Jeff Flake learns conservative elephants despise RINOs


Proof that elephants, the symbol of the Republican Party, have a natural distaste for RINOs

Inside Edition has the video of Sen. Jeff Flake being charged by a herd of wild elephants in Mozambique while ostensibly investigating the poaching of elephants for their prized ivory tusks. The trip took the delegation and their spouses to Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Flake’s former hangout, Namibia.  Flake, who found a House niche of opposing wasteful spending,  is partnering with Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons on a bill that would provide taxpayer dollars to analyze the impact of poaching and recommend ways to halt the practice. Senate Bill 2385 is a companion piece of legislation to the Global Anti-Poaching Act being pushed by the lobbyists of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Flake has spent considerable time in Africa. In the early 1990’s Jeff Flake worked as a Washington lobbyist for Rossing Uranium — one of the world’s largest suppliers of the nuclear fuel. He was registered as a foreign agent representing the company which operates a mine in Namibia.  Flake earned between $5,000 and $7,000 per month opening doors in the nation’s capital and promoting the firm with financial ties to Iran. Now Obama has inconceivably concocted a nuclear deal with Iran that imperils the free world

Last July, Flake was the sole Republican invited by Obama to accompany him and an entourage of mostly Black Congressional Caucus members to Kenya.

Regarding the angry, stampeding elephants, Flake said, “It was pure terror. They started charging it wasn’t just one, it was several of them. We had to turn the jeep around really quickly and get out of there.”

His description of the anger sounds strikingly similar to the reception he and his mentor John McCain received from elected state delegates at the annual Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party.

8 Responses to Jeff Flake learns conservative elephants despise RINOs

  1. Maggie says:

    Those charging elephants were reacting to the awful sight of a RINO. In the video even a baby elephant is running after Flake. They are obviously highly intelligent from a young age.

  2. Doc says:

    Are you kidding me? America’s goin’ to hell inna hand-basket, islamo-nazi freeks are killing us on our own turf & this lyin’ bastard’s on a trip to AFRICA to learn about POACHING?!?!?!?!

    ….he needs th’ TASTE SLAPPED OUTTA’ HIS MOUTH…

  3. Vince says:

    Except for his lobbying on behalf of Iranian uranium interests in Africa, Jeff Flake has never had a job in the private sector. The Goldwater Institute is Libertarian, but still qualifies as political. Flake has always been at the public trough. How can he represent the average working people of Arizona when he hasn’t a clue what their lives are like.

  4. Terry Dudas says:

    Too bad the elephants didn’t finish the job.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I can’t imagine why a U.S. Senator would go on “Inside Edition” – but then again Flake’s best bud, the President, was interviewed by an African American female in a bathtub with cereal floating around in it.

    We can’t forget Flake worked “for a year” in preparation of Obama’s re-establishment of U.S.-Cuba ties. Obama really really likes Flake.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    While Flake and his entourage were on a fact-finding mission (a.k.a. vacations for public servants paid for by US taxpayers) in several locations in Africa, they apparently were not concerned about this:

    Look what has happened to the white people in South Africa. Their own government decided to get even with white people, who are now living in abject poverty in shanty towns.

    Doesn’t that sound like what Obama is trying to do here in the US?

    Take a look:

    • Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis in South Africa
    • 80 white squatter townships in country where families live in poverty, with little food or running water
    • Seeking to undo years of racial inequality, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) government introduced laws that promoted employment for blacks and aimed to give them a greater share of the economy
    • This, along with the global financial meltdown, has meant many white South Africans have fallen on hard times


    ain’t it interesting that the Flakester is So Very interested in wild animals in far away countries, when his own son and daughter-in-law failed to provide care for dozens of domesticated animals left in their care and then had the nerve to try to lie about the circumstances?

  7. Annie O. says:

    The real elephants in Africa smelled him out as a phony and a danger to the herd. And SRAZ continues to do the same for Arizona. We’re in your debt.

  8. Rick says:

    Jeff is a true “Flake.” He ran on a conservative ideology and then promptly revealed he was just an ordinary establishment lackey. RINOs do this too frequently. They subject of intense scrutiny and anger by Americans clamoring for change and wanting to punish DC for lying. We gave them the house in ’10 and the senate in ’14 and they sided with Obama (Omnibus – bailouts) or they refused to block his illegal EO’s. When Flake returns from Africa, he will be met with a primary challenge.