Why is Alex Meluskey trying to con AZ voters?

The question Where’s Waldo? arises from a series of children’s books in which readers are challenged to locate an adventurer named Waldo hidden in a scene. Looking at his website and campaign literature, it’s easy to confuse AZ U.S. Senate candidate Alex Meluskey with the kiddie cartoon character.

Search as we might, we were unable to locate the word “Republican” or even the elephant logo on either the candidate’s website or flyers.

He showed up at the January Arizona Republican Mandatory Meeting, but he could just as well have attended the Democrat soiree and handed out the same glossy but neutered double sided campaign pieces — since his party identification was MIA.  Meluskey further compounds the error in judgment with his slogan, Principles, NOT Politics, implying that Republicans office seekers  lack a moral compass.  Tsk. Tsk, Alex.

If Meluskey’s “Endorsement “page is an example of his clear thinking, he’s in trouble.  Major General Paul E. Vallely’s exact endorsement is repeated three times with women pictured alongside two of the repeats. His “Issues” page features an item marked “Immigration,” to which Meluskey devotes all of four sentences and uses the word “flawed” twice. We remind Meluskey the United States of America has one of the most generous legal immigration systems in the industrialized world.  It is not “flawed.” The only thing “flawed,” is the will to enforce it.The Chamber of Commerce lobbyists who funnel donations to candidates and elected officials, prefer the influx of cheap, exploitable labor which, in turn, lines the pockets of the illegal profiteer members.

Meluskey’s trite attempts at addressing serious issues gives rise to the idea that he might well be McCain’s 2016 version of Jimmie Lee Deakin, regarded by many as a vote-splitting plant intended to aid the unpopular McCain.  McCain who will be 80 by Election Day is running for another six-year term. You do the math.

Meluskey’s “Campaign Team” and “Coalitions” pages each promise to be “coming soon!”  Few will be holding their breath. Nowhere on his site is the word “Republican,” even where he says he’s an elected precinct committeeman.  Meluskey appears ashamed of the party whose ballot he will be on. He ought to run as an Independent openly appealing to those whose votes he appears to be currying.

The most his campaign will accomplish is aiding and abetting John McCain, whom he claims to be running against.                

That’s known as a ringer.


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  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Dr. Kelli Ward is the U.S. Senate candidate to watch. She’s proud to call herself a conservative Republican. She also possesses that rare combination of intelligence and approachability. I’ve heard her speak several times and each time come away even more impressed. As a two term state senator, she has a knowledge of the process. She’s a physician who will be well equipped to address the retooling of ObamaCare. For other vote siphoners to get in this race is disgraceful. They are the answer to RINO geezer McCain’s prayers.



    Send her what you can. Mccain has millions and is fearful of being embarrassed by a conservative revolt.

  2. State Delegate says:

    Meluskey appears not only to be trying to outslick the Team McCain slicksters, but the rest of us as well. If he’s concealing his politics as a candidate, imagine what he’d do if he was ever elected!! One “maverick” has been more than enough. I was honored to be able to vote for the censure of John McCain. I sure as hell won’t be voting for another squish Republicrat who even goes so far as to hide his bent. Thanks, but no thanks.

  3. Maggie says:

    Not another one!! Heaven help us.

  4. Army Of One says:

    Like the majority of thinking Arizona citizens, I’m more than ready for a change. This character ain’t it!

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Alex Meluskey has bought time on radio station KFNX (1100 on the AM dial). I heard him over the weekend.
    He is a Huge fan of Matt Salmon and sang his praises at length.
    He stated that Matt Salmon should be given some type of U.S. diplomatic role upon his latest retirement from the Congress.
    Also was a cheerleader for Paul Gosar during the same radio segment.

    I listened for awhile to try to figure this guy out.
    Aside from saying that we have to uphold the Constitution, he did not seem to have any real ideas. But it sure did sound like he was looking to get an endorsement from Salmon and Gosar.

    His program ran for at least 30 minutes, and he did state that he was going to be on the radio regularly.

    • Braveheart says:

      Any radio gig Alex Meluskey secures will be one he pays to keep on the air. What sponsor in their right mind would underright this guy’s deceptive ego?

  6. William Heuisler says:

    Sorry about the length here, but many Republicans have forgotten the Scottsdale Resort fraud in 2015 – and Meluskey’s part in it.

    Many Arizona Conservative Republicans have not read the document called “Complaint of Fraud and intent to defraud” distributed by Ms. Vera Anderson and Tea Party leaders.
    The “Complaint” relates the Scottsdale Resort Fraud of 2015, lists PT Burton’s crimes in detail and exhibits a list of “victims” and witnesses. (Vera Anderson, her associates and leaders of two Tea Parties rightfully are portrayed as aggrieved parties), but the names, Frewa, Bergman and Meluskey are called witnesses and/or victims.

    That is the crux of the matter. Since none of the three men lost cash, checks or charges to the Robert Morris Group Corporate affiliate called Liberty Promotional Services that misappropriated thousands of dollars selling tickets and access to fictional Scottsdale events and venues, we must assume the three were witnesses to Burton’s Fraud.
    1) Frewa (Director of East Coast Operations for Robert Morris Group) was Burton’s roommate and Meluskey’s Communication Director during the Fraud.
    2) Burton and Bergman have been Directors in Meluskey’s non-profit “Meluskey for US Senate INC.” Corporation (#19846364) since February 18, 2015.
    3) Look on the bottom of page 2 (under “Note about…”) of the Complaint where Mr. Bergman “parted ways” with Burton in “early September of 2015.”
    4) Meluskey has often claimed to have conveniently “fired” PT Burton at some point before Burton vanished with all the Scottsdale Fraud money.

    These names (Frewa, Meluskey & Bergman) and their associations became crucial when they claimed to be “Witnesses” of the massive 3-month Scottsdale Fraud.
    As “firing” or “parting” witnesses they had certain duties under the Law to warn Vera Anderson and her Tea Party Associates about the continuing/impending fraud.
    But particularly all Republicans will agree, each man had a duty under the Law to report their reasons for the “parting” and “firing” to the Police.

    This message is particularly aimed at those who lost money in the Scottsdale Fraud. Please read the Complaint and the recorded comments of PT Burton and ask yourselves:
    Why has there been such a delay in reporting to police? Why has the parent company of Liberty Promotional Services – Robert Morris Group – not been held responsible?
    Who will be told to return all the stolen money? Why the secret complaint? Why are the principals in this obvious conspiracy allowed to collude, confuse and obfuscate?

    Part of the Meluskey response has been to Libel me.

    For those interested, I served four years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged. I served four years in the Tucson Police Department and received two commendations. I have been a DPS licensed Private Investigator in the State of Arizona for almost all my remaining 40 years living here.
    During the Governor Evan Mecham “persecution” I was accused by The Arizona Republic of everything Meluskey’s devoted followers have recently repeated almost word for word.
    But my successful Libel Suit against the Arizona Republic, and its Editor Pat Murphy, is recorded (Heuisler vs. Phoenix Newspapers) .

    Tales about court martials, arrests and other smears are all those of Republic Editor Pat Murphy whom I exposed as the Hit and Run Killer of Viola Faber in Phoenix.
    Look up the actual Court Case, Heuisler vs. Phoenix Newspapers and ask yourself why people would lie about something so easily disproved? Ignorance or Panic?
    My book Casual Executions; assassination in Arizona all about the Faber murder (first chapter) and other atrocities.
    I don’t expect Meluskey’s confession, but I do expect Arizona Primary Voters to read the attached Complaint and ask about Meluskey connections to the Scottsdale Fraud.
    Call me for anything here in Tucson at 520-403-2939
    Bill Heuisler

    For some reason I cannot attach the link to the pdf “Complaint of Fraud confidential complaint, but you all will get the drift.
    ptBurton.pdf (9mb)

  7. Tucson GOP says:

    Meluskey has no political core. He wants to appeal to everyone by disguising himself and ultimately appeals to no one. I read he was previously registered as a PND (Party Not Designated) before trying to pull this sham. I’m a Republican because the GOP Platform addresses my concerns. When I vote for a Republican I want a proud one, a conservative one and not someone who is trying to ride two horses with a single backside. I don’t actually care about Meluskey, since he’ll lose. What is disgusting is that this political swindler is helping reelect John McAmnesty when Dr. Kelli Ward needs every vote. Meluskey will be a political pariah after this campaign. He deserves nothing more.

  8. Doc says:

    SRAZ-Great Post! You called this clown “a ringer”…

    …I’d call him a richard knoggen…