Aided by Republicrats Obama recrafts judiciary

AZ Sens. McCain, Kyl and now Flake continually vote to confirm liberals

With the unexpected death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia over the weekend, America now faces the possibility of the balance of the court being dramatically altered. Barack Obama, who nominated liberals Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the high court, obviously salivates at the opportunity to tilt the court irretrievably leftward.

Republicans now control the senate, where confirmation votes take place. But don’t let that fact give you a sense of security.

2011 saw Jon Kyl gin up support to install yet another liberal on the 9th Circuit — Federal Judge Mary Murguia, whose twin sister Janet is the President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza — “the Race” — a group whose two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all: “For the Race everything. Outside the Race, nothing.”  Murguia was nominated to the appellate bench by Obama.  Among the honored guests at the investiture ceremony were none other than Jon Kyl and then-Homeland Security chieftain Janet Napolitano, AZ’s leftist former governor who said with a straight face, “Our border has never been more secure.” Kyl and McCain both voted for Murguia’s confirmation.

In 2012, both of Arizona’s senators stepped front and center supporting the nomination of Andrew Hurwitz, a politically connected, pro-abortion Democrat and AZ Supreme Court Justice — aiding his ascent to the to the already radically left 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The daily newspaper was so enthralled, it editorially championed retiring Kyl as a “statesman.”

This endorsement-happy pair also voted in support of the confirmation of Obama’s hand-picked selectee for U.S. Attorney General — the scandal plagued Eric Holder, who ultimately resigned under fire. Twenty-one Republicans voted against Holder, but not these two enablers. They even voted in support of the nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Numerous searches failed to verify the duo’s non-roll call vote on Napolitano, but given their proclivity for supporting leftwing appointees, the greater surprise would be if they didn’t approve her nomination. There is little doubt the unusual unrecorded vote was intended to provide cover.

While they thought you weren’t paying attention, Arizona’s slippery and lowest regarded U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, were busying themselves on the banks of the Potomac with the confirmation of Obama’s liberal picks for federal judges.

On Jan. 11, the Arizona duo voted with the Democrats to confirm Columbian-born Luis Felipe Restrepo to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Obama is fast tracking the former ACLU prisoners’ rights lawyer up from a district court post to which he was confirmed in 2013.

Then on Jan. 19, Wilhelmina Marie Wright, was confirmed as U.S. District Judge for the District of Minnesota. McCain, soon to be 80 and running for his sixth six-year term, shrewdly backed off of that confirmation, though Jeff Flake abandoned Republicans to approve her nomination. The vote can be seen here. Wright’s confirmation brings the total of appellate judges appointed by Obama to 56.

In his Conservative Review commentary, Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz writes “Senate GOP Must Not Confirm Any More Obama Judges.”

“The notion that Republicans would vote to confirm more Obama judges defies logic on so many levels.  This is one of the few areas where they have no excuse or lack of power to actually use their control of the Senate for good purposes.  Moreover, by confirming more Obama judges, they will not only further exacerbate the growing judicial time bomb of anti-constitutional case-law, but will also prevent the next Republican president from filling those vacancies.” 

Ask yourself…if Democrats controlled the senate, would they vote to confirm conservative federal court nominees the way liberals get a pass from Republican senators? You know the answer.  It’s time to clean house…er…senate.

Democrats balked at Samuel A. Alito Jr., with only four endorsing him in a 58-to-42 vote in January 2006. Barack Obama, then an Illinois Senator joined 24 other Democrats to try to filibuster the nomination of now-Justice Samuel Alito — in a case of pure partisanship, posturing and brinksmanship — something Dems swear they don’t engage in.


17 Responses to Aided by Republicrats Obama recrafts judiciary

  1. Former GOP PC says:

    Arizona’s US Senators are all too eager to give the Democrats exactly what they want, just as our supposedly conservative US Reps voted to approve everything Obama asked for in the last budget. The Trade and Iranian deals were disgusting. The lack of any will to deal forcefully with illegal immigration also expose them as colluders. My wife and I were among the conservative precinct committeemen who were purged through the retaliatory efforts of the rightly censured John McCain. We dedicated years to the Maricopa and AZ State GOP and were stunned to see how we were repaid by Team McCain. Now it stings less and we realize our longtime devotion to “the cause” was a waste of our time. When those we donated time, sweat equity and money to act as Democrats, we see how pointless it was.

    • William Heuisler says:

      Former PCs,
      Pointless? Many of us are in your situation. In 1968 I became a PC, then District Chair, Committeeman and Reagan delegate and helped elect Evan Mecham in 1986. We came very close to taking our wonderful State back. We were only defeated by the Media THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. Think about that.
      Rather than becoming disillusioned after setbacks we should all be more angry than ever. This is our home. These politicians are our servants. The time has finally come when all is in balance and we either fight or lose everything.
      I’m old, but not dead yet. Join me.
      McCain is the enemy – and has been since he allied with Ted Kennedy to open our country to uncontrolled immigration. We must start with him and move on to the next viper, and the next.
      Please do not give up. Please organize your friends and pass on the truth. We can defeat McCain’s money with our relatively few Republican Primary Voters. Organize, spread the truth and then get out the vote in August.
      Never give up!
      Bill Heuisler

      • angryrightwinghousewife says:

        Thanks Bill. Too many have been disenfranchised now is not the time to lay down and be killed by the socialist Democrat machines.

  2. Braveheart says:

    The Murguia twins brother Carlos is a federal judge in Kansas.

  3. Vince says:

    Another excellent and fact filled post, SRAZ. I appreciate the links on the give away votes by McCain, Kyl and Flake. They obviously think we’re too ignorant to pay attention to what’s going on in Washington DC. I have news for them. We live in the twenty first century and we all have computers.

  4. SuzanneC says:

    This is why there is a revolt in the party. McCain and Flake vote for what ever the Obama administration wants. I am so frustrated by the people of Arizona keeping that old fool in office and you were warned for years about Jeff Flake and still put him in a higher office.

    • larryzb says:

      Exactly right, Suzanne. Nationally, folks are screaming angry at the Republicans being craven and going along with the Left at every important point.

  5. Doc says:

    Just 3 things:
    1-Put mcFlake on the “Removal from U.S. Senate” list.
    2-86 th’ 80 year old!
    & 3-Thanks SRAZ for yet ANOTHER GRETA POST!

  6. LD 23 PC says:

    Term limits, a concept I previously disagreed with, are the only answer. These House and Senate jobs become lifetime positions. In the case of McCain, even longer! !

    • Doc says:

      …been sayin’ that for years,LC 23 PC. These liars get the best healthcare available ANYWHERE, insider trading secrets LEGALLY, AND a pension after just 6 easy years in D.C. Time to send their sorry @$$&$ packin’…

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Unfortunately, this situation in which we find ourselves is much bigger than McCain or any of his minions, or even Obama.

    The undoing of this country and the principles upon which is was founded has been planned almost from the birth of this great nation,.

    As to the US Supreme Court, it would be worth your time to read, or re-read, Mark Levin’s 2005 book entitled “Men in Black–How the Supreme Court is Destroying America”.

    And check your local radio stations for Mark’s radio show.
    In my opinion, there are few Americans who have a legal mind as brilliant as Mr. Levin.

    As the hounds of hell are about to be released yet again over a Supreme Court nomination, perhaps it would also be instructive to recall what happened to a previous Reagan nominee, Judge Robert Bork.

    Judge Bork wrote a book, published in 1996, entitled “Slouching Towards Gomorrah—Modern Liberalism and American Decline”

    Robert Bork believed that the enemy within our culture is modern liberalism whose defining characteristics are “radical individualism” and “radical egalitarianism.” He points out that both are “antagonistic to society’s traditional morality.”

    Radical individualism –because by its nature it seeks to be free from authority, meaning; ignoring standards, tradition and the law; aka anarchy.

    And, radical egalitarianism because it necessarily pushes us towards a collectivism (socialism, all the “isms,” actually) that uses the power of the state to suppress the inequalities that freedom always produces. The inevitable result being, as Winston Churchill observed, “…the equal sharing of misery.”

    Bork lamented the loss of religion, and its morality, in our society. He doubted that there would be enough “secular moralists” in society to maintain civilized standards in America.

    The last page of his book contains this passage:

    “But, for the immediate future, what we probably face is an increasingly vulgar; violent, chaotic, and politicized culture. Our hopes, our struggles and our optimism must be for the long run. The first requisite is knowing what is happening to us. This book has tried to answer that, to show that decline runs across our entire culture and that it has a common cause, modern liberalism.

    The second step is resistance to radical individualism and radical egalitarianism in every area of culture. It is pointless to ask, “What is the solution?” There is no single grand strategy. Just as the New Left abandoned an overarching program and became a series of like-minded groups advancing area by area, so it must counterattacked area by area. Religion must be recaptured church by church; and education university by university, school board by school board…

    “…I end where I began, contemplating burnt books. Though I did not suspect it then, the charred law books on the sidewalk in New Haven were a metaphor, a symbol of the coming torching of America’s intellectual and moral capital by the barbarians of modern liberalism. We have allowed that capital to be severely damaged, but perhaps not beyond repair. As we approach its desolate and sordid precincts, the pessimism of the intellect tells us that Gomorrah is our probable destination. What is left to us is a determination not to accept that fate and the courage to resist it—the optimism of the will.”

    May the souls of Robert Bork and Antonin Scalia rest in peace.
    I hope that their souls will be praying for US from Heaven.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      This morning’s edition of the Arizona Repugnant is in full toot with both an unsigned editorial and a column by resident liberal Linda Valdez, (she probley wrote both!) saying how important it is that the senate not do anything to impede Barack Obama’s replacement of Justice Antonin Scalia. I remember no such admonitions when the Democrats borked Robert Bork and skewered Clarence Thomas. These arrogant fools give new meaning to the word, “hypocrite.”

    • Doc says:

      Saguaro Sam & ALL, here’s the link for Mr. Mark Levin’s show:

      …I think HE should be appointed to replace Justice Scalia. Other than Mr. Ted Cruz, nobody else is up on the Constitution more than he…

      • Doc says:

        I’m not aware of any radio stations in “conservative” AZ currently carrying his show.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Doc – Mark Levin can be heard nightly from 6-9 pm on AM960 The Patriot… the Phoenix area.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama’s Supreme Court nominee automatically – Washington Times

    Thom Tillis has an F rating from Conservative Review.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    So, Obama has been all over the media today, saying that Trump will never get elected. Obama cannot contain himself regarding what he refers to as Trump’s lack of a resume. Really?
    Guess he’s planning on killing him next.
    Watch out, Mr. Trump, bad things seem to happen when Obama is on a golf course (with witnesses).

    Narcissists mow down everything in their path, if they do not receive 24/7 adoration. Extremely dangerous.