Mark Levin endorses Ted Cruz for President

“I want to make it very clear. The Republican Establishment is as diabolical as it’s ever been.” — Mark Levin

Conservative author and talk show host Mark Levin christened his newly launched LevinTV, with an announcement of his support for Ted Cruz, as the next president of the United States.

Levin, said that Cruz supports and fights for the “Constitution, the Republic, individual sovereignty, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, family, faith, a secure border, and our national security.”

He stated that he knows Cruz isn’t perfect, but looking at the “whole picture” and looking at the entire career of Cruz it really is “a simple decision.”

Levin went on to say that his support of Cruz isn’t because of opposition to Donald TrumpJohn Kasich, or Marco Rubio. Instead, it is because Cruz understands “where this country has been and where it needs to go.”

Levin also said that if Cruz secures the GOP nomination, Cruz would win because facing Hillary he would know how to defeat her and know how to win.


16 Responses to Mark Levin endorses Ted Cruz for President

  1. Dennis O"Brien says:

    Glad to see Mark Levin take this rational stance.

    I listen to brilliant conservative Levin on 960 AM/KKNT most evenings, though at 7:00 PM it’s not the most convenient time since there’s lots going on after arriving home from work. I wish he was in the drive time slot. Better yet, ‘The Patriot’ should dump the liberal Michael Medved and put Levin on midday instead!

    The good news is, that even with the debut of his TV show, his radio contract has been renewed through 2025:

    • Joe says:

      The good news is you can listen live on your smart phone or computer. Mark Levin has a free app where you can listen live, or there are a few other good ones as well. TuneIn and iHeartRadio are really good too. Phoenix radio leaves a lot to be desired, fortunately we have options!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    The notion that Ted Cruz is an outsider is incorrect.

    It continues to bother me that he and his campaign director thought that it was OK to spread the lie that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, just hours before the crucial voting.

    I do not believe that Cruz “fired” his campaign director as he said he did.

    Just this week, the same tactic was used in Hawaii by Cruz—this time spreading the rumor that Rubio was dropping out in the hours immediately prior to the Hawaii vote.

    His wife continues to be a big problem. She is on leave of absence from her very high level job as a regional manager for Goldman-Sachs. Her expertise there—–property wealth management.

    We do not need another lawyer in the White House.

    Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau, the new prime minister of Canada has jetted in to DC with his family to attend the WH State Dinner. First time in 19 years that Canada has been represented. Mr. Trudeau is a trust fund baby (his father being the former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau) and a full blown socialist. He recently gave a statement to the press that ‘Americans need to get on board with the rest of the world’. He has no credentials, so I guess that he and Obama will have to talk about golf and global warming.

    And, by the way, the US taxpayers are paying for the State Dinner.

    • Joe says:

      The fact of the matter is that Ben Carson left Iowa before the caucus results were know. He did not even address his supporters. He knew he was getting beat. He did not go to New Hampshire, he instead went to Florida. That is not exactly the playbook of a candidate truly seeking to win. Ben Carson did not even address his supporters in New Hampshire on election night. Not one person has ever come forward and said that they changed their vote as a result of one TWEET that was sent out. The notion that this had ANY impact on the results is ridiculous. The fact is that Ben Carson lost support in Iowa when Donald Trump trashed him viciously in November, even comparing him to a child molester. The numbers back this up.

      There was a report by CNN that Rubio advisers were weighing whether or not he should drop out prior to Florida. It would be a humiliating, and perhaps career ending defeat if he is crushed in own state. Simply relaying a report is not a smear, and it is not false information.

    • Villanova says:

      Jimma Carter and neither President Bush were lawyers. How well did those administrations go? The idea of having the former Solicitor General of Texas, who has argued and won numerous cases before the US Supreme Court, is a plus not a minus.
      Your support of Trump is fine and certainly your perogative, but don’t blind yourself to his many negatives. He makes a single statement and repeats it three times in rapid fire succession. I get the impression he’s fed a few talking points each morning.
      And how do you like that door he’s going to put in the wall in order to “bring the good ones back.” Those “good ones ” are illegals.
      Let’s strive for some cosistancy here.

    • azgary says:

      GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Ted Cruz tells The Brody File that the rea­son Don­ald Trump is per­form­ing well in the GOP race for pres­i­dent is because his vot­ers are unin­formed and not engaged in the process. “Don­ald does well with vot­ers who have rel­a­tively low infor­ma­tion, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beat­ing him is when vot­ers’ get more engaged and they get more informed.”

      Hunch: I’m think­ing Trump and his “Silent Major­ity” may push back on this just a bit don’t you think?

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’m a fan of Mark Levin. Just wanted to get this out there. They all hide something until they can’t anymore.

    Mark Levin’s fiance’s son works for Ted Cruz | The Dawg Shed

  4. jakesez says:

    Cruz has been a conservative for years and has not switched his views depending upon the needs of the moment. He stood up to the powers in Texas and was attacked by the establishment of that state. Cruz stood his ground and the people elected him to Solicitor General. When he ran for the U. S. Senator from Texas he again was hit with the “unlikable” label and again the people elected him.

    Cruz stood by his principles in the U.S. Senate and made no friends by insisting that they follow the constitution. The establishment found him offensive but the people loved him. In Iowa the governor of that state told him that if he didn’t drop his opposition to ethanol he would tell his citizens to not vote for him. Crus did not alter his stance and was elected by the people.

    Now we have a true difference between Cruz and Trump. Cruz has stated from the beginning that he would appoint a true constitutionalists as a replacement for Scalia. Now trump has come out and said he would also appoint a conservative. Trump said this in the same speech where he stated he would be willing to be flexible in order to make a deal. What a true conservative for the Supreme Court? VOTE CRUZ TO BE SURE.

  5. Hunter says:

    It is true that many Trump supporters are engaged.

  6. jojo says:

    Just read the Daily Callers article on Cruz today. He is so deep inside he knows all the players. He worked on GW Bushes campaign when he ran for governor. He & His wife have been government employees or linked closely with jobs since they married. How can he be so smart that he believes McConnell on the TPP deal he voted for and then blames McConnell for lying to him? He supports amnesty & pushed for more H1B visas. He’s about as outsider as Bernie. It’s no longer conservative (whatever that means today) vs. liberal. It’s Nationalist VS. Globalist. Cruz & his wife are true globalist establishment elites. TRUMP is a builder,doer & self funding. CRUZ is a lawyer, talker, and sycophant to the donor class.

  7. jojo says:

    PS. I forgot to mention what a great job Cruz did of pushing John Roberts for the SCOTUS. He recruited Roberts to help Bush vs. Gore and then onward & upward. Why doesn’t Levin mention that?
    Levin, Beck, Rush, Everyone on the Salem network, Faux Fox—Trump is exposing them all. Trump is our citizens selected candidate and we’re not stupid, Ted.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Ronald Reagan got snookered by left leaning Sandra Day O’Connor. It happens. Republican presidents have too often appointed wolves who turn out to be wearing sheep’s clothing. Interesting that same phenomena never happens in reverse.

      Ted Cruz is no more responsible for John Roberts than George W. Bush is. It was his decision to make, after all. I’ve read that Robert’s anti-seizure meds could have played a role in his bizarre vote.