Rubio laid bare: Marco is the GOP Obama

With Jeb! officially out of the GOP 2016 presidential contest, the establishment money is looking for a fast and loose warm body to cuddle up with. The answer to their RINO lust comes packaged in high heeled boots and a penchant for repeating memorized talking points…repeating memorized talking points, repeating memorized…..

Proving one amnesty supporter is as good as another to establishment big money donors, Marco Rubio is now the recipient of their largesse, as the unbridled effort to stop Donald Trump moves into high gear.

Endorsements for Rubio are rolling in, including 92-year-old Bob Dole, and Arizona’s own Jeff Flake, who has to go it alone since his mentor John McCain — who will be 80 by Election Day — is running for another 6-year term and has reverted to temporary border hardliner campaign mode. Remember his short lived gambit in 2010? Flake engaged in the same duplicity, and has bragged that long senate terms dull Arizonans memories. Flake can endorse his fellow Gang of Eight amnesty cohort since he doesn’t face the voters again for a couple of years.

Michael Walsh, writing for PJ Media exhibited stellar insight drawing a parallel between Rubio and another first term U. S. Senator — using the exclusive position that disinterested them both — in a quest for the presidency. In this fact-filled commentary titled, “Marco Rubio: the GOP’s Very Own Barack Obama,” Walsh notes the astonishing similarities between the two men as their ambitions included being “historic.” Do yourself a favor and read it.

This campaign ad “Marco is a GOP Obama” leaves no doubt the two are one and the same, even down to uttering the exact words. Beware the con.

9 Responses to Rubio laid bare: Marco is the GOP Obama

  1. PV PC says:

    We have to remember that this election is all about amnesty for illegals, and continuing the destructive Obama policy of flooding the USA with impossible to vet Muslim “refugees,” who surprisingly turn out to be mostly young men, not the fleeing families we are told we must show compassion to. America must be kept safe for Americans. Donald Trump has addressed these issues and they clearly resonate, as evidenced by his soaring support. Europe is already in a horrific downward spiral. Angela Merkel has overseen the ruination of Germany, but France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain are already overrun by Muslims who desire global imposition of Sharia law and Islamic domination. Sweden is now known as the rape capital, where Muslim men brutalize young girls and women in broad daylight. The majority will soon be the minority as Europeans have birthrates too low to replace themselves while Muslims have large families. The most common name for newborn boys in Great Britain is now Mohammad. Whether you are in league with Cruz or Trump, time is running out. Wake up, people. It will soon be too late. Deceptive McRubio will doom us.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Rubio is now being challenged by an ICE official, who accuses him of lying to the American public.
    Breitbart has the full report this morning.

  3. MacBeth says:

    This video “The Snake ” is going viral in Europe
    Whether you like Donald Trump or not this is very well done and powerful. Must watch. Are we picking up the snake?

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Marco Rubio IS the GOP Obama – a smooth talker with the same kind of whispers about his past. The Establishment is pushing him to the point where he came in third recently – Fox called it a “win.”
    With Jeb! out, this ought to be a circus watching Rubio being pushed on the people by the despised GOP Establishment.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Exclusive — Marco Rubio Plans to Skip CPAC, Pre-Eminent Conservative Gathering, in 2016 – Breitbart

    They can’t go anywhere without the Conservative base. Jeb! learned that.

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    Marco Rubio is nothing more than a young McCain. People forget that he was once a compelling political figure as a good looking (yes,that seems impossible!!) returning Vietnam POW. He was never a gifted orator, or even known for being especially intelligent, but he was well connected and after dumping his loyal first wife, married into vast wealth with the much younger Cindy Hensley. Unlike Rubio who constantly reminds us his parents were a maid and a bartender, McCain’s family tree was rife with Admirals.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Arizona poll: Trump dominates, while Rubio surges above Cruz | Washington Examiner

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Rubio skips CPAC at the last minute to meet with Jeb’s donors, who apparently have nothing better to do with their money than by an election.

    Mark Levin, conservative talk radio show host and constitutional lawyer, states now that Rubio is a liar regarding immigration.

    Levin further states that Rubio has been a guest on his radio show and was untruthful in his statements.

    Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch and family (who own much of FOX news) are the main guests at a mega fundraiser in LONDON for Hillary. So it appears that they are hedging their bets—giving much positive airtime to Rubio while apparently funding Hillary away from the eyes of American citizens.

    And Obama, the narcissist in chief, meets with the nation’s governors and makes a joke about Judge Scalia——everyone laughs dutifully. And it learned that Obama played golf over the weekend after opting out of attending Judge Scalia’s burial Mass.

    An epidemic of political psychoses.

    Note to All: Refuse to be held hostage.