John McCain’s running — scared

Arizona has made the pages of the Wall Street Journal as a gaggle of John McCain operatives have launched Conservative Bridge, a Super PAC with the ostensible mission of protecting down ticket Republicans from Donald Trump.

If they were actually concerned about protecting Republicans from dire consequences in the upcoming election cycle, it is McCain himself — running for his sixth six-year senate term at age 80 — who epitomizes the grossest aspects of politics.

“We are operating on the assumption that Donald Trump will be the presidential nominee,” said Arizona-based political consultant Bert Coleman, who is among four McCronies at the new group’s helm. “We think the presidential campaign as a whole, in particular Trump’s harsh rhetoric, has damaged the Republican brand, and the name of the game is now turning out Republican voters in November.”

The “Republican brand” has suffered greatly at the retributive hands of John McCain, who has colluded with a San Francisco-based Obama donor to exact harsh punishment against Arizona conservatives tired of his left-of-center — he calls it “Maverick” course, and daring to censure him.  As FrontPage mag has correctly noted, “If McCain had put in as much effort into running for president as he did in fighting conservatives, he would have been in the White House.”

Of course the PAC wants your money. But don’t be a piker. They are not messing around with the small stuff when it comes to donations. The $10,000 box is ready for you to click, or perhaps the one alongside it, where the sky appears to be the limit.

McCain is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward, a vibrant former two-term state senator and physician who has the savvy to work on restructuring the nightmare known as Obamacare. Visit her website and send her a donation. McCain has Washington lobbyists and operatives keeping his campaign coffers filled. Kelli Ward has Arizona voters ready for a change. This is our long awaited  opportunity. Don’t squander it.


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  1. CD 4 PC says:

    Democrat U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is chomping at the bit to take out McCain in the General Election. Kirkpatrick was kicked to the curb by the district voters after her disastrous first term. Now she’s back and with DC liberal insider encouragement and money, she’s going for the US Senate. A vote for conservative Kelli Ward in the upcoming Primary will ensure both liberals (McCain and Kirkpatrick) are out. Two foul birds with one winning stone!

  2. Rob Haney says:

    Thank you, SeeingRed. Speaking from my 20 years of experience in dealing with John McCain and his ruling class operatives such as Robert Graham, there is no one who has brought more disrepute and harm to the Republican party and the country than John McCain. Advocating for the overthrow of our country through an invasion of illegal aliens is the most blatant example of this Manchurian Candidate actions.

    • State Delegate says:

      You speak the truth, Rob Haney. Few of us will forget your able leadership of Maricopa County Republicans when you served as chairman.

      John McCain views Arizona voters with contempt and just shows up to lie to us when election cycles roll around. Remember his border stroll with Paul Babeu and his promise to “complete the dang fence“? He and Jeff Flake hold closed town halls where attendance is closely regulated. No wonder they are both viewed with disdain and booed at the last Republican meeting of over 800 elected statewide delegates. Others turned their backs on the pair as some actually walked out. I was one who took a hike.
      Jeff the Flake is learning well:

  3. Anthem Al says:

    Another excellent assessment, SRAZ! We need to get rid of both of our lying senators, who talk tough on the border before the election and then immediately after they are secure in their cushy posts for another SIX YEARS, come at us with renewed vigor on amnesty legislation, which they call “comprehensive immigration reform.” Jon Kyl read from this same exact playbook. They take us for fools and it’s easy to see why since they keep getting reelected. We need to show these lying bums the door.

  4. Doc says:

    Great post, SRAZ…as usual! And as for li’l annie, I present this li’l reminder of juist how popular she is (Ya’ GOTTA’ watch all 2:10 of it! The comment from her constituents is PRICELESS!!!)

  5. azgary says:

    if the part plays games and denies Trump the nomination, look for a senator kirkpatrick.

    too many republicans will cease to be interested in voting for the corrupt (R) branch of the uniparty.

    they want to throw the election to hillary, its no big deal to then throw the election to kirkpatrick.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain is as evil to the bone as is George Soros. What is it that allows Arizonans to believe McCain is a ‘Republican.’ And why do they keep voting for him to cause yet more sabotage by undermining the very people who vote for him, especially conservatives. That is – if conservatives still bother with him.

    “Build the dang fence” said the biggest liar in D.C., aside from his “friend” Hillary Clinton. They are two of the most dastardly liars in politics.

    • Kimball says:

      I agree, but unfortunately they are not alone. Flake was faltering and appeared to be losing to former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona, when McCain and Kyl panicked and cut ads promoting their bottle blonde boy. He barely squeaked in but won the Senate seat. He actually campaigned as a border hawk just as his mentors did. And exactly as they did, he reverted back to being all in for amnesty. Lying is their stock in trade!

    • azgary says:

      and we know who mccains best buddy is for

      Lindsey Graham to fundraise for Ted Cruz

      the gope/uniparty candidate, slick teddy cruz

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Miss Lindsey? That’s the kiss of death. He ran and couldn’t get out of the single digits then he supported the other loser, Jeb!
        McCain detests Cruz and I’m sure Lindsey does also but how else to try and get rid of Trump.

      • azgary says:

        Phones were jingling late last night over two memos that were e-mailed from the AZGOP Headquarters after the dinner hour. AZGOP Headquarters e-mailed out a message about 7:45 pm, Wed., March 16, from the “Keep the Promise PAC” that reads:

        Join us to Welcome Ted Cruz to Arizona!
        March 18
        with Carly Fiorina, Glen Beck, Rick Perry
        6 pm
        Arizona Christian University – Student Activity Center
        2625 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85032

        Recipients Are Wanting To Know if the AZGOP has suddenly endorsed a GOP Presidential candidate without the knowledge of the state committeemen/ precinct committeemen? Why is the AZGOP e-mailing out PAC invitations? Wasn’t there a ruckus a year or so ago over the misuse of the state GOP e-mail list? Party delegate elections haven’t even been held in many legislative districts yet for selecting a Presidential nominee. Others remember the way AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham turned his back on Presidential candidate Donald Trump when he came to Phoenix a few months ago. Will the AZGOP send out an invitation to Trumps event when he’s in Phoenix Saturday? Has the Establishment suddenly switched horses and started throwing its weight behind Cruz in their efforts to keep Trump off the Presidential ticket? As you recall, the Establishment tried to cram Presidential candidate Jed Bush down our throats. The RNC dropped shot itself in the foot when they brought failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney back into the limelight long enough for Romney and Karl Rove to take pot shots at Trump. Then they pushed Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio until he got sent to the woodshed by his own home state of Florida. Do you recall the names Sen John McCain laid on the conservative Cruz not so long ago? “What the Hell is going on now?” one angry voice bellowed. It appears this will be one more thing Graham’s Resignation Resolution proponents will add to their list of reasons to remove Graham. – ft

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    All these GOP pansies using the talking point about Trump’s “harsh rhetoric”.
    Yet their top dog, McCain, did Nothing, said Nothing when in 2008 Obama was running around the country telling his lower-than-low information voters in Philadelphia ‘if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun’ . Now, anyone who has been to Philly in the last 50 years would know that this sort of rhetoric is absolutely inflammatory.

    And then later in 2008, Obama used the same language while speaking to a group of swooning libtards in Nevada. But, this time he added the phrase ‘. . . .get in their face. . . .’

    That’s more than harsh rhetoric.
    And McCain did NOTHING to stop the greatest threat that the US has ever known.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Hope there’s no trouble from the Soros rangers.

    Cruz will be in town tomorrow with Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina and looney tune Glenn Beck. Sean Hannity will televise one hour from each rally.

  9. jakesez says:

    One thing stands out with every one of these establishment people and their PAC’s. They all call themselves conservatives. These are “campaign conservatives” not everyday conservatives. Note that even Hilary has called herself a conservative in the beginning. Now we have a super PAC called “Conservative Bridge” to assist our “conservative” senator. Even Paul Ryan and the leader of the republican party call themselves the protectors of the conservative way. These people hate conservative but don’t miss a chance to align themselves with the conservative movement.

    They know which way the wind is blowing but it is killing them to admit it.

  10. Doc says:

    The following from “The HILL”:

    …barely mentions Dr. Ward…?