Green McCain workers whipped into frenzy over slight?

In numerous ways, John McCain is AZ’s Bernie Sanders

Dan Nowicki, John McCain’s personal assigned reporter at the daily newspaper, attempts to marginalize Dr. Kelli Ward for her description of some of John McCain’s young campaign workers. He writes that her remarks during a Tucson radio interview have so outraged the young  “millennial Republicans,” that they are demanding an apology from the former two-term state senator, now mounting a credible challenge to McCain.

Nowicki refers to the aged senator who will be 80 by Election Day and is seeking his sixth 6-year term as “having nothing to do” with the contrived outrage. He never leaves fingerprints, since his surrogates take care of business.

Ward, a  Lake Havasu physician referred to “McCain kids” who “have no idea” about his record but who are “enticed by the glimmer of celebrity.”

Long-in-the-tooth Socialist Bernie Sanders is generating widespread support from young voters, consistently and strikingly outpolling liberal Hillary Clinton, as he promises to make college education free and retire student loan debt. Like McCain, Sanders vows to provide a pathway to citizenship for the approximately 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S., who will be competing for jobs and college placement with young American citizens. Obama-like, Sanders promises to take executive action, bypassing congress, to accomplish his goals.

On two consecutive Saturdays in January, Arizona elected precinct and state committeemen assembled for the Maricopa County and state GOP daylong meetings. As they entered each of the meetings, they were approached by fresh-faced young workers wearing T-shirts with John McCain’s name emblazoned on them —carrying clip boards with nominating petitions to qualify McCain for the ballot.  Approaching the arriving committeemen in the cold, still dark early morning hours, most of the workers were greeted with “No thank you” or “McCain? Are you kidding?” It was clear from the surprised looks followed by giggles as the scenario repeated that they were under the erroneous impression that Sen. John McCain has some cache among Republican voters. They were likely unaware that he has repeatedly been censured by those same committeemen in his own party, or of his retaliatory measures to purge them from their elective posts.  Dr. Kelli Ward was not off the mark in her assessment.

As to the McCain workers being described as “volunteers” a state delegate asked a couple of them standing outside the McCain booth if they were paid or volunteers. They nervously exchanged looks before the boldest replied, “We’d rather not say.” That’s not the response expected from enthusiastic volunteers.

Among the letter signers demanding Dr. Kelli Ward apologize were the former Arizona Teenage Republican  chairman, Students for Rubio Chair, along with ASU and UofA GOP activists. 

Since Rubio was integral to the McCain-Flake-Schumer-Durbin, et al amnesty Gang of Eight scheme and is endorsed by McCain’s alter-ego Jon Kyl, it’s not much of a leap to assume there’s a connection. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…you know the rest…..


4 Responses to Green McCain workers whipped into frenzy over slight?

  1. State Delegate says:

    I was approached by those young Republicans at the Arizona Statutory meeting last month. I engaged in conversation with one student who had no idea of McCain’s abysmal record or the fact that he has routinely targeted conservatives, trying to replace us with his lackeys and having his staffers work behind the scenes with Democrats such as Sen. Carl Levin to target conservatives for IRS scrutiny. She had little information about anything political and though I didn’t ask her if she was a volunteer, she told me her boyfriend was a Political Science major.

    I have long supported Teenage Republicans (TARs) and have attended some of their events over the years. Young people are the future of the GOP. But they need to be able to discern fact from fiction. McCain is fiction.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Dr. Kelli Ward is a sharp woman, as evidenced by her accomplishments and ability to speak to the issues from a conservative perspective. She has the votes in this household locked up and I have spoken to friends and neighbors about her and the marginal John McAmensty.

    I pray she wins the AZ Senate seat and we finally see the last of the egomaniacal RINO McCain, who obtusely thinks he should still run for another six year term when he needs Depends, Ensure and a porch swing. I’m a lifelong conservative, but will vote for the Dem if the unthinkable happens and the despicable lying McCain wins the Primary. We might as well get the same treatment from one with a “D” following her name as we get from Republicrat McCain, who excuses his partnership with with the liberals by referring to himself as a “maverick.”

  3. Terry Dudas says:

    Instead of an apology, Kelli Ward might consider a political education initiative targeted to all Arizona’s high schools & colleges – a “Did You Know” sort of infomertial.