Trump as Hitler: offensive, historically inaccurate

Arizona’s newspaper of record has fallen far short again. Though its pages regularly resound with anti-Donald Trump rhetoric, the leftist publication continues to outdo itself. The wizards at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) feature a report titled, Another Hitler? How world leaders see Donald Trump.

This is in addition to similar comparables and Steve Benson’s ongoing political cartoons likening Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Guess which global giant is not sold on Donald Trump? None other than Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his predecessor Vicente Fox. That makes sense, since the country of Mexico has aided in sending its own citizens here to take jobs and benefits and send money back to Mexico. Mexican nationals living illegally in the U.S. bolstered Mexico’s economy in 2015 by nearly $24.8 billion, in the form of remittances. These dollars are in addition to the massive amounts of foreign aid funded by American taxpayers.

The possibility of a Trump presidency has provoked “a feeling of desperation” in Mexico, according to Bill Richardson, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., New Mexico governor. and Democrat presidential candidate.  In the United States, Trump’s popularity is rooted in his vow to build a wall to provide national security.

The newspaper characterizes Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” as representing “an isolationist policy” that reflects the frustration of many American voters, but is “a viewpoint that worries world leaders,” according to Richardson.

Trump has responded to American fury at the lack of will to secure our border. That does not mean that Donald Trump has built death camps and crematoriums for his adversaries, handed naked men, women and children bars of soap as they stepped into boxcars expecting water and instead being showered with deadly gas. Unlike the Third Reich, he is not exacting Heil Hitler salutes when he asked audiences to raise their hand in a promise to support him.

Like Trump or not, he has tapped into a growing citizen frustration with the status quo. That does not make him Hitleresque.  It makes him popular.

22 Responses to Trump as Hitler: offensive, historically inaccurate

  1. Observer says:

    The Republican Party elite are in a tailspin over losing control of the process that gave us a succession of failed RINO candidates such as Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. The establishment is on par with the liberals in trying to diminish Trump. I’m a Cruz supporter, but despise these tactics and the efforts to set a scenario for a brokered convention to knock off both Trump and Cruz. The American people are speaking loud and clear at their caucuses and primaries. Their voices are as frightening to party “leadership” as they are to the left. What does that say about the once Grand Ole Party?

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Along with establishment talking heads, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are criticizing/blaming Trump for creating an environment of hate. There’s no mention of and Black Lives Matter for planning to stop Trump in a dangerous rise of the new American left in the Obama era.

    Right now, I detest the Republican party and their tactics to keep power in D.C.

    Something that might be smart is for the cable stations not to show these ugly rampages. They did the same with the L.A. riots where 50+ people were killed. They showed Reginald Denny being beaten with bricks, people pulled out of their cars. If TV would stop dwelling on the thugs’ behavior and just report the news – it might help to slow this down. Then we need Obama to call an end to it but we know it’s totally ok with him to have anarchy in the streets, stopping the other side from free speech.

    Ted Cruz has been particularly odious in his language criticizing Trump. He wants to win, but he’s acting like the other side. Trump is taking it from all sides. Cruz adding to it is a turnoff.

    • Braveheart says:

      I agree with much of what you say here, particularly about the coverage of the mobs. That merely emboldens them to give America more of the same.
      We part company on Trump versus Cruz, which is OK .( I love my wife and we don’t agree on everything.) In my opinion Donald Trump is surging because of the frustration many of us feel after nearly two full terms of Obama’s emperial excesses and being played for fools by the honchos running the GOP syndicate. That frustration still doesn’t make Trump a conservative, or presidential. He’s been on every side of most issues and has supported the most liberal democrats. His boasting about “negotiating” sends shivers up my spine. It’s been McCain’s way of doing business for decades.

      • azgary says:

        cruz joining with soros, move on and black lives matter in blaming the victims is disgusting and goes straight to his lack of character and hypocrisy constitutionally and religiously.

        he is slowly stepping out of the closet and being exposed as the lying, obfuscating opportunistic tool of the gope and his donor owners.

        just another politician.

    • azgary says:


  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Last evening the dark forces which are taking over our country were whipped into full blown hysteria on the streets of Chicago–all because Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a rally.

    As expected, it is George Soros and his thugs at the head of this. And Obama’s good friend and mentor, Bill Ayers, was present with his bullhorn.

    Today, Donald Trump was almost pulled from the podium in Ohio.
    It does not appear that the perp was nabbed by Trump’s security team. Not that it matters. There are a million creeps who would do the bidding of Soros or Ayers or BLM, etc.

    It is sad, but completely predictable, that the young people of our country have been brainwashed and are being used by the forces which have worked for decades to destroy this country from within. These young people do not realize it, but they have sealed their own fate and have no meaningful future to look forward to.

    Do you remember the events of 1968?
    We are re-living those very unsettled and dangerous times.

    May God have Mercy on US.

    Next Friday, March 18, Reverend Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) will be at the AZ State Capitol grounds for a prayer rally.
    12 o’clock noon on the lawn. You can check his Facebook page.
    Please consider being in attendance.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This is how I feel about the disappointing Ted Cruz. I see I’m not alone.

    Voters Slam Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio for Blaming Chicago Rally Shutdown on Donald Trump – Breitbart

    • azgary says:

      Trump is unmasking many this election season, but he still will be the next President.

      which is good, since he is the only one worth voting for and the only one who is actually conservative in deeds.

      • Enuff says:

        “Actually conservative in his deeds”? Like party switching from Democrat to Republican when he figured it would benefit him?? Donald Trump’s only allegiance is to himself. He says he’s going to build a wall with a door in it to let the “good ones (illegals) back in,” and he’s OK with the DREAMERS getting ahead of our kids in university placements because he’s “got a heart”?? Trump says whatever appeals to him at any given moment, which often isn’t what appealed to him the day before. Our populace is so worn down after 7 years of Obama, they are reaching for straws to placate themselves. If we don’t get this right in 2016, we may never have another chance. The impetuous Trump is not the guy to look to for guidance. He’s the sound bite king and nothing more.

      • azgary says:


        rave on.

        President Donald J. Trump, get used to it.

        all the rest are known liars, thieves and shills for their donor/owners and do their bidding, not the voters.

  5. azgary says:

    and slick teddy cruz blames Trump.
    but thats what you get from goldman sachs personal globalist senator.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Mr. Righteous, Ted Cruz, before that lecture in the video above should have refreshed his memory with these Obama quotes – muttered while president of the United States. He long-windedly criticized Trump and it wasn’t pleasant to watch.

    They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun” – Barack Obama
    “I want you to argue with them and get in their face!” – Barack Obama
    “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!” – Barack Obama
    “Hit Back Twice As Hard” – Barack Obama
    “We talk to these folks… so I know who’s a** to kick“– Barack Obama
    Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat” – – Barack Obama
    “Punish your enemies.” – Barack Obama
    “I’m itching for a fight.” – Barack Obama

    • azgary says:

      Reagan on violent protesters, April 7, 1970: “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Reagan in 1966: Berkeley protesters “should have been taken by the scruff of their necks and thrown out of the university!”

        Too bad we didn’t have Ted Cruz around to denounce Reagan’s hateful rhetoric.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The RINO from Ohio, Hugh Hewitt, was pushing for the GOP convention in November to be held in Ohio – he talked endlessly about it. Well, Rinse Prius & company decided that’s where it’ll be.
    Now, with the violence there the other day – and the lenient way protesters were treated, some are calling for a venue change, i.e, Salt Lake City. It won’t happen, but it’s a good idea.