarrubias, who busied himself on the Internet soliciting sex from other men. On various  occasions, the child was left alone in the apartment.

Court documents provided the following information:

Mesa police received a tip from a man who had been at the apartment after he’d connected with Rios-Covarrubias over  the Internet about having sex. After the man arrived, he smelled a foul odor in the apartment. After a sexual encounter, he turned and saw Rios-Covarrubias, wearing a pink dress and blonde wig, standing next to the bound toddler. Rios-Covarrubias then asked the man if he wanted to have sex with the child. The man said he declined and left.

Police said the man returned later that evening to have consensual sex with the suspect, who told him the child was no longer there. The man contacted police after leaving the apartment for a second time. Officers performing a welfare check found the girl in a closet, with a black trash bag covering her body, leaving only her shaved head exposed. She was wearing a diaper and tee-shirt,  was covered with feces, and had multiple injuries including bruises, scratches and blisters. Her mouth, arms, hands and legs were duct taped.

Rios-Covarrubias and the child’s mother, Mayra Yomali Solis, 22, were arrested and the child was admitted to a Phoenix hospital. Mesa police said the girl’s condition was improving, although she did not speak. Solis admitted leaving the child with Rios-Covarrubias for extended periods, seeing her about one day a week.

Rios-Covarrubias faces charges of sex trafficking, kidnapping, sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse. Solis is facing child abuse charges.

AZ GOP 2016 Chairman’s Awards Dinner?

January 21, 2016

Though offering a $ billion prize as the lottery recently did is outside the realm of our limited resources, we are taking predictions on how THIS soiree will turn out.

We’ll start the ball rolling with our predictions:

Man of the year: McCain

Volunteer of the year: McRobot

Party Officer of the year: McClone

Conservatives will be RSVPing: NO McThank you.

Shocking: Liberal PC politics imperil US citizens

January 21, 2016

Democrats play dangerous political games with national security

As Obama vows to accept 10,000 additional Syrian refugees this year, on Wednesday Senate Democrats —- by a vote of 55 to 43 —- rejected a bill to require vetting of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, an attempt to verify they posed no security risk before entering the US.

Obama threatened to veto the bill.

The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 or the American SAFE Act of 2015 should have passed with overwhelming support of both parties.

Phoenix ID scam includes ease in illegal voting

January 20, 2016

Last week the daily’s front page article went into frenzied overdrive as it pushed a costly and disastrous plan to grant ID cards to illegals in Phoenix.

Rife with incendiary language, the report claimed Republican legislators were attempting to “handcuff” a “grassroots effort” to extend identification cards to “city residents” — including, of course, illegal aliens. The alleged rationale behind this scheme is to allow freer access to banking services, provide the ability to report crimes, access city benefits and volunteer at their children’s schools.

Who knew residents needed ID to ride a city bus or be a home room mother in their child’s classroom?

Crime reporting is an old saw that is hauled out whenever the issue involves normalizing illegal invaders. Because they are here unlawfully, they allege they are less inclined to report crimes in their neighborhoods, fearing their own status will become an issue. Crime reporting does not require identification, as evidenced by the silent witness program — based on reporting anonymity — that has been an effective crime fighting tool used by law enforcement since 1979.

The baloney is too thick to cut with a sharp knife as the word “grassroots“ is sprinkled liberally throughout the news report giving the illusion that this is a all-encompassing, citizen based effort. It is not.  The issue is promoted by activists with an agenda.

The homosexual contingent is supportive, saying such a card would allow them to indicate the gender they prefer.

As expected, columnist EJ Montini backed up the report by declaring “Lawmakers launch attack on cities, immigrants.”

Like clockwork a few days following the initial report, a ‘My Turn’ column by Maricopa County District 5 Supervisor Steve Gallardo, the lone Democrat on the Board of Supervisors, appeared and the main thrust was revealed. Headlined, “Key solutions to increase voter turnout,” Gallardo advocates for expansion of identification that can be used at polling places.

Who’da guessed?

Liberal KFYI talk show host shills for McCain

January 19, 2016

Fill-in radio host Barry Markson lacks crucial information, but keeps talking

Barry Markson revels in being a fill-in radio talk show host on KFYI News Talk radio. In his day job he toils as a defense lawyer who dabbles in a variety of specialties, among them “bad faith” cases. That’s his description, not ours.

It appears he was displaying a fair amount of ‘bad faith” himself Monday as he defended John McCain from what he considers an unreasonable assault by the majority of the 1,006 Republican elected Maricopa County precinct committeemen — carrying 989 proxies — attending the statutory meeting over the weekend. They voted to pass the Anybody BUT Sen. John McCain resolution by an overwhelming margin of 61 percent.

Markson, tweeting out this disparaging message, contends that since McCain wins every election, the PCs don’t represent the voters.

Actually there is no one who better represents the voters than precinct committeemen. They are elected by neighbors in their own precincts and are therefore closer to the pulse of the electorate than any city, county or statewide office holder. Committeemen are active and attuned to current political events. When was the last time your member of congress came to your door for a chat? U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have a propensity for holding closed-door, invitation only town halls intended to exclude voters.

In 2014, McCain was censured by the state committeemen elected within their legislative districts. Over 1,200 assembled at the annual statutory meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party. McCain retaliated by colluding with an out-of-state Obama donor to purge the conservatives from their elected posts. Those who were ousted were surprised to find that the McCain replacements never bothered to show up at the monthly district meetings or engage in the heavy lifting political work required of the unpaid committeemen.

Markson’s assertion displays his lack of basic understanding of the role of the party activists. If he was paying attention he would have no question as to why the leftist McCain is reviled. The paradox exists because the majority of the public is disengaged until just prior to elections. In the remote corners of their consciousness is the bombardment of pro-McCain propaganda such as Barry Markson doles out. Voters are familiar with McCain’s name but not his deceptive actions and relentless push for amnesty for America’s illegal invaders. As examples, few are aware of McCain’s ties to the disreputable George Soros. How many know that he was poised to support “rock star” Hillary?

It is not without reason John McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and is running for another SIX-YEAR term, comes in at number six on the list of most vulnerable U.S. Senators on the 2016 ballot. Conservative Review gives him a big fat “F” and Senate Conservatives Fund devotes a page to “Replace John McCain.”

Arizona Republican PCs do not stand alone, Barry Markson.

Double talking Marco Rubio: The amnesty changeling

January 18, 2016

When Florida Sen. Marco Rubio signed on with John McCain’s Gang of Eight amnesty-pushing leftists and RINOs, he was merely reverting back to his original position before he expediently changed it, and then conveniently altered it again. The perpetual motion must be dizzying.

Fellow gangsters John McCain and Jeff Flake, each took that useful route as elections neared. Their duplicity on a range of issues earned them this bottom-dragging rating.

John Hawkins’ definitive column “The ugly truth about Marco Rubio and his Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill,” in the Dec. 2015 issue of Townhall provides in-depth insight to slick talking Marco Rubio — who produces waffles better than Eggo on this fundamental issue that undergirds the votes of many Americans.

When Republican Rubio ran for the U.S. Senate against former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and U. S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in 2010, he was singing this hard-line tune that helped win the election for him:

“I am strongly against amnesty. The most important thing we need to do is enforce our existing laws. We have existing immigration laws that are not being adequately enforced. Nothing will make it harder to enforce the existing laws, if you reward people who broke them. It demoralizes people who are going through the legal process; it’s a very clear signal of why go through the legal process, if you can accomplish the same thing if you go through the illegal process. And number two, it demoralizes the people enforcing the laws. I am not, and I will never support any effort to grant blanket legalization/amnesty to folks who have entered, stayed in this country illegally.”

Juxtapose those unequivocal words against presidential candidate Marco Rubio during his Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with host Chuck Todd. His facile wordplay and glib reversals plainly demonstrate his appeal to John McCain whose own mastery of deceit is a hallmark of his decades in the U.S. Senate. That’s why he was voted back into political oblivion by elected members of his own party on Saturday.

Marco Rubio, unable to differentiate between actual legal immigrants and law breaking illegals, now takes the position that “law-abiding ‘undocumented immigrants’ can stay in America.”

“Anyone but McCain” resolution passes easily at GOP meeting

January 17, 2016

John McCain walloped in advance of quest for a sixth six-year senate term

Although John McCain’s sycophants tried their best to ward off another embarrassment — this one before his final senate campaign — elected precinct committeemen of the Maricopa County Republican Committee handed the senior senator his head in his hands again. By a vote of 921 to 582, they voted to pass the “Anyone But McCain” resolution. 

Amid the routine items such as election of members-at-large* at the statutory meeting Saturday, was a vote to remove McCain-aligned officers. Maricopa County GOP chairman Tyler Bowyer, a conservative, was retained by 1,074 votes. But First Vice Chair Jenni White was recalled by 1,083 votes as was Second Vice Chair Aaron Borders — recalled by 1,070 votes. White and Borders represent the McCain establishment wing of the party. There was no vote on the by-laws because the full content had not been sent in the call letter to committeemen.

Tucked in among the fiery speeches, patriotic video and a routine by the Buffalo Soldier re-enactors, was the effort to rescue John McCain from another censure-like vote such as the embarrassment he suffered in 2014. Using delaying tactics, ‘points of order,’ quorum calls and parliamentary ‘calls for division,’ his operatives worked diligently to table votes counter to McCain — even calling for suspension of the vote.  They were unsuccessful. He was trounced by 61 percent of ballots cast. Due to their shenanigans, the meeting needlessly continued on until nearly 8:00 pm.

Committeemen were required to register before the 9:00 am. deadline — with most elected GOP PCs arriving long before, in order to get credentialed and receive ballots. The packed parking lot attested to the 1,006 attendees, carrying 989 proxies.

Highlights included speeches by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, both punctuated by standing crowds and thunderous applause. Numerous county officials were in attendance and addressed the PCs, along with U.S. Reps. Trent Franks, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert who all sensed the ire in the air. Though they touted their conservative credentials, all were silent on the subject of the ‘Anyone but McCain’ resolution. Salmon made a point of referring to himself as a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. Franks reminded the assemblage that he “has attended every county meeting for the last 20 years.” Salmon, stated, “I’m proud to stand before you today and say I’m not part of the establishment,” and said it’s time for the Republican Party to stop being seen as the party of the Chamber of Commerce.

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, now the host of the “Joe Walsh show,” was anything but mute as he addressed the growing calls for Republicans to stifle their anger.  He boldly announced, “I’m here to deliver a message: Stay angry!” Walsh added, “The stupid Republican establishment tells us, don’t be angry.  Let me tell you something, stay angry and never apologize for your anger. It makes me angry that 234-year-old John McCain is still in the U.S. Senate.” Walsh noted, “It’s not just Republicans who are angry, most of the country is angry — this is not the country we grew up in.”

McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day, is running for yet another  six-year term.

* Members at large who won election are Linda Brickman, Mark Spencer, Wes Harris, Tom Morrissey, and Joshua Askey.

“Anybody BUT Sen. John McCain” resolution

January 15, 2016

Grassroots Precinct Committeemen will bring an “Anybody BUT Senator John McCain” resolution from the floor on Saturday, Jan 16 at the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Mandatory meeting.  The resolution reads:

We precinct committeemen of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (“MCRC”) fully support our Party, platform, and candidates in the general elections. In the primary elections we each are free to choose which Republican candidates to endorse and support. Since the MCRC members censured Senator John McCain in January 2014, we have hoped Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values. He has not. With sadness and humility we rise and declare our beliefs:

  • Whereas, Senator McCain was censured by the Arizona Republican State Committeemen on January 25, 2014; and
  • voted for DHS funding that included money for Obama’s illegal amnesty for illegal aliens; and
  • as a “Campaign Conservative,” campaigned on securing the border but cosponsored legislation giving “pathway to citizenship” to millions of illegal aliens; and
  • actively worked to purge the party of grassroots conservatives using out-of-state funding via the Arizona Grassroots Action PAC; and
  • voted to kill an amendment requiring certification that Iran has not directly supported or carried out an act of terrorism against the United States before sanctions can be lifted; and
  • demeaned Republicans who stand for the Constitution, calling them “crazies” and “wacko birds”; and
  • voted to support funding for the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obamacare, Executive Amnesty and Planned Parenthood’s selling of body parts;

 RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen endorse anybody BUT incumbent Senator John McCain in the 2016 Republican primary election for the United States Senate.

More information regarding agenda issues HERE on Republican Briefs.

Problem-plagued Tony Bouie out as AZ Lottery Director

January 15, 2016

An obviously embarrassed Gov. Doug Ducey, intent on keeping his ethically challenged Lottery Director Tony Bouie in place despite escalating evidence against him, stiltedly confirmed his resignation Thursday via a spokesman: “In discussing these recent issues with Director Bouie, the director and the administration agreed this would be a distraction, so in the best interest of the state, Director Bouie has stepped down.”

“Distraction,” indeed.

The Arizona Republic covers Tony Bouie’s resignation, saying he resigned amid “controversy.” The newspaper can’t be too shocked by the revelations. It was aware of his ethical lapses when it endorsed him for a legislative seat in 2008, after first exposing his lies.

Arizona Capitol Times reports Doug Ducey’s hand-picked chief of the Arizona Lottery has been forced out of office, following numerous allegations — including that he’d improperly used state vehicles for personal reasons and fired several employees, replacing them with friends.

Bouie was paid $115,700. 

The Phoenix New Times opened the door Monday with this reveal of Bouie’s admission that he had violated the law in his misuse of a state vehicle. The report included a link to this Seeing Red AZ Jan. 2015 post “Tony Bouie scores cushy post: Establishment takes care of its own“—- which, in turn carries links to numerous other exposés regarding the cagey Tony Bouie — dating back to 2008.

Politics is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those who cannot withstand public scrutiny. As we noted at the time of Bouie’s appointment as lottery director, Arizona’s governor was taking a pointless gamble with Tony Bouie.