Lunacy reigns supreme: Obama welcomes more “refugees”

Worldwide carnage doesn’t dissuade Obama from bringing more fanatical Islamists into US

Amid multiple reports that Jihadi-bent, radical Islamic terrorists have been thwarted in their plans to cause increasingly extreme havoc throughout Europe, including exploding the iconic Eiffel Tower, Barack Obama remains committed to allowing a continued flow of impossible-to-vet Muslim “refugees” into the United States.

In Belgium, where this past week cowardly ISIS attackers once again struck, killing at least 31, and wounding nearly 230 civilians — including Americans — organizers of a “March Against Fear” planned for today cancelled the event after a request by authorities citing continued security concerns.

Acknowledging these terrorists pose a threat to the entire civilized world, Obama vowed to decimate what is known as the Islamic State, but said the United States will do so by offering “an example of freedom, tolerance and open society” which in Obamaspeak translates to irrationally opening the floodgates to 100,000 more Syrian and Iraqi Muslims he portrays as “asylum seekers.”

The British Telegraph shows some of the victims of the vicious murderers in Belgium.

12 Responses to Lunacy reigns supreme: Obama welcomes more “refugees”

  1. azgary says:

    Texas Tribune:
    “Cruz on Trump’s Muslim Ban: ‘That’s Not My Policy'”

    and as if this is a bad thing, well we know it is to globalist like the uniparty and those they back like slick teddy cruz:
    New York Times: In Don­ald Trump’s World­view, Amer­ica Comes First, and Every­body Else Pays

  2. Army Of One says:

    And building on the moronic Obama theme, the pope’s bizarre Easter message said the world should use love to combat terrorism. The fanatical enemies of his strange brand of Christianity don’t consider him immune even behind his 60 foot wall surrounding Vatican City. Listening to his ridiculous message must confuse Catholics who serve honorably in our military using all of the resources available to “serve and protect.”

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Francis is a disgrace. Pope Benedict was taken out of the papacy and never seen again in order to promote Marxism….which the previous pope, who lived through World War II in Europe, would never do. Many disgusted Catholics have taken a hike.

  3. azgary says:

    religion of peace my azz:

    PICTURES: Pakistan Bombing Kills 60 During Easter Celebration, Mostly Women and Children

    “Cruz on Trump’s Muslim Ban: ‘That’s Not My Policy’”

  4. Truth or Consequences says:

    It is not only the Pope who gives these socialist/communist instructions that urge us not defend ourselves. These attitudes in the Catholic Church are also manifested by most of the bishops and priests.

    Can you imagine what would have happened to civilization if Popes during the middle ages had not fought life and death battles against the Islamic invasions of Europe?

    I am ashamed of the Pope, bishops and priests who are honoring abortionists, sodomites and anarchists in the Catholic universities throughout the country.

    It is plain as the proverbial nose on your face that Obama is an agent of the Islamist terrorists. But we dare not say the obvious or we shall be condemned. So we sit and wait to be destroyed.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I wonder what the Pope thinks of the Christians brutally murdered on Easter Sunday by Muslims as shown in azgary’s Breitbart article. Kinda makes what the Pope says pretty idiotic – almost laughable. The Pope and Obama are singing the same song and in my opinion, they’re dangerous men. The Pope talks like a flower-child and Obama wants to bring more in.

  5. Vince says:

    Using the “logic” of the Pope and Obama we would have been decimated by the Nazis and Japanese in World War II. You can’t love people who are trying to kill you into submission or expect them to change by setting a peace loving example, which they take as weakness.

    • MacBeth says:

      Victors against evil have never been complacent bystanders. They understand they are charged with fighting and winning a mighty battle to ensure freedom for their countrymen and future generations.
      Setting a good example for those who indescrminately slaughter innocents is so foolish as to be beyond comprehension. Obama can’t bring himself to say “radical Muslim extremists” and the pope lives in a rarified world few can imagine, where people actually kiss his ring!

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Happy Easter, SRAZ.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    She will be remembered fondly – more so than Pope Francis.

    Mother Angelica, Founder of EWTN, Passes Away At Age 92 – Christine Rousselle

    RIP good servant. What an awesome day for our Lord to call you home. What a glorious day in Heaven.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    So, Easter Sunday and the Obamas go to church.
    Here’s the pic, if you are having a hard time believing it.

    And to feed his narcissism, the pastor of the church uses the pulpit to speak glowingly of the fascist first family.

    He finally got around to calling the family of the young American couple who were killed in the terrorist attack on the Brussels airport.
    And then immediately told Americans that we should Not stigmatize Muslims.

    In Belgium today, riot police turn fire hoses on anti-Muslim protestors.

    And photographs circulating of a granite headstone with Donald Trump’s name engraved on it, planted in NYC’s Central Park.
    Whether or not it was photoshopped, it further proves that we are standing at the abyss.

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