Another Bush prepping for higher office

Bush dynasty taking another player on the road

An odd invitation landed in email boxes Saturday. It details an upcoming event featuring AZ CD 6 U.S. Rep. David Schweikert and Texas State Land Commissioner George P. Bush. 

Guess who snagged top billing?  We’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t Congressman Schweikert. 

George Prescott Bush, 39, son of Jeb! has served as the national co-chair of Maverick PAC, which describes itself as “dedicated to engaging the next generation of Republican voters.” Bush was also a co-founder and on the board of directors of Hispanic Republicans of Texas —  a PAC whose exclusive not inclusive — goal is to specifically elect Republican political candidates of Hispanic heritage to public office in Texas. His mother, Columba Bush was born and raised in Mexico and still prefers to speak Spanish. Reluctant to part with her Mexican citizenship, she finally became an American citizen in order to vote for her father-in-law when he ran for president.

George P. is a  former public high school teacher who decided to go to law school as part of his career switch. It was there he met his wife, while she was a law student.

“P” is the fifth-generation elected official who is a member of the Bush political dynasty. His grandfather George H..W. Bush was the 41st president of the United States. His uncle George W. Bush, was the 43rd president. His father Jeb! though losing his bid to become president, was the governor of Florida. The father of Bush 41 was Prescott Bush, a U.S. Senator representing Connecticut in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Although the Bush family obviously thinks otherwise, dynasties are not regarded as an integral part of American politics. Another troubling link is that the event is in coordination with Maverick PAC Arizona.  The establishment ties are too broad to miss.


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  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Celebrations of diversity over the unity that strengthened America as previous generations of legal immigrants gratefully embraced our unique history and freedoms have now given rise to BLM chaos and anarchist protesters disrupting presidential candidates. Universities routinely disallow conservative speakers a forum.

    This mindset is what underlines George P Bush’s goal to specifically elect Republican political candidates of Hispanic heritage to public office. Regardless of our ethnicity, we should all find that offensive. The best and brightest Americans should be encouraged to pursue leadership roles. Seeking representatives of specific ethnic groups is not what America is about. ALL cream rises to the top.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      The Bush family has a fetish about Hispanics. George W. made his love of Mexicans clear when he fought us on securing the border and the talk of the Amero and the North American Union (no borders from Mexico through Canada). Jeb lost a presidential primary bid because of his love of Hispanics, making excuses as to why they come here illegally and his amnesty stance, no matter how he denied it. George P. is a Hispanic activist.

      What is it the Bush dynasty has against native born Americans of all ethnicities. They’re either trying to please the Hispanics by throwing in Spanish along with English when talking to Americans or they’re fighting against a fence at the border. GWBush signed a bill to have a fence built and only a small portion of it is done to this day – something like 300 feet I heard the other day.

      Here’s an overview of Roger Stone’s book “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.” “P” has a mention.
      If this isn’t the top globalist family in the world, I don’t know who is.

      Obviously Congressman Schweikert is deaf, dumb and blind as to what Americans are very upset about – no more establishment politicians who are out for themselves. That includes him.

      • Doc says:

        So…Roger Daltrey morphed in to congressrat dave schweikert? WOW! I never saw THAT coming…musta’ been all that acid from Tina Turner…

        …COME-ON! THAT WAS FUNNY! If we don’t start laughin’ at sumthin’ around here somebody’s gonna’ have an aneurysm…

  2. azgary says:

    schweikert hanging out with another amnesty bushie is no real surprise.

    What immigration reform must entail
    By U.S. Reps. David Schweikert, Matt Salmon and Paul Gosar

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I remember that POS article very well. Trent Franks was notable for not signing on. I wasn’t disappointed by their amnesty duplicity. I was livid!! They lie to get elected and then immediately revert back to Chamber of Commerce positions that fund their next campaigns. Matt Salmon isn’t running again, but if he was, it would be minus this household’s votes, assistance and money.

      • Army Of One says:

        My new mantra which I never previously subscribed to, is reelect no one. They all get corrupted by being in D.C., enjoying the power too much to want to return home. The concept of citizen legislators who serve and return home has given way to decrepit egomaniacs like John McCain unable to leave in their 80’s and having the nerve to say he’s not finished yet. I’m sure finished with him!!!

      • LD 23 PC says:

        Congressman Schweikert is no fool. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I have no doubt he figures there’s a benefit down the line from letting “P” upstage him at this McMavericky event.

        President Reagan said, “Trust but verify.” I see nothing that causes me to trust in this suspicious scenario so the idea of verification is out of the question.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It is interesting to read transcripts of speeches given by GHW Bush and GW Bush. Many references made to global governance, which is now what we recognize as the planned demise of this sovereign nation of ours.

    Meanwhile, on the home front today in Tucson, a raggle-taggle band of 3 people suffering from Trump derangement syndrome take the stage:—- Poor Gabby Giffords, her husband Mark Kelly who cannot give a simple speech without constantly referring to notes, and a very sad shell of a man named Bill Clinton

    Take a look. It’s stunning.

    When will Mark Kelly blast off into the political stratosphere?
    Or is he banking on HIllary Clinton to crown him chief of some bureaucracy or Ambassador to somewhere?

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    On another topic – This is who funded the violence at the Phoenix Trump rally 3-19-16
    See bottom of page
    Puente Movement | Funders for Justice

  5. Doc says:

    Off topic but DEFINATELY ON POINT, the following from Weaselzippers:

    #1 “delegate, Tricky DICK durbin. Delegate #2…


    Arizona ?senator? jeffy mcFlake. If THIS doean’t got this lyin’ P.O.S. out in 2018…

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Flake is in the company of our far Left president and a very long list of Democrats. Mark Sanford from SC looks like the only other “Republican.” Cuba gave up nothing and will only benefit from this – just like the Iran “deal.’ Jeff Flake’s background is questionable judging from his constant servile behavior to Obama and his transformation of America. He really has to go.