The “Religion of Peace” has struck again

Unfathomable atrocity: Today we read that Islamic terrorists have crucified a Catholic priest in Yemen over Easter weekend

Former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is among the few to credit with bringing the issue of illegal immigration to the forefront back when it was barely a blip on the national radar. Hearing him passionately address the invasion a couple of decades ago provided the prominence needed to thrust it into public consciousness and ultimately drive the 2016 presidential debate.

Placement of the word “former” is not in error. Last October the onetime Republican Congressman had his fill of the Grand Old Party under whose banner he had run and been elected from 1999 to 2009. His rationale for leaving was posted on Breitbart.  Tancredo summed up his decision with these thoughts although his complete commentary is exceedingly enlightening.

  1. The Republican establishment does not want to control spending.
  2. It does not want to secure the borders or enforce immigration laws.
  3. It does not care about American sovereignty.
  4. It has no interest in ending the unaccountable and corrupt culture that has become a hallmark of official Washington.

As a presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, who built his campaign on stopping illegal immigration, boycotted the Dec. 9, 2007 Univision televised debate at the University of Miami because it was being broadcast in Spanish. The rest of the pack attended, including John McCain.

Now Tom Tancredo has written a blunt commentary, which we highly recommend,  titled, The ISIS Barbarians Are Already Inside our Gates.  

Tancredo states:

“ It is Islam’s basic worldview that inspires hatred of the West, not grievances against U.S. foreign policy or lack of economic opportunity in Muslim societies. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928, not 1988, decades before any American soldier set foot in Kuwait. Why then is it “Islamophobic” to speak the truth about Islam’s hostility to Western values?” Tancredo asks. “Self-censorship is the main obstacle to effective steps to halt ISIS in its tracks, and people who preach such nonsense — and the Quislings who tolerate it — are aiding ISIS and need to be called out for it.”

Tom Tancredo effectively calls them out  —  loud and clear.

13 Responses to The “Religion of Peace” has struck again

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Last Thursday, Holy Thursday in the Catholic Church, the Pope conducted the ceremony known as the “washing of the feet”.
    This year, he chose to include Muslim refugees among those whose feet he washed.

    Yesterday, in his Easter address, the Pope, again, talked about loving our enemies.

    Now we learn that the rumors circulated last week regarding Father Tom, who was kidnapped earlier this month in Yemen at the time several Nuns were tortured and brutally murdered, has been crucified by ISIS.
    The Bishop of Vienna has confirmed. (story on

    If you are interested in any of this, please go to, where you can read get more information on these stories.

    Please pray for God’s Mercy.

    • Observer says:

      Prayers are fine, but decisive actions work better in the horrific circumstances we face. It might not be politically correct, but a moratorium on ALL immigration needs to be put into effect, before our country is decimated.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    We are living through previously unimaginable horrors that are in large part being facilitated by radical leftist Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton will be a disaster of the same magnitude. Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist yet the undereducated American youth who have been coddled to the point they think everything should be given to them by the “greedy” producers, are eagerly supporting him.

    We need to get the 2016 election right or there may not be another chance. In my view Ted Cruz is our only hope. Donald Trump is a coreless and farcical showman who has been a Democrat, Republican and an Independent and given vast sums of money to the most liberal politicians, including Hillary. John Kasich’s picture is in the dictionary illustrating the word “spoiler.”

    • Doc says:

      Don’t you find it incredible that seeing current activities of radical islamic terrorists, dear prezzy & shrillary still want to let these monsters into America? WHY? The dangers they bring with them will affect everybody & yet, they insist on opening the flood gates. Chemical/biological/radioactive knowledge by them isn’t even a consideration to these imbeciles. But will it still be ok with them if our “guests” set one off, & THEIR families are affected? Or will they make excuses after?

      …& kasich is…well…more than a “spoiler”. Lastly, ANY Republican who “won’t vote” for the Republican nominee (think Trump OR Cruz) is no less guilty of America’s demise than the invitees…I know ONE person who had the gall to say that crap to me. My response? “Don’t be stupid. That kind of thinking’ll get us all killed.”

      • Doc says:

        …th’ DEFENSE RESTS, Your Honor…

        …maybe we could let ’em camp out on th’ white-crib lawn, ala trent franks…

      • Kent says:

        This poor man’s tragic end is actually just the beginning of the story where these “immigrants” are involved. The Koran teaches Muslims to trust no one who is not a kindred Muslim. They can deceive those who might regard them as friends, but cannot return the friendship. What a fine and peace loving religion….

  3. Patriot Dad says:

    It’s obviously not enough for strong conservative voices to be raised about Islamic Jihadists and the life threatening problems associated with our unsecured border or Obama’s urge to flood the United States with Muslim “refugees.” This is a corrosive issue that affects us all, regardless of party affiliation. We better wise up or our daughters will be wearing burquas.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I don’t know how Obama can be stopped from bringing unvetted ‘refugees’ into this country. I heard on a radio show that he doesn’t have to go through Congress to do it. It’s a law put into place decades ago to help Cuban refugees in our fight against Communism. Obama’s people know what laws to use against us.

    One hundred thousand migrants from Syria and Libya will be the death of us. It’s a worldwide pro-Islamic movement to flood predominately Caucasian countries with Muslims and Obama will see to it that it happens in America. This is how political correctness is used. If you don’t like the takeover by Muslims, you’re racist, etc. Tom Tancredo understands perfectly.

    • Maggie says:

      Europe should stand as an example of unchecked Muslim immigration. The so-called refugees are uneducated, unwilling to assimilate and despise freedom. Sweden is now known as the rape capital as women and young girls are assaulted in broad daylight by those who were generously granted asylum.

      • MacBeth says:

        All true, but the PC police won’t allow it to be said. Political correctness will be responsible for our demise unless we once again begin to value honestly over blather.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama Surrenders to Colombia’s FARC Terrorists in Cuba

    Obama is stirring up trouble all over the globe. Last paragraph of this article reads:

    “Obama’s surrender will not to be easy to undo. America’s enemies will pocket Obama’s concessions and demand more while they consolidate their power. This is not peacemaking; it is sowing the seeds of crisis and conflict.”