Jeb! jumps GOP prez ship…No one cares

Much touted inevitability never materialized

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has finally thrown in the towel on a presidential race that was bogged down from the onset. Americans are not inclined toward dynasties, but the fact that both his father and brother were previously elected, was the least of his problems.  Jeb! (as he chose to refer to himself in campaign sloganeering) is uninspiring, too liberal for the irate grassroots of the Republican Party, and possessed a decided amnesty bent that doesn’t play in 2016. His predisposition toward the Fed Ed Common Core “standards” despised by parents who pay attention proved an early stumbling block.  Even his $100 million war chest was not enough for him to fulfill establishment expectations as he continued to falter. Numerous national polls showed him dragging bottom.

This is the year of the political outsider, as evidenced by the rise of the unlikely candidate Donald Trump and first term Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, often at war with the liberal inclinations of his own party.

Undeniably awkward, Bush was unable to breathe life into a bungled campaign that his own mother previously said shouldn’t get under way. He should have listened to her and saved himself and the rest of us months of listless tedium.


6 Responses to Jeb! jumps GOP prez ship…No one cares

  1. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Jeb’s porcine face is as much a turnoff as his liberal views. He has gone on record saying he and Columba, his Mexican born and raisedwife, speak only Spanish at home. She only became an American citizen when her father-in-law ran for President. That’s not deep enough commitment to the Unites States of America for me.

  2. Truth or Consequences says:

    Saved from another Bush presidency…..I’m not a drinking man but I may have to raise one for this gift. No doubt, he was Trumped!!

  3. Patriot Dad says:

    I would never have supported Bush for the same reason I can’t get behind Marco Rubio. They are both committed to amnesty for illegals, regardless of how they each try to play it. In many ways Rubio is worse. He’s a smooth talker but showed who he really is with his alignment with John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Grahamesty and the worst liberals in Senate (including Chuck Schumer, Robert Menendez and Dick Durbin…) who all joined McCain’s Gang of Eight.

    These recurring amnesty proposals are designed to gift American citizenship and countless benefits to lawbreakers and increase the Democrat voting bloc. Why would Arizona’s two senators see any merit in leading this disaster???

  4. Vince says:

    Jeb’s out? His insultingly ridiculous campaign obviously became too much for even him to take. Karl Rove must be in mourning.

    It’s time for John Kasich to follow him.

    • Doc says:

      ,,,”Right to rise” is out a TON-0-MUNNY”! BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Suckers! I hope everyone pays attention to the next clown they endorse!
      …that’ll be ?senator? mcRubio…

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Flashback=> Jeb Bush Vows: I Will Not Kowtow to Conservatives (Video) – The Gateway Pundit

    Jeb! started his campaign saying he didn’t need the base. I never forgot that – and wondered why anyone would even say that. Then there was ‘they come here for love’ and his insistence on Common Core government ‘education.’ What a horrible campaign from beginning to end. The Bushes are done for a while – hopefully a long while. Good riddance, Jeb! When I think of all that money you blew – I just chuckle.