Robert Graham exposed as proxy hypocrite & Update

Frosty Taylor provides the lowdown on the shenanigans, skulduggery and deceptive tactics in the Feb. 13 edition of Republican Briefs.

Many conservatives report smelling a McRat.

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman A.J. LaFaro reveals the hypocrisy and double-dealing of AZ GOP state chairman Robert Graham on the issue of carrying proxy ballots. Graham opposed ballot harvesting Democrats during the 2014 election at the ballot box (Truth Revolt video link), but favors proxy votes at district elections as presidential delegates to the state convention are selected.

For an example of Graham’s stunning duplicity, read this smear aimed directly at A.J. LaFaro.

Then ask yourself why there is a newly imposed $50 fee for elected delegates to participation in the Arizona Republican Presidential Convention. How will the imposition of this fee benefit the McCain establishment syndicate?



Feb. 15, 2016

Today’s edition of Republican Briefs has even more, specifically addressing the ire over AZ GOP Chairman Graham’s imposition of a state convention delegate participation “fee.”  This is too important to miss.


11 Responses to Robert Graham exposed as proxy hypocrite & Update

  1. Doc says:

    So….it occurs to me that the problem with mr. mcGraham-crackhead’s OBVIOUSLY unscrupulous activities is that they’re ALL ALLOWED under AZGOP’S rules/policies & procedures which, uncovers extreme flaws in said rules/policies & procedures. Because those of us with more than 2 functioning brain cells can PLAINLY see that in any other circumstance, this @$$-hat would be FIRED & quite possibly prosecuted.

    • Doc says:

      …oh. And 1 more thing. “…newly imposed $50 fee for elected delegates to participation in the Arizona Republican Presidential Convention.”

      …Yeah…he’d get Fifty bucks from me to do my job as an elected delegate to do my job 1 of 2 ways. The first would require him to obtain the services of a Proctologist to retrieve it from his backside & the second involves crickets.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Robert Graham is trying to position himself for what he considers politicial glory by playing the establishment’s game. He doesn’t appear to realize they are actually playing him. What a colossal disappointment he is.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Graham is nothing more than a political opportunist who thinks “playing the establishment game” will help him achieve the “stardom ” he desires. They view him as a useful tool to serve their purposes. As the Beatles sang, “He’s a real nowhere man.”
      Graham just doesn’t realize it…..yet. They’ll drop him like a hot rock after he’s done the job for them.

  3. Rob Haney says:

    Robert Graham’s excuses for his blunders eventually become “a bridge too far” and his house of cards comes tumbling down as it did in the 2015 AZ GOP State Meeting.

    You will recall that meeting was where Graham held his re-election vote before he snuck in McCain and Flake and his group of shouting, Vietnamese flag waving, immigrants who were cheering for McCain.

    It took me too long to realize that Graham was a McCain-Establishment imposter, but that GOP meeting finally did it and I had to apologize to all my friends for being so slow on the uptake.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Don’t beat yourself up, Mr. Haney. Many of us were hoodwinked by this slickster. Your two terms as Maricopa County Republican Chairman stand as an example of integrity and determination not to buckle under to the GOP brass, who represent only themselves as they give us the middle finger.

  4. Stacey says:

    Never trust an ALEC RINO.

  5. Saguro Sam says:

    Here’s a man named Graham in whom you can believe. And he needs your help.

    Rev. Franklin Graham is traveling to all 50 states in 2016 urging Christians to vote, to live out their faith in every part of their lives, and to pray for our nation .

    He’ll be in Phoenix, March 18, 2016 (a Friday), 12:00 p.m., Capitol House of Reps Lawn
    1700 W. Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    Please take a look at the awesome photos taken last week in Georgia.
    Here’s the link:

    “America is at a crossroads, and I believe we should take every opportunity to stand up for the things of God and His Word.” –Franklin Graham
    ——It’s up to you. We are at the point where there will be no more chances for a do-over.

    • Kyle Lyles says:

      Sorry, but I will never support anything that Franklin backs since he’s touting a guy who is very questionable in his faith (OK, I can let that slide maybe those four times he actually attended service, the pastor said “Two Corinthians”) but also funds and defends the Planned Parenthood baby killers.

      No, I’ll be on the other side taunting Franklin, who isn’t a shadow of his father.

  6. Vince says:

    What Robert McGraham is hoping for is that the “fee” (taxation without representation) will cause many who would ordinarily participate, to sit this out—either due to financial considerations or as a means of signaling their anger over this trickery. Either way John McAwful benefits. Robert Graham should be recalled.

  7. Truth or Consequences says:

    You are absolutely correct, Vince. Graham/McCain want the delegates sent to the State Presidential Meeting to be McCain activists. They will elect a slate of McCain activists who will then go to the National Convention and although committed to Trump or Cruz will be there to do McCain-Republican Establishment’s bidding.