Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

Who better than Dr. Thomas Sowell — the brilliant historian, author, renown economist and professor — to feature today exposing “The Lure of Socialism,” as the failed system relates to today’s young Americans and their support for Socialist Bernie Sanders.

It’s the fourth sentence in his commentary that nails the premise upon which Sowell’s column is written: “…. dumbed-down education.”

Take time to read Sowell’s wisdom today. Then pass his column on to your favorite high schooler or college student. Prepare for scoffing and then wait. It may take awhile, but one day you’ll hear a sincere thank you.


5 Responses to Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

  1. Kimball says:

    It’s difficult to imagine that any thinking American would ever give the slightest consideration to the societal doomng policies that socialism delivers. If public schools taught history and government correctly, instructing on the inherent evils of such systems, Bernie Sanders would be a laughing stock rather than a viable presidential candidate. His newfound relevancy istands as a testament to the leftist takeover of our schools and universities by unionist teachers.

  2. Army Of One says:

    Dr. Sowell is exactly right. How did it happen that a wizened old Socialist like Sanders could ever get young Americans to support him? Promise them freebies, but don’t expect them to assume responsibility for anything and don’t stress them.

  3. Annie O. says:

    Brain washing in our gov’t schools? One more vital reason why the Dept. of Ed has got to go! We’ve lost enough generations to these socialist lies.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    You have to understand that this country and the idea of freedom has been targeted by many fringe groups since this country was founded.

    The socialists, fascists, Marxists, etc. are a patient bunch of assorted fruits and nuts. they operated pretty much in the shadows. Until their chosen one came of age. Obama.

    The public school system in the U.S. was never truly designed to bring the best education to the young people of America. From the start, it was designed to be the primary way to indoctrinate.

    They went after the traditional American family, but convincing women that they needed to find a “real job”, outside the family home.
    Thus creating pre-school and all-day kindergarten and a lot of “latch-key” kids who were more susceptible to falling under the influence of peers. Then came the gangs. Many kids will admit that gangs are a type of substitute–albeit a dysfunctional one— for the family they never had.

    Everything is tied together in this matter of destroying the US from within. And it is obvious that many people who are “public servants” or elected officials who are supposed to represent their constituents are in fact participating in our downfall.