McMyopia offers “willful blindness” to GOP voters

More evidence of the desperation of Arizona’s very senior Sen. John McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and is actually running for another six-year term.

In an effort to appear relevant and trendy, McCain is trying to foister a new gimmick on Arizona voters. For a mere $5 donation, he’s offering sunglasses with his name imprinted on the earpiece. Seriously.

Instead of “Lost your sunglasses?” the subject line should read,: “Lost your mind…and your memory?”

Not only do these sunglasses “shade” the truth, they block out the pesky illegals crossing McLiar’s non-existent “danged fence!”

His tagline is “John McCain is fighting to keep Arizona safe and strong,”adding “Complete the secure form below to make a donation.” It sounds as though he’s reprising this infamous use of the word “complete.”


3 Responses to McMyopia offers “willful blindness” to GOP voters

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Another witty post relegating McCain to “Clowndom”—right where he belongs! He’s definitely out of touch with Arizona Republicans and if those I know are any guide, he has fallen below body temperature ratings with registered Independents. Only a liberal could feel comfortable with John McAwful. He calls himself a “maverick” because he kicks Arizona’s Republicans as well as those across the country in the teeth as he aligns with every DC liberal to come down the pike. His votes in the US Senate affect us all.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    McCain is funded by Washington DC lobbyists. He carries the water for the Chamber of Commerce, whose members count on him to keep the path open for low wage illegal workers. He does their bidding and in return they gift him with the big bucks that allow him to decimate conservative opponents. We can do much better than this deceitful over the hill lackey for the illegal labor profiteers.

    Support Dr. Kelli Ward. Go to her website and join me in sending her a donation. It takes $$$ to be competitive against the deeply entrenched McCain. Her donate tab is easy to find. We have no right to complain if we don’t do what we can to toss this liberal old goat out and replace him with a dynamic physician who spent two terms in the AZ Senate and who can knowledgeably address the problems with Obamacare.

  3. Clementine says:

    Even as a joke, there is nothing that would cause me to ever wear anything that promotes a despicable political hack like Senor Juan McAmnesty.