AZ Republic’s tacky message to subscribers

The shiny white postcard arrived with a terse message oddly bunched in the upper left quadrant. Besides the stiff salutation addressing the recipient by first and last name, were four sentences and the closing, including a replicated signature.

On its reverse side the return address indicated The Arizona Republic as the sender, with the now ubiquitous logo on the next line. That’s the newspaper’s techie moniker letting readers know that the days of publishing a hard copy newspaper are closing in. The front page usually carries a vaguely proctological sounding “go deeper with digital” message.  The communiqué?

 “We want to let you know about a change to your subscription effective March 2016. There will be a change to our subscription cancellation policy. Refunds will only be made to positive account balances of $10 or more. We appreciate your loyalty and thank you for your subscription. 


Barbara Smith, VP Customer Service” 

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara. How smart is this? We all know the newspaper is in the proverbial toilet. But to admit that so many subscribers are ditching its increasingly lightweight and leftwing content that you affix a monetary punishment as they exit, is not exactly an exhibition of business savvy. This reeks of larceny. There is no restocking fee, as if an electronic product is returned, requiring repackaging and a discounted price. What you are alerting the few remaining readers to is the fact that you intend to keep their money if they have the audacity to leave and still have a balance of…let‘s say, $9.52. That’s indefensible, Barbara.  It’s beyond cheesy. Rational subscribers are leaving because they are tired of being insulted by the editorial policy, reporting slant and the ASU sweatshop student reporting crew that replaced the reporters who took the early buy-out packages the newspaper offered to stay afloat.

So you intend to add further insult to that effrontery by clipping us as we take a hike? It sounds an awful lot like the antiquated concept of alimony — the old pay-up-for-walking-out proposition.

We‘ve never even held hands, Barbara. Don’t even think of grabbing any additional money.


6 Responses to AZ Republic’s tacky message to subscribers

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    What nerve! When did other folk’s money suddenly become the property of the already overpriced Arizona Republic? On what basis do they think they have the right to keep what’s left in a closed account? If they try this with most readers, the newspaper can expect a fight. They must think if people are dumb enough to buy their crap they’re gullible enough to cave on this madness.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Barbara Smith better be of Amazonian size. She’s going to be waging war with irate former subscribers. According to demographics, they’re mostly old and white, so the newspaper must think they deserve what they get. If minorities were majority subscribers. this asinine tactic would never be considered.

  3. Vince says:

    Customer Service? The Arizona Repulsive newspaper must have confused Goundhog’s Day with April Fools Day.

  4. Patriot Dad says:

    An example of the newspaper’s snark that signals it’s death knell is the weasel leftist columnist EJ Montini. When I was at breakfast this morning (the restaurant has a few free newspapers for customers to read) I saw the headline and first few lines of his column and remembered again why we no longer subscribe to the Daily Insult. It was titled “Ducey checks into the political roach motel.” If anyone knows about being roach infested, its Montini. His column was about the conservative Koch brothers who donate to candidates whose message they support. I never see any corresponding reporting on liberals who are the recipients of donations from the extreme left. How about an in-depth report on Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s ties to billionaire socialist George Soros? Where are the articles in the Arizona Republic about billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg along with the leftwing Hollywood elite who fund Democrats?

    PS Great post here on Soros a couple of days ago and Soros’s connections to everything from to his well funded efforts to reconfigure the United States of America to the a calamitous mishmash of ethnicities that all want to be “honored” for the amount of pigment in their skin and refuse to acclimate to our language and heritage as they strive to take us down to the level of the places they left. He supports both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Isn’t that interesting?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe the State’s Attorney General should look into this.
    They have a consumer fraud unit.