Hatred of Republicans at newspaper’s core

For years the Arizona Republic newspaper has been on a downhill slide, hemorrhaging subscriptions while its pages and regimented content continue to shrink. Without the USA Today tucked in to bulk up the mostly sports and entertainment news, there wouldn’t be enough pulp to line the proverbial birdcage. Except for a few diehard holdouts, reporters have grabbed the early buyout packages and didn’t let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. Layoffs have become routine. ASU Cronkite journalism students, working from their mobile offices — formerly known as cars — hooked up to Wi-Fi at McDonald’s, are now in charge of content.

Editorials are one-sided diatribes. Facts are skewed. Even straight news reports carry the taint of bias as the word “controversial” precedes anything with which the propagandists disagree. “Illegal aliens” long ago morphed into “migrants” and unvetted invading hordes became “refugees.” Often reports contain the words, “Some say,“ attempting to give authority to misleading  content. Outright lies?  They easily pass muster.

An example is unsavory E.J. Montini’s column, first printed over two weeks ago and regurgitated for maximum impact. The newspaper’s hardcopy version carries the duplicitous title:” A way to keep voters from voting so GOP wins.” Dripping with the stench of raw sewage, the column distorts the facts of ballot harvesting (video) that propelled HB 2025Here it is again Feb. 9, boasting a few changes and a brand new heading, “Suppressing votes to restore….integrity?”

Linda Valdez, spewing her bile from her perch in the Old Pueblo — Tucson, for newcomers —  couldn’t contain her “Bern” for self acknowledged socialist Bernie Sanders.  She writes this “Opinion,“ intended as a warning to Republicans: “Socialism has a young face in America; look out GOP.”

Think of it. A major market print newspaper, hanging on by its teeth as it competes with instant news technology, still insults the few remaining readers who keep the lights on.

10 Responses to Hatred of Republicans at newspaper’s core

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    I honestly don’t know a single individual who still subscribes to this newspaper. There are far more reliable and timely sources than the Arizona Repulsive. It’s difficult to believe this was once a conservative newspaper. Its original name at founding was The Arizona Republican!!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Perhaps the AZRep employees should have carpooled in their mobile offices over to Juarez yesterday to hear Pope Francis verbally trash and chastise the U.S as to immigration and capitalism while standing on the Mexican side of the border..

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      This pope is a disgrace. He’s also a hypocrite, lecturing us on the evils of capitalism and preaching open borders doctrine. The Vatican is walled to ensure safety for the pope and the priceless grandeur that surrounds him. He made a big show of bringing in a couple of “refugees” who I read have quietly been resettled elsewhere.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        I am “up to here” with this pope and I say that as a Catholic. This visit to Mexico was particularly over the top for me. Did anyone see his ‘outrage’ when he was pulled into the crowd by disorderly followers. Not a man of “peace” by the expression on his face.

        I’ve never spent a penny on the AZ Republic nor do I ever plan to as they seem to be going the way of full-blown Bernie-ism. If by any chance Bernie wins the presidency – there won’t be anyone left to pay for a newspaper – it’ll be forced on people by the state.
        We’ve seen it all before – but here we go again. They think it’s a good idea.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Here is a link to an aerial 3D panoramic armchair tour of Vatican City. (If you choose to take a look, you can either just open the link and let the website take you on a slow tour. Or you can use your mouse and zoom around,)

        Here’s the link:

        Interesting that just 3 years ago this month, Pope Benedict suddenly announced his retirement from what is considered a lifetime position.

        Pope Benedict, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger, is renowned as a historian as it pertains to religion. When he was a Cardinal, he wrote many papers about the dangers of Islam.

        Hhhmmm. .. . . . . ..

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Beautiful musical tour of Vatican City, Sam. I was lucky enough to go to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Mass at the Vatican in the 1970’s when Pope Paul VI officiated. It was an amazing experience seeing the Pope, the Vatican and people from all over the world. Things were less controversial then – pre-Internet and social media. The people of Italy were Italians. Having been back to Italy and Spain in the 80s – both countries had their share of African Muslims. I can’t imagine what it’s like now. This present Communist pope must feel right at home, inside his 30 foot walls of course, with that kind of multiculturalism. They were “street vendors” harassing tourists – not working in shops from what I could tell. This pope crossed swords with Donald Trump. Hmmm – he deserves whatever he gets.

    • Clementine says:

      You’re correct in identifying this pope as a communist. He reveres the Castro brothers and spoke Spanish with them as he visited the dilapidated island they created out of a once thriving destination. Going there in advance of traveling to the USA sent a strong message as to his persuasion. Could it have been any clearer?? I believe him to be the anti-Christ. Not much of a question why more Catholics are abandoning the church than ever before.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    “The wall in these photos is something more impressive than anything even Donald Trump could build.”

    PHOTOS: Pope’s border wall around Vatican | The American Mirror


  5. Doc says:

    How about some GOOD NEWS? Legitimate Constitutional GENIUS (& Scholar) Mr. Mark Levin is launching an online TV Show:


    …now HERE’S a guy that could replace Justice Scalia (God Rest his soul)…but th’ golfer in chief…oh never mind…

  6. jakesez says:

    Back to the so-called newspaper. I stopped my subscription long ago. Representatives keep calling me with specials and when I politely decline they ask why I am not interested. As soon as I say you paper is biased against conservatives, they hang up. Guess I hurt their little feelings.