Satanists’ antics result in AZ GOP chair launching recall

Seeing Red AZ  recently covered the Phoenix City Council’s plan  — on the advice of its legal council — to allow a Satanist to deliver the “invocation” (formerly known as the opening prayer), at the Council’s Feb. 17 meeting.

As might be expected, all hell broke loose. The majority of council members were not onboard with this affront. Satanist Stuart de Haan, a Tucson lawyer equipped with a king-sized agenda, initially made the request, saying his group is opposed to “religious tyranny” — presumably his view of prayer. The Satanists threatened a lawsuit.

The daily reported that Phoenix City Attorney Brad Holm’s statement provided no recourse:

“Consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s direction, the city cannot dictate religious viewpoints or the content of a prayer, Holm wrote. “In addition, government may not exclude a denomination or a religion from praying under these circumstances.”

In response, the council, after hearing testimony from both sides, voted to replace the traditional prayer with a moment of silence, according to this Fox News report.

But the saga doesn’t end there. On Thursday, AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham’s spokesman blasted out an email titled, “We Need Prayer!” There’s nothing to disagree with in the content of Graham’s message, but the last paragraph and follow-up sentence were puzzling:.

“If a show of humility to God, rich in the American tradition, is to be ended because of a few satanic bullies, how are we going to fix some of our community’s and nation’s most pressing problems? Maybe it is time we send a message to the Phoenix City Council that they are out of touch with the people of Phoenix.”

Graham is collecting information necessary to create a ballot initiative to reinstate public prayer, as well as for the recall of elected Phoenix public officials.

Is Graham aiming for the mayor, the city attorney or the council members?

Stay tuned.


9 Responses to Satanists’ antics result in AZ GOP chair launching recall

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Isn’t a recall of elected City of Phoenix “officials” outside the scope of Robert Graham’s duties?

    • Rob Haney says:

      I guess it never occurred to Graham how hypocritical his initiative is. He had an initiative “Anyone But McCain” and an initiative against his own leadership ruled out of order at the Jan 23, AZ State GOP meeting. He is a sigma cum laude graduate of John McCain’s Fork Tongue Express University.

  2. jakesez says:

    Nothing is beyond Graham’s duties if it means he gets to put his name out front. He is running for something, but for what I am not sure.

    • Observer says:

      The word is that the establishment boy Robert McGraham is angling to replace Reince Priebus as RNC Chaairman. McCain and Flake are no doubt working to make that nightmare a reality.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s interesting that the evil one gets his way, yet again.
    First, the Satanist group was OK’d to give the invocation at the upcoming Phx City Council meeting.

    It met with no resistance from the Diocese of Phoenix from what I know. asked my parish priest and several parishioners if they had heard about it, and not one person claimed to know .

    Now, it seems that the City Council has gone overboard by voting to do away with the invocation–choosing a “moment of silence”.

    Want to bet as to how many people will be tapping away on their i-phones during that time?

    So, even if the Satanist from Tucson lost, the old serpent still won.

  4. CD 8 PC2 says:

    Recall Robbie is on the right track in the wrong arena. He needs to start a recall to take out Arizona’s two lousy senators McCain and Flake who are as offensive as any of those he intends to oust.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      Recall McCain and Flake? Are you kidding? Robert Graham does their bidding. Remember how he used a ruse to cunningly sneak them both in to a state meeting? Remember the response they got? Boos, turned backs and walk outs!!!

  5. harristimes says:

    All of the above…we also need to recall the vote on Prop 104 as not enough citizens voted to impoverish the majority of the Citizens of Phoenix. As to the two lousy senators, unfortunately the only way to recall them is to vote them out at the end of their term. I have tried in vain.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Is this a joke? I don’t like this charade by the Tucson devil worshiper, but where is Robert Graham’s authority to launch a recall? Who is he planning to recall? He’d have as much luck initiating a disbarment proceeding against lawyer deHaan.