Medved schemes to obstruct 2016 GOP prez nominee

Radio talk show host Michael Medved proclaims his political conservatism, but listening to his weekday program will quickly disabuse anyone but the most naive of that erroneous notion. A law school dropout, he often warmly refers to his short-term Yale law classmate Hillary Rodham and wistfully refers to his days as a liberal, working for left wing politicians — even putting words in their mouths as a speechwriter.  His side career as a movie reviewer is more in keeping with his Hollywoodish liberal leanings. 

On Friday Medved exposed he truth behind his charade when he told a caller he wouldn’t be voting for Donald Trump if he becomes the GOP nominee. The caller reminded Medved that he previously said he would support the Republican candidate. Medved responded by saying he never took a pledge.

Trump is surging due to frustration with the status quo, spineless Republicans holding a majority in both the U.S. House and Senate, who facilitate Obama’s bloated budgets, trade deals, global schemes that penalize the U.S. while giving a pass to third world nations. Americans want their Constitutional rights protected and are tired of executive orders bypassing congress and the flooding of our states with hordes of unvetted mostly young male “refugees” from terror sponsoring nations. They are enraged about losing control of their own healthcare. The lack of political will to close the border with Mexico is fueling ire around the country.

These issues and more have created the perfect storm. Yes, Trump’s undignified manner, goaded by Marco Rubio, is disturbing. Equally so is Kasich’s mulish determination to stay in the race until Ohio‘s primary, in an effort to ensure a brokered convention that will guarantee utter chaos. Rubio ensured his nonentity position as an integral member of John McCain’s amnesty pushing Gang of Eight. 

Trump is far from perfect, but if the election features him against an even less perfect Hillary Clinton, the choice is clear. Another eight years of Obama-like policies imposed by the brazen liar Clinton is entirely unacceptable.  There are sure to be vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court.  A leftward lurch would irretrievably change the direction of our country.  Hillary has even suggested appointing Obama to the Supreme Court.

Medved, who previously supported Jeb! and recently has promoted Marco Rubio, now confirms he’d be fine with Hillary.  Here in Arizona, his program runs from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM on KKNT, 960 AM  “The Patriot.” Insomniacs, with a penchant for self-abuse, can hear the show repeat 1:00 AM – 4:00 AM.

KKNT’s General Manager is Jim Ryan. He can be reached at (602) 955-9600. If you resent having a liberal charlatan masquerading as a conservative while attempting to undermine the presidential election, you might want to give Mr. Ryan a call Monday morning. It’s bad enough to be assaulted by liberalism from the majority of unapologetic media sources.  But when one stands out as promoting conservatism, and in fact does exactly the opposite, we should let the station and advertisers know that it may be time to change their lineup.


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  1. 1776 says:

    They got their rino loser McCain in 2008 and called on the grass roots for “unity”. They got their loser Romney in 2012 and again called on the grass roots for “unity”. This year the grass roots may get their choice and the “Party” says they’ll stay home?

    That’s not original with me, Rush mentioned it a few days ago.

    The GOPe and possibly the Party itself is likely toast whatever they do now. Screw up the convention and half the delegates will walk out on national television. Allow Trump to win and he will likely clean out the current GOP establishment.

    Wouldn’t a Republican Party that with a respect for the Constitution, that would actually work for smaller government and with a genuine spine be wonderful…

  2. Truth or Consequences says:

    I have not listened to Medved or Hewitt for years because they have so aligned themselves with the Republican Establishment. I don’t know, SeeingRed, how you can stomach listening to them. But you subscribe to the Az Republic as well. I guess you believe it is your duty to keep us informed. I hope you are well stocked with anti-nausea Doan’s pills.

  3. azgary says:

    Trump is the only candidate choosing American Citizens and whats best for us over party affiliation and lobbyist bribes.

    which is exactly why he will win in a landslide, bringing rustbelt states and steal and coal country back where it belongs.

    but the uniparty leadership will just squander it away

    • Doc says:

      So…more & more flip-flopping according to th’ lamestream media on Trump as each day passes.
      …just sayin’…

  4. azgary says:

    all of the gope/uniparty machine is for a brokered convention to save their power and the power of their bribers.

    and cruz pretends he is not for a brokered convention:

    Team Cruz defends scheme to stop Trump at brokered convention: “It’s not cheating”

    Shortly after Ted Cruz told GOP power brokers that Trump lacked the “judgement” to be president, Kellyanne Conway– who runs Cruz’s Keep the Promise I super PAC– defended RNC plans to strip Trump of the nomination at a brokered convention– even if he wins the majority of votes and plurality of delegates…

    KC: No, it’s not cheating.

    Here, Cruz and Conway are photographed totally not illegally coordinating with each other…

  5. Vince says:

    Yesterday former Democrat presidential candidate Jim Webb unequivocally stated he would NOT vote for Hillary Clinton but might vote for Donald Trump. This outs Michael Medved as more liberal than the onetime Dem candidate for President!! Webb said Clinton would “simply continue President Barack Obama’s policies.” And pseudo conservative Michael Medved is OK with that?

  6. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Medved was the idiot who went out of his way to trash J.D. Hayworth during his 2010 Campaign against McCain in the GOP Primary…Sadly, he got help from Bill (Who’s paying for my next cheeseburger? McCain? Well…McCain’s the guy!) Bennett from the Salem stable of talk show hosts…SHAMEFUL!!!

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    At least ‘former liberal Democrat’ Medved said outright that he won’t be voting for Trump. The insufferable Hugh Hewitt pretends he hasn’t endorsed anyone and his show is “Switzerland” and everyone is welcome. Hugh doesn’t realize it, but he can’t hide his contempt for Trump. He brags about having Democrat friends and friends who work at the New York Times. Here’s one of his friends, NYT “conservative” Ross Douthat who he has on his show:

    Hewitt is pushing for a brokered convention – to keep Trump out.

    Medved hasn’t shed his liberal Democrat skin if he’d be fine with president Hillary Clinton. I can’t imagine anyone listening to him for three hours a day. Dennis Prager, also on that station is anti-Trump. The only one who speaks fairly about Trump is Mike Gallagher. That station needs to be more of “The Patriot” and stop knocking the people’s choice.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Here’s Drudge at 2:40 pm today:
    CRUZ 49% TRUMP 26% RUBIO 14%
    (Kasich 10%)

    That won’t make Medved or Hewitt happy either. They’re more Rubio.

  9. Liz.. says:


    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      SRAZ did our work for us. The advertisers are all listed. See final paragraph above.

  10. Blackbeard says:

    Medved promotes himself as a brilliant know it all, but it’s actually his board op/call screener who both alerts him to the questions and provides background for the answers on Medved’s computer screen. Michael Medved is a pompous self promoter who has the nerve to denigrate Donald Trump for what he has honed into a career.

  11. Saguaro Sam says:

    We, the People—the legal citizens of the United States of America—have suffered enough.

    Please take a look at the story regarding the brave woman who spoke at a Trump rally in Florida. Her teenage son, on his way to school, was kidnapped and tortured by a “DREAMER”.

    She read out loud her son’s autopsy report. Given the horrendous, Mexican drug cartel-like torture that was inflicted on this boy, it is a wonder that this woman was able to stand on two feet at the microphone.

    She took to the microphone to ask people to vote for Trump, and to remind the people that Marco Rubio has perpetually lied to the citizens of Florida regarding immigration issues. According to her, Marco Rubio began his lying ways while in the FL State Legislature.

    Here’s the link:

    I cannot believe that any Republican candidate who currently serves in the US Congress will be willing or able to right this ship.

    Meanwhile, you and I, as taxpayers, have just footed another bill.
    Joe Biden made a one day trip to Mexico to publicly apologize for the “rhetoric” about building the wall. And then he jetted off to Hollywood to introduce Lady GaGa at last Sunday’s Oscars ceremony. All to the tune of almost $600,000.00

  12. Enuff says:

    KKNT has seen the last of us! We’ve kept the car radios and bedside clock radio turned to “The Patriot” for years. Those days are over. My wife and I cancelled our subscription to the Arizona Republic because we were tired of being insulted in our own home every time we brought the newspaper inside. The same is true with KKNT. Why listen to liberal pap on a station that purports to be conservative? We don’t need to raise our blood pressure or have an arrogant creep like Michael Medved talk down to us.

    If we hear the station has changed its lineup, we’ll be back. Not until then will we tune in again.We shop at a number of the station’s advertisers and will tell them the same thing.