GOP debate tonight, March 10, 2016, 6:30 pm AZ time

In what is becoming an exercise in both spectacle and monotony the umpteenth GOP debate will take place this evening. Whittled down to a list of four candidates — Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich — remain from the original roster of 17 contenders.

In fact, there should only be two men featured tonight. Both Rubio and Kasich are playing the contemptible game of trying to throw the convention into contested status, in an attempt to disable Trump and perhaps allow the increasingly unsavory Mitt Romney a path to head the ticket and lose once again. It’s clearly Trump’s and Cruz’ night to make their cases.

Watch it if you must. The not-actually-a-debate begins at 6:30 PM AZ Time (8:30 ET) and will be broadcast from the University of Miami in Florida. Moderators are Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Hugh Hewitt and Stephen Dinan.

Broadcast live on CNN the event will be streamed online at Salem Radio Network is the exclusive radio provider. The debate is hosted by CNN, Salem Media Group, The Washington Times and the Republican National Committee.


6 Responses to GOP debate tonight, March 10, 2016, 6:30 pm AZ time

  1. Gary Darby says:

    CNN didn’t stream last time, just 5 minute reports!

  2. Hunter says:

    In some ways, Trump reminds me of McCain.

    Neither is really a Republican,

    Neither has core political principles.

    Both use a cult of personality rather than political principles to get votes.

    Both were not particularly successful in their careers in spite of aggressively promoting themselves as successes. McCain lost 4 aircraft in addition to one lost in a fire on the deck of an aircraft carrier and the one he was shot down in. Trump’s financial performance is worse than what someone investing in an Index Mutual Fund would have earned.

    Both are perfectly willing to use government power without regard to the law or Constitution.

    Trump might be great at making deals, but, without rock solid political principles, how will he gauge whether they are good deals?

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Dr. Ben Carson to endorse Trump.

    Dr. Carson noted that prior to suspending his campaign, he had received many calls and messages offering him money or prestigious jobs—even a promise to get him into a Senate race which he would be sure to win (hey, isn’t that how McCain went to Washington?).

    Dr. Carson said that he kept many of those messages.
    He should make them public.

  4. Jeff in PHX says:

    Why is Kasich still there? He said European leaders made a “mistake” by not letting a historical enemy of Europe, Turkey “join the EU.” I think Kasich was at the wrong debate stage!

    Also Trump missed his chances about getting some jabs in about Islam vs the West and integration with Rubio: he could have mentioned the Ft Hood Shooter, the Boston Bombers, the draw Mohammed shooters in Texas, the Saudis involved in 9/11, the Ft Dix attackers, honor killings in the US, the beheading in Oklahoma, San Bernadino jihadi couple, the USMC recruiter shooters in TN,etc. They aren’t here to become Westernized, they are here for jihad.

    • Realist says:

      Kasich remains in the race for the same reason Rubio does. They are pawns of the establishment who are hoping Kasich will win delegate rich Ohio and Rubio will take Florida, thereby throwing the delegate mechanism into a contested convention and deprive Trump of the nomination. The party elites don’t like Ted Cruz any better since he’s not of their ilk, either….a major plus in my estimation!