Obama delights in Communist Cuba, Jeff Flake a willing prop

Although Cuba still has political prisoners and dissidents are routinely arrested, Barack Obama asserts “change is going to happen.” The only change that has happened in the repressive dictatorship is that American taxpayer money is now flowing freely to the island nation.

On Monday, Obama, his wife, mother-in-law and daughters made an official 3-day state visit, including a meeting with Castro and a state dinner. The two men first met during a summit in Panama last year in which Obama made a laundry list of concessions including removing Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism and lifting restrictions on U.S. investment and most travel to Cuba.

Arizona’s embarrassment, Jeff Flake, a longtime supporter of normalizing relations with the Communist regime was along as a Republicrat prop for Obama. He also traveled with Obama to Kenya as the lone Republican among a large congressional delegation and is back again as an Obama stooge during this trip — one of five submissive Republicans among 39 members of Congress. We were able to find the number, but no specific names.

Obama plans to address the Cuban people in a speech today and, always up for pleasure time, will take in an exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National team. There’s not a chance he will demand the end of human rights abuses as he sips a Pina Colada with dictators.

It’s worth noting that the reliably liberal Washington Post wrote this scathing assessment of Obama’s actions at the onset of the restoration of full diplomatic relations. The editorial stated that Obama’s acquiescence “eliminated U.S. leverage for political reforms.”

Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ) the son of Cuban immigrants, recently spoke from the Senate chamber, taking a similar position: “The president has negotiated a deal with the Castro’s, and I understand his desire to make this his legacy issue. But there is still a fundamental issue of freedom and democracy at stake that goes to the underlying atmosphere in Cuba and whether or not the Cuban people — still repressed and still imprisoned — will benefit from the president’s legacy, or will it be the Castro regime that reaps the benefits.”

Menendez was a member of the infamous McCain/Schumer Gang of Eight amnesty coalition, that included Jeff Flake and now former presidential candidate Marco Rubio. 



13 Responses to Obama delights in Communist Cuba, Jeff Flake a willing prop

  1. State Delegate says:

    Jeff Flake is a self serving embarrassment. He needs to be primaried when he comes up for reelelction. The time to get him out is as a first termer.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    And now, today, we learn of another horrific terrorist attack.
    This time in Brussels. On the heels of the arrest of the terrorist who had been hiding in his hometown, in his neighborhood, since escaping unscathed in Paris attacks in which he participated earlier this year.

    Also, today we learn that the number of “refugees” taken in by the German government in 2015 is Two Million.

    Obama, meanwhile, in Cuba gave a speech this morning.
    And gave a 50 second remark about the Brussels terror attack without mentioning the that ISIS has already claimed responsibility.

    Obama and his entourage have been hanging at Cuba’s Palace of the Revolution. Perhaps it will become known as the Southern WH.
    Because, Hell’s bells, Obama, his top dogs and a large contingent of US Congress members have already been greeted by the Welcome Wagon.

    The fool who ruined the entire world.
    North Korea now blasting missiles into the ocean–just because they can.
    Russian submarines hugging our eastern seaboard–just because they can.
    And Islamic terrorists committing atrocities which go completely ignored by the so-called leaders of the world.

    It’s Easter week, which is also coinciding with the Jewish holiday.

    Please stay alert.
    Please pray to God for Mercy.

    • Observer says:

      Terrorist attacks continue and Obama is off celebrating with Cuban agents of terror in our own hemisphere. He’s even removed Castro’s regime from the State Department Watch List.

      Obama refuses to acknowledge any association between Muslim jihadists and these ongoing global attacks even though the perpetrators always shout glory to Allah as they commit the atrocities.

    • Maggie says:

      The Brussels attack proves Donald Trump’s moritorium on bringing more unable to be vetted Muslims into the United States was right on target. It might not be politically correct, but it’s certainly sensible.
      Political correctness doesn’t do much good for the dead and mutilated victims of Islamic terrorists.

  3. jakesez says:

    We still have nine months left in Obama’s term. No telling what new surprises he has in store for us. First Iran, then Cuba and next a visit and benefits for North Korea or the West Bank. This guy is going to use every minute left in term to rub our noses in his agenda.

  4. Kathy says:

    Off topic – voted this morning at Lake Pleasant Pkwy north of Deer Valley and when I was going to my car their was a guy with a petition asking if I would sign to get John McCain on the November ballot!!!! I said HECK NO! Very interesting to say the least – whats up???

    • Doc says:

      He KNOWS he’s about to get his @$$ handed to him in a BLUE Solo Cup. And GOOD! His “legacy” shall be that of a hypocrite, a liar, & a TREMENDOUS dissappointment…

      86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    How is Jeff Flake representing Arizona when he’s put in office by “Republicans” then is continually at Obama’s side during his leftwing adventures. Some call him a Libertarian. He calls himself a conservative. I call him owned by one-percenters to do their bidding.

    Because of his past collusion with the far left Obama involving very controversial subjects, he should seriously be considered a target for getting him out of office. It’s his first term in the Senate, but he already has influence and big money behind him from wealthy powerbrokers. Flake being in the Senate is extremely worrisome. To be that close with Obama says a lot.

    • State Delegate says:

      As bad as McCain is, Jeff Flake is far worse. Flake is younger and ready, willing and able to collude with the left on a wide range of issues from amnesty to giving aid and comfort to oppressive regimes. His sole concern is advancing himself.

      We need to keep in mind that he barely squeaked into the Senate when he was challenged by former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona. Dr. Carmona was a George W. Bush appointee and had military and law enforcement background as well as being a medical doctor. I doubt he would have been as liberal as Jeff Flake.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Regarding today’s Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels

    Heartbreaking Prescience – A Pre-Recorded Video Message From Brussels For Donald Trump

    This absolute MUST WATCH video was recorded a little over a week ago as a message to presidential candidate Donald Trump from Brussels Belgium.
    Stunning in its prescience. Jaw dropping, and simultaneously heartbreaking, message in hindsight.

    https://youtu.be/BsNXmQQSSp0 2:20

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    And here is the President of the United States, attending a baseball game with the Cuban dictator——-Obama even doing The Wave.

    With an ESPN microphone firmly in hand, Obama discusses the lack of diversity in the game of baseball.

    Meanwhile, dozens of innocent persons have lost their lives today.
    Also in the two separate attacks, Americans were injured.

    If you have not seen former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s interview with Neil Cavuto on FOX, you can find the video on thegatewaypundit.com Cavuto was certainly cheerleading For Obama. But Rudy was having none of it.

    Here’s what the Brits have to say—-with many telling photos of Obama in Cuba.

    Obama is now jetting off with his entourage to Argentina.
    I hope he stays there.

    Link to story and photos: