Voters send repudiation to GOP establishment

Donald Trump scored delegate victories in Louisiana and Kentucky on Saturday while Ted Cruz carried Kansas and Maine. GOP establishment choice, Marco Rubio evidenced his disconnect with grassroots conservatives as he went home empty handed.

Cruz notched another victory as he triumphed over all rivals in the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll as the first-choice pick for the U.S. presidency. A total of 2,659 attendees participated in the poll, which Cruz won by 40 points.

Trump pulled out of a scheduled Saturday morning speaking slot at the conference to attend a rally in Kansas. In response to Trump’s unexpected cancellation, CPAC tweeted, “Very disappointed @realDonaldTrump has decided at the last minute to drop out of #CPAC –- his choice sends a clear message to conservatives.”

With Rubio’s losses, the repudiation of establishment GOP control couldn’t be more clear. Cruz seized on that message telling cheering supporters in Idaho after his easy win in Kansas: “The scream you hear, the howl that comes from Washington, D.C., is utter terror at what ‘We the People’ are doing together. What we’re seeing is the public coming together, Libertarians coming together, men and women who love the Constitution coming together and uniting and standing as one behind this campaign.” 

The four Republican races accounted for 155 delegates. Cruz won 64 delegates on Saturday, while Trump took 49. Trump had already accumulated 319 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination at the Republican national convention, ahead of Cruz, who had 226 delegates.


11 Responses to Voters send repudiation to GOP establishment

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    What does Karl Rove do now….after he finishes up chucking on his ‘white board’? His predictions are, fortunately, worthless.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Surprised that Trump didn’t take Maine. The Republican governor endorsed him – and they’re similar in personality and politically. He’s been a very good governor, trimming welfare, etc. But glad to see they have lots of conservative votes for Cruz. Regarding his coming in second and Cruz winning – Trump said – well, Maine is next to Canada. Bam!

    • azgary says:

      Peurto rico is having its primary today, they are just just a snapshot of what the entire United States will be soon with the globalist owned uniparty and all the third world slavewage welfare takers being imported.

      thats why we must elect Trump, none of the others will stop the importation of democrat voting slavewagers and the gop via vassals like rubio and cruz can keep the bribes coming in from their owners like goldman sachs.

      Lindsey Graham Warms Up to Ted Cruz

      Graham and Cruz had a lengthy phone conversation on Thursday following Graham’s assertion that the GOP may have to unite around Ted Cruz.

      “Ted and I are in the same party. Donald Trump is an interloper Graham told former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod

      only Trump is not a bought and paid for member of the uniparty

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        All of a sudden, only in the world of politics, they’re ‘friends.” Here’s what McGrahamnesty said about Cruz not long ago:

        Lindsey Graham jokes about killing Ted Cruz in roast of ‘batshit’ Republican field | US news | The Guardian

      • azgary says:

        doesnt matter, graham knows deep down slick teddy is all gope.
        from his cosposnorship of the give iran $150 billion corker bill to his teaming up with ryan and hisamendment and vote to fast track obamatrade, efforts at leaglizing 10’s of millions of illegals and huge increases in h1b’s, giving money to cochran to destroy mcdaniel after mcdaniel already won giving money to mcconell etc…

        slick teddy is a goldman sachs owned and operated uniparty member, he just lies and obfuscastes better than most.

        but hes another harvard lawyer just like oblamer and in the same mold, he just plays for the “r” branch of the uniparty and obamatrade never would have been around if not for amnesty ted

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Just announced that Nancy Reagan passed away, age 94.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      Although she was often ridiculed by the liberal media, Nancy Reagan was an elegant example of what First Ladies should exemplify. She clearly adored her husband and he oviously cherished her. With her death, the Reagan Era is no more. Teach your children and grandchildren what it encompassed. They won’t learn about it in government schools run by unionist educrats.

  4. Doc says:

    UN-FREEKIN’-BELIEVABLE! Loser R.I.N.O. mittens romney weighs in:

    Also caught R.I.N.O. ?senator? bob dole attempting and failing to put a cognitive sentence together while trying to be relevant yesterday on Niel Cavuto’s show. These people crawling outta’ th’ woodwork because they can’t stand th’ thought of REAL Lovers of America & our Constitution retaking control is the most selfish, arrogant, disgusting thing I’ve seen in politics EVER!

    • Doc says:

      …and my last comment includes Arizona’s band of losers (mcStain, mcFlake, mcKyl, on&on) as well!

      86 th’ 80 year old!

      • Clementine says:

        Great advice, Doc! 86 the 80 year old has a solid ring to it. With the name McCain across the top, these printed up as bumper stickers would sell like hotcakes! Imagine them on vehicles all over the state. District meetings could use the sales as fundraisers.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Better take a close look at Mrs. Ted (Heidi) Cruz.
    Her leftist credentials are being carefully hidden from plain sight.

    Aside from being a member on The Council on Foreign Relations, she is on leave from her position as regional manager for Goldman Sachs in Houston.

    Mrs. Cruz is no Nancy Reagan.