AZ GOP chair Graham imposes “poll tax” on delegates

There are occasions when something is so well articulated that there is no point in veering from the original wording.  Today we take our readers directly to Frosty Taylor’s March 24, 2016 Republican Briefs for the latest on the illicit $50 per delegate “poll tax” being levied against Republican delegates attending the State Convention by AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham and his establishment cronies. The allegation is this “brazen attempt is being imposed in a concerted effort to dissuade participation, rig the proceedings and the election of the delegates to the RNC National Convention.”

We urge you to read the fact filed post, citing legal opinions, with a link to a detailed analysis and contact information.


48 Responses to AZ GOP chair Graham imposes “poll tax” on delegates

  1. Rob Haney says:

    A recent article in Newsmax,,
    pointed out why Catholics and evangelicals are overwhelming going for Trump despite their religious leaders urging them not to support Trump.

    The point being was that the pew sitters are fed up with the politicization of the church away from fundamental religious doctrine to prudential Democrat Party political issues such as amnesty, climate change, increasing the minimum wage, increasing government handouts, etc.

    The Republican Party pew sitters are likewise fed up with the liberal direction the GOP has taken under the national Republican leadership. The corrupted dictates of Robert Graham are just a manifestation of what the problem is with the Republican Party.

    • azgary says:

      holier than though can sometimes bite you in the azz

      • azgary says:

        oops holier than thou LOL

      • Hunter says:

        So can spreading gossip.

      • azgary says:

        was it “gossip” when it was John Edwards affair and love child that ended his campaign, or gary harts “monkey business” that ended his?
        They also were the ones that, correctly, discredited much of OJ Simpson’s claims dur­ing the mur­der trial. They also were right on Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to pain killers, Jesse Jackson’s love child with his mistress. Tiger Wood’s affairs, and Steve Job’s condition.

      • Hunter says:

        And UFOs. Those stories originated with the sleazy tabloid. This story was shopped around to many outlets and rejected as unverified until “Trash Can” Trump’s sleazy Tabloid owning buddy published it as something found on the Internet as opposed to a verified account.

        This is nasty, vicious gossip. And people who spread it and encourage others to spread it are immoral, nasty, vicious people.

        “Trash Can” Trump supporters seem to think supporting Trump trumps morality and ethical behavior. They are wrong and, if they have any sense of decency, will eventually be ashamed of themselves when they realize how they let “Trash Can” Trump manipulate them to act badly.

      • Captain Marvel says:

        I was actually on the fence regarding Trump. No more. If he generates support from such vicious haters as as azgary has shown himself to be, count me out. The repeated “lying Ted” mantra has done it for me. Classy President Reagan must be rolling in his grave to think that we’ve sunken to this depth of campaign tactics.

      • azgary says:

        aww, special snowflake you has a sad huh.

        might need a safe space like the sjw’s do on the college campuses.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        We have taken the liberty of removing your comment in which you have engaged in name calling and slurs in referencing Ted Cruz. We have been more than patient with your tactics, but enough is too much. Those who come to this site are welcome to their opinions — which we and other readers may or may not share. This is a discussion forum. Ongoing insults, name calling and crassness, as well as passing off innuendo as fact, does not fly here.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      All very true. Stir I am increasingly turned off by Donald Trump’s low ball political maneuvers and already regret my vote for him. I have to admit I was driven by frustration with the party elite and their practiced manipulation of the system. My wife and I devoted years to the Arizona Republican party only to be systematically replaced by McCain operatives who have yet to show up at the district meeting.

    • Hunter says:

      The concerns of those voters are legitimate. However, they are shooting themselves in the foot by voting for Trump instead of Cruz. Trump has no core political principles and will not reliably turn this country back to constitutional, limited government. Cruz does have those core principles based on limiting government to its constitutional functions. Trump, like leftists and other establishment types, thinks that his “good brain” will allow him to “make deals” that will be “great” and make everyone “winners” who will “win all the time.” If his deals expand government or violate the constitution, oh well. According to Trump, if he makes a deal, it’s a winner.

      In many respects, Trump is like McCain (campaign finance “reform”, support for Clinton, Schumer, etc.) or Nixon (EPA, wage and price controls, Detente with USSR, thawing relations with Red China – he was quite the deal maker). The only difference between Trump and McCain is that we don’t know if Trump will do an about face on stopping illegal aliens once elected like McCain does in every campaign.

      Trump has changed his “position” too often for anyone to know what he really stands for (other than being pro-Trump right or wrong). If he is like this while he is running for office, what will he be like once he’s elected? It’s like the salesman who treats you like dirt before the sale and tells you customer service will be really good when you become a paying customer. Not likely!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        It would be a miracle if Trump makes it with so many groups, gangs, haters, partisan elites and foreign countries against his run. Our forefathers wanted anyone to be able to run for office – not Harvard lawyers, nor did they want permanent office holders or dynasties.

        Trump has the GOP establishment trying everything possible, legal or not, to blow up his campaign. Then there’s the country of Mexico getting Mexicans in THIS country to sign up to vote – against Trump. Then there’s CAIR getting busy in mosques getting them signed up to vote against Trump. There’s John Kasich who won’t get out of the race to deny Trump some delegates. There’s National Review – with their ode to take Trump down. I could go on but these are just off the top of my head.

        I’d like to know an alternative to Trump who will make America great again…sorry. The idiots we have had since 2000 have ignored us and gone along toward big government, big spending which gave us Obama who has ridiculed traditional Americans for 8 years. Who can we have confidence in to act in behalf of taxpaying Americans who have been used and abused for many years. Is Ted Cruz the answer? Is Paul Ryan? I think we’re gonna be screwed yet again. Unless of course, you folks out there have the answer.

      • Hunter says:

        Ted Cruz is the answer. He is actually a conservative who will move American back toward freedom and limited government which are the reason for America’s greatness.

        “Trash Can” Trump is an unprincipled narcissist. He will do nothing except try to make Trump great. And he will say anything to anybody to get them to support him or to ridicule his enemies.

        I think we now know why McCain has won so many elections in Arizona. It’s the same reason that Trump won the Arizona primary. Only now, so called conservatives have been taken in by Trump – as I’m sure they were when McCain was running for office early in his political career.

      • Hunter says:

        By the way, our forefathers may not have had many limits on who ran for public office, but they did have serious limits on who was allowed to vote. Many of those limitations, had they been kept in place, would have prevented us from reaching our current situation with an over reaching Federal government, excessive government spending, and debilitating government debt. If generous welfare benefits weren’t provided indiscriminately, it’s likely we would not have an illegal alien problem in the first place.

        Our forefathers also envisioned indirect election of US senators, President, and Vice-President. Originally, the idea was to have people vote for electors who would then make their own decisions about who would get their votes for President and Vice-President. Rubber stamping the popular vote was not the original idea.

      • azgary says:

        MORE REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR TED CRUZ.. He worked for Bush/Cheney too, remember? ~~~~~~ (among other titles) He was Bush’s Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal TRADE Commission — working with the UN – WTO – GATT – World Economic Forum – fast-tracking – “Security and Prosperity Partnership in North America” )’open’ borders and unlimited green cards among the partners – NAFTA – TPP, etc! …… All the while (among other positions) Heidi is Special Assistant to Bush TRADE Ambassador, Robert Zoellick ~~ whom she left with for her 5 year stint on the “Council of Foreign Relations” (only resigning for Ted’s Senate run.) …. and she helped author “Building a North American Community” (“Union”). … Robert Zoellick went on to be President of the ‘World’ Bank … and is now International Director for Goldman Sachs …. Heidi went on to be VP and Regional Dirctor of Goldman Sachs! (smell the rat yet?) ……… Ted Cruz was also commissioned to return to DC and help Bush push through Kennedy/McCain’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (worse than Rubios) …. in the Amnesty Wars of 2006-2007. — Ted Cruz is a card carrying member of the Bush “Oligarchy”, and now they are laying the NWO at his feet! Both, he and Heidi are Internationalist/Globalist! ~~ nothing remotely American sovereignty or US Constitution about either. (think Obama). Why else would the Bush RNC/GOPe “Oligarchy” — the only true ‘conservatives’ be propping up a candidate that is so blatantly Constitutionally ineligible? ~~~ (Me thinks, it’s because Fascist have always called themselves the ‘true’ conservatives!)

      • Hunter says:

        AZGARY, it’s time to take off your tin foil hat and recover from your foolishness. Do YOU even take yourself seriously?

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        Thank you, Hunter, for your determination to respond to the garbage that azgary repeatedly puts out. I am so repulsed by his obsessive rants that I no longer read them. The crude and childish Trump is far from my dream candidate, but I have said I will support him if he is the nominee. Azgary’s constant and offensive spew is making me rethink that commitment. If he is representative of Trump supporters, America is in deeper trouble that we even realize.

  2. PVPC says:

    Many PCS are senior citizen couples who would feel a real pinch by having to come up with $100 bucks to satisfy Robert Graham. In the end, it’s all about keeping the McCainiacs happy. If this money grab isn’t rectified, I’ll be reregistering as a PND. What’s the point of being active or voting in the primary if it’s all part of enabling a McCain inspired farce?

  3. William Heuisler says:

    Read this and realize that Trump is the only candidate with his own money who will overturn the so-called Establishment. I don’t particularly like Trump, but I dislike his enemies intensely.
    Graham is a wholly-owned creature of that same Dem/Rep money machine embodied by John McCain and Jeff Flake. Note how the same old manipulative Media slowly undercuts people like Trump and Cruz… and Walker like they did with Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan and other men with those same anti-establishment views. This is it; we will either unite this year or be destroyed. Semper Fi, Bill

    • azgary says:

      This one too


      everybody else is up to their ears in the uniparty and their donor/owners.

      Trump is pretty much the last chance to stop the plutocratic oligarchy.

      • Hunter says:

        “Trash Can” Trump is his own uniparty. And it is neither conservative nor Republican.

        Ted Cruz is a real conservative who will move to limit the government and increase freedom for citizens.

      • azgary says:

        I’m perfectly happy showing the R party and the “conservative movement”, including Limbaugh, Levin, Beck, Malkin, Fox News, all of them….. the door, if they are telling me conservatism means the continual export of jobs and accumulation of massive deficits to the nations we “trade” with, the importation of masses of slave labor across the southern border and via H1B, the complete wiping out of the middle class, endless wars with unwinnable ROE, and police state government poking around in what little business remains to us here. And don’t forget propping up the illegal health-care monopolies that bankrupt families and brought us the much-worse Obamacare.

        And if they are supporting Cruz, then that is what they are telling us conservatism means.
        Let me show you the door, folks. Have a nice day.

      • Hunter says:

        And David Duke along with his KKK buddies support Trump. Does that mean “Trash Can” Trump is a bigoted white supremacist? Does it mean that you are? According to the logic you apply to Ted Cruz, it does.

        You need to improve your logical thinking skills.

      • azgary says:

        Lyin Ted Lyin some more

        SECURITY EXPERTS: Ted Cruz APPEARS DECEPTIVE in His Response to Sex Scandal

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Ann Kirkpatrick (D) (AZ), who is running for McCain’s worn out seat in the US Senate states she has no problem with illegal aliens working on staff on the Hill.

    From today:

  5. Cold Warrior says:

    Some inconvenient facts for conservatives in Arizona.

    When we had our last two statutory meetings to elect our state chairman, over half of the precinct committeeman slots in Arizona were unfilled. Conservatives could have filled them up, which in turn would have resulted in a greater number of conservative state committeemen, which would have greatly increased the chance that the real conservative candidate in those races would have been elected.

    Instead, the state committeemen elected Robert Graham.

    Strangely enough, although the state committeemen in January, 2015 elected a conservative candidate to one of the Executive Committee offices, they also elected Robert Graham to the chairman slot.

    Conservative Republicans, including those who already are precinct committeemen, have it within their power to recruit additional conservatives to fill up all those vacant precinct committeeman slots. Will they?

    The only way to change the moderate Republicans in the officer slots of the Party is by replacing them.

    Majority rules. Create strong conservative majorities in all 30 legislative districts and then elect each other to the state committeeman ranks.

    Use the internet, such as Facebook’s closed and “secret” pages, to communicate and network and organize.

    Complaining about the moderates will not change them. The only way to “change” them is to change them out by replacing them.

    Thank you.

    • PVPC says:

      Did you forget that Tom Morrissey backed out of the chairman’s race at the last minute and encouraged his supporters to vote for Robert Graham? Someone got to Morrissey to pave the way for McGraham. This is the AZ Republican Party at work. I well recall receiving a postcard from then US Senator Jon Kyl in support of the RINOs running for precinct committeemen in my precinct in a successful attempt to take out the Maricopa County chairman, who was unable to retain that post after losing his PC slot. These people are ruthless as well as being shameless.

  6. azgary says:


    ABC News=> AZ TRUMP PROTESTER: I Was Paid $3500 to Protest Trump by Hillary Campaign

    • Realist says:

      Get your own blog site, gary. Seeing Red AZ provides a comment section to serve as a forum for discussion. Your Trump obsessive attempts to destroy a rational discourse and sharing of ideas is repulsive. There are many of us who come to this conservative site everyday with our differing views. We can disagree without the raging fanaticism you interject.

  7. Cold Warrior says:

    I don’t recall Tom backing out of the chairman’s race at the last minute and encouraging his supporters to vote for Robert Graham. I recall Tom deciding not to run for reelection because of some medical issues and that Graham ran against another candidate. I don’t recall Tom ever telling anyone to support Graham over that other candidate.

    I know about the Kyl post card campaign that you mentioned.

    The bottom line: nothing prevents conservatives from recruiting other conservatives to become PCs. Of the 724 Maricopa County precinct committeeman races, in 2014 only 54 were contested.

    We have plenty of conservatives in Maricopa County. We do a poor job of explaining to them how to become a PC and why they ought to become a PC.

    Even after everything they need to know is linked on the MCRC web site. See:

    Go to

    Scroll down to Resources and click on Become A Precinct Committeeman.

    Scroll down and click on Become A Precinct Committeeman Now.

    Kudos to Lisa Gray for creating this.

    Thank you.

  8. Doc says:

    1st, CW is correct. In Yavapai Co., I’m gathering my signatures & will return as a PC. Honestly, it turns my stomach, but sometimes the RIGHT thing to do isn’t the easiest.

    2nd, what would happen if all the PC’s simply refused to pay the “tax”? If I was going to the convention & this moron/liar/thief “told” me to pay up, that probably wouldn’t go so well for him.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Thanks for your comments.
      As to your second question, conservatives do not show up at their peril. If all the PCs failed to show up at their respective election meetings, then they would have no delegates from their LD. Let’s assume ALL PCs failed to do this. Then no delegates will be at the state convention — except for the chairman and the officers. They would simply enact new rules for the convention in light of the circumstances and elect their slate of delegates from among those registered Republicans who decided to apply to have their names placed in nomination to be a national convention delegate.
      Conservatives have to learn to play the game.

      When I started recruiting conservatives to become PCs, I told them they needed to, after becoming a PC, to read and study the bylaws — the LD bylaws, the county bylaws, the state bylaws, and the Rules of the Republican Party of the RNC.

      Now, I tell them: Read and study the bylaws. Read and study the bylaws. Read and study the bylaws.

      The RINOs do.

      Conservatives don’t.

      This needs to change.

      Thank you.

      • Doc says:

        We spoke on “The REAL REVO” a month or so ago. I told you then that I’d do this. And so, I am. It’s just tuff to get it done being a single father, (& being in Yavapai R.I.N.O. country…we didn’t censure mcTraitor) but…I digress.

        As to your words of PC’s not showing up, I believe you misunderstood. Let me try it this way:

        What if the PC’s DID show, they just simply told mcGraham & his minions “Nope, I’m NOT PAYING you to serve my district. I pay my own way to meetings, my FAMILY PAYS through my ABSENCE at home while I do this, I pay for all th’ Excedrin I have to take from th’ MIGRAINES I get from having to deal with people like you, and I pay by having to restrain myself from popping your R.I.N.O., socialist, lyin’, maverick, uneducated head like an Alabama TICK!!! And if you don’t step aside and let me do my duty, I’m going to STOP RESTRAINING MYSELF!”

        Fifty bucks to do my duty…meh.

        I have a VERY Hard time understanding how good men & women who are elected by their constituents in their districts, are forced to deal with this kind of garbage. Our 1st Amendment guarantees a R.I.N.O.’s right to have & espouse their “opinion”. And for th’ record, I’m ALL ABOUT that! HOWEVER, when they try to stuff that opinion down my throat, THAT is another story entirely.

        I realize that Proper PC’s are typically above this kind of thought (& actions), HOWEVER, when I’m being ROBBED (& that is EXACTLY what this $50.00 poll tax is) I’m of a mind to defend myself accordingly.

        …maybe mr. graham would like to “contribute” (take that ball & run wherever you like with it) to EVERY PC he’s trying to steal from, th’ fifty, THEN I’d pay his poll tax…

        Whatta’ richard knoggen that guy…

        Lastly, aren’t you from th’ Philadelphia area? If so, then you know how thieves are handled. Back there, ya’ don’t just defend yourself, ya’ have to teach these thieves a lesson…it’s our civic duty. As you may have heard, an ounce of prevention…

      • Cold Warrior says:

        This is in response to Doc’s question about what would the AZ Chairman do if an elected delegate tried to participate despite not paying the “poll tax.” I suspect that if there was no evidence that the fee had been paid, then the elected delegate would be turned away and not given his credentials.

        I don’t like the fee, but it was within the rights of the Party to impose it. They will have to live with the consequences.

        The state committeemen voted to re-elect the Chairman. Now they have to live with the consequences.

        I am not from Pennsylvania.

        Thank you.

      • Doc says:

        And there’s the answer I was looking for. Thanks, CW! So, we’re reaping what we’ve sewn. Grrrrrreat. Dandy. BUT, there are those who admit their mistake (Mr. Rob Haney for example) So…at the end of this cycle, & it may be too late then but, we need to review the by-laws & P & P’s and make sure we don’t allow history to repeat itself. AND not only primary out mcTraitor, & mcFlake & then DENY mcGraham. This ain’t a diktatership! That idiot’s gotta’ come up for re-election sooner or later…

        CW, I meant no disrespect about the PA comment. In fact, consider it a compliment.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        No offense taken by the PA remark.

        Here’s some info that was posted on the MCRC Briefs last night:

        Reports Are Coming From Yavapai County that about half of their 60 delegates have not signed up in protest to the $50 admission fee that AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham has imposed this year. Some are protesting the fee, others think the fee discourages PCs from attending, or that the fee is a way of manipulating who will become delegates to the national convention in July in Cleveland. Presidential candidate Donald Trump won the PPE Election by a large margin in Arizona on March 22, but it’s no secret that the Establishment is determined to prevent Trump from becoming the national nominee. Yavapai PCs are asked to contact Rich Hennessey at 928-479-9342. Hennessey says he has had several terse conversations with Graham over the fee in behalf of those who oppose it.

        The MCRC Briefs is a great resource.

        Thank you.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        P.S. The GOPe folks want the conservatives to get disheartened and give up. And leave the Party PC ranks. They would like nothing better than to have all conservatives “take their ball and go home.” Thus, don’t.
        Thank you.

  9. CD 8 PC says:

    Robert Graham will point to the “poll tax” he’s collected and boast that he’s raising funds for the AZ GOP. I’ve been a committeeman for years and have never heard of anything so low as charging those of us who deliver the votes for the party a surcharge to participate in what should be our right to vote. This trickery is being put in place to dissuade anti-McCain voters’ participation. Payment is being made in advance at the district meeting level, not at the door.

  10. jojo says:

    This election is not about conservatives vs. RINO’s. It’s about American Sovereignty vs. Globalism. TRUMP is self funding. Cruz is beholden to the donor class. TRUMP is a leader, builder, doer & has a sense of humor. Cruz is a LAWYER, talker,blamer, & unlikable. Heidi Cruz worked in Condie Rice’s State Dept. making trade deals with foreign countries that benefit big businesses like Goldman Sachs, who hired her. Do conservatives really vote for TPA, TPP, amnesty, H1B visas on & on. The Cruz’s are deeply entrenched in the GOPe. The word conservative means nothing anymore. I want someone who puts America & Americans first. If it takes someone that is “vulgar”, unlike people who call me Trumpite Trash, I don’t care. I’m tired of slick, lying professional elite politicians who are more concerned with their power & money than this country. GO TRUMP! Our citizen selected candidate against the world.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      “Our citizen selected candidate against the world.” Wow! That alone makes the case.

      • Doc says:

        As a Cruz supporter I gotta’ say…That statement is profound! If Senator Cruz doesn’t get the nomination, it won’t be a problem for me to vote for Trump. Unlike th’ worm romney

      • Hunter says:

        You mean our citizen selected reality TV star against the world. Why don’t we just elect the Real Housewives of Orange County as co-Presidents? According to ratings, they are citizen selected as well – by a minority (just like “Trash Can” Trump).

    • greenvalleygal says:

      Absolutely right, jojo!

    • Hunter says:

      “Trash Can” Trump is the slickest liar running for the Republican nomination. He outsources manufacturing to China, brings in foreign workers to do jobs Americans are willing to do, and has not demonstrated that he has been more financially successful than a trust fund dummy investing in a S&P 500 Index mutual fund. “Trash Can” is not about American sovereignty, he is about promoting himself. When “Trash Can” Trump talks about winning, he means winning for himself. If American benefits from his “wins” it will be only because it is a coincidence. Plus, even if he tries to do something for Americans, his ignorance of economics and public policy practically guarantee he will probably make things worse rather than better.