Prospect of a Trump victory cataclysmic to left

Calling out the New York Times as “not so much a newspaper anymore as an agenda-driven house organ for America’s left,” Michael Goodwin writes, “The New York Times abandoned its ethics to take down Trump.”  

And a fine job he does, outing the far left’s nearly apoplectic reaction to the astronomical, populist political rise of Donald Trump. Goodwin’s commentary is definitely worth your time.


16 Responses to Prospect of a Trump victory cataclysmic to left

  1. Ellsworth says:

    Now Mitt McRomney, who overwhelmingly lost his own presidential bid wants to make sure his pal McCain’s best fried Hillary gets back in the White House. He’s coming out swinging at Donald Trump calling him a “phony.”

    Even if phony Romney stops dying his hair with black shoe polish, I wouldn’t be inclined to listen to him. He came to Arizona to support geezer Juan McAmnesty’s reelection and wasn’t able to gin up a crowd, even in Mesa!!

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Romney is irrelevant. In 2012, he even lost Massachusetts where he served as governor. His failed candidacy boosted Obama into office. He’s no different than John McCain. They were each the Bob Dole of their day.

    We need someone who can beat Hillary and the Republicrats are doing their best to give her a free ride. It’s no wonder so many conservatives are fed up with the establishment led GOP. Look how McCain & Co. control Gov. Ducey and AZ congressmen are terrified of taking him on.

    Dr. Kelli Ward deserves our support to take out the controlling McCain. Her campaign slogan is “Bold, Fresh and Fearless.” What a treat it would be to replace the old open borders liar.

  3. Doc says:

    So, I’d like to propose a hypothesis:

    What if…Trump is NOT what he says he is. He’s a (d) in disguise. Like this hasn’t been done before…mccain’s been doing this for almost 3 DECADES!!! Over & over & over again! So Trump’s making aaallll these “promises”…laying out “th’ deal”. He wrote th’ book on it! And he KNOWS America’s ticked-off. The time’s ripe for this opportunity!

    Soros would of course, be on board. And so would obasturd. Because he can’t stand the clintons. But he can’t openly encourage USAG Lynch to do her job…although he can, & I’ll bet he has…privately. He WANTS shrillary to go to prison! And if my hypothesis is correct, dear prezzy wants Trump in his office too.

    AND I hypothesize that the dim-0-crappic party KNOWS about this. And if my hypothesis is correct, they’re in on “th’ FIX”! They win no matter what! Their guy gets in. They get “moderate” @ best SCOTUS nominees, (which ol’ mitch & his merry band of senatorial cowards’ll happily go along with) comprehensive immigration reform (which Trump’s allegedly said that everything’s open for discussion…privately) & gun control…& America gets skrewed.

    The “establishment” Republicans are FREAKIN’ OUT over the possibility of a Trump Presidency! These idiots absolutely Refuse to take responsibility for THEIR mess, which has instigated OUR mess to hopefully get cleaned up. And there’s buzz of a “brokered convention”, which would do what? DESTROY the Republican party! And I’m SURE th’ dims would be heartbroken over that!

    What if he’s pulling a mccain? Now, I realize that there’s more than 1 Trump supporter here. But even you folks have to admit that there’s been a few “hokey” things about Mr. Trump that have been exposed lately. Media & establishment stuff? Well honestly, maybe.

    I’m the 1st guy to say that SOMETHING Drastic needs to happen before we don’t have Liberty & Freedom anymore. And this guy fits th’ bill, Perfectly! So even experienced politicians, & some wise (R)’s are backing this guy.

    Our current crop of 3 branches of government is happily piloting our hand-basket @ Warp Factor 9 straight into the bowels of H-E-Double Hockey-Stix! And those of us who care don’t want that. We’re actually, “the Adults in the room”. But WE’VE been flim-flammed before…think about Diane Douglass…& ol’ johnnie mac.

    …it’s just a theory…but…

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    Just watched the Romney attack on Trump. My overriding thought was what’s in it for him. Someone is promising him something substantial to get him to turn like a worm on the man he previously praised when Trump endorsed him . No wonder people are skeptical and angry.

  5. jojo says:

    TRUMP = Nationalist Rubio, Cruz, and all the others in both parties = globalist. TRUMP is a leader, builder, doer, & self funding. Cruz & Rubio are lawyers, talkers, government employees, and beholden to the donor class. GO TRUMP! Keep scaring the hell out of ’em.

  6. Kathy says:

    McCain supports Romney – wake up AZ lets get rid of this man!!!!

    • Doc says:

      …that moron thinks it’s 2012! Yes, ladies & gents, th’ old-timerz has set in.

      86 th’80 year old!!!

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Look at what McCain has done today.
    If nothing else, he is predictable.
    And of course, he has to gather a group of other miscreants to sign on with him.

    Here’s the link:

    As for both MItt and McCain, neither one of them was brave enough to tell it like it is regarding Barack Obama. And McCain has the nerve to state today that Trump would make America less safe.

    The negative words that Romney used today to describe Trump were in fact a perfect description of Obama.

    And another bit of information regarding Marco Rubio:
    The guy who is his campaign director has told a group of backers that he has been—for Five Years now— on the payroll to get Rubio into the WH. No wonder Rubio has been too busy to show up in the Senate for important votes—he’s been running a presidential campaign on the taxpayers’ dime.

    While it is very interesting to see the rats and cockroaches run around in the daylight now, it only goes to show that we are in
    such bad trouble.

    • Kathy says:

      McCain runs on national security – WHAT???!!!! Hello McCain, ISIS is here because they came across the southern and northern borders. McCain/Rubio gang of 8 lied to ICE/Border agents – Breitbart has many articles.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I read today that Rubio had a “secret” meeting in 2013 with Roger Ailes (Fox) to get Ailes to get behind the Gang of 8. Apparently it worked. But someone leaked the meeting recently and Ailes doesn’t like to see his name in the news – so he kissed Rubio goodbye. Too bad it took something personal to Ailes for that to happen. Rubio is not presidential material. He’s a “con man.”

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I hardly ever disagree with Michael Goodwin, a registered Democrat at that. He loves his city and really should change his political registration.