The unnerving implosion of Donald Trump

“You realize our candidate is mental? It’s like constantly having to bail out your sixteen-year-old son from prison” — Trump supporter Ann Coulter

Presidential candidate Donald Trump reached zenith heights early on by not only talking about the illegal invasion, but actually saying he was going to do something about it.  His “I’m gonna build a wall along our Southern border and make Mexico pay for it,” resonated with Americans weary of supporting costly illegals, (2013 figures) who not only enter our country by stealth, but make outrageous demands as they refuse to assimilate while taking American jobs. The billionaire reality showman easily found a loyal base.

We all knew Trump was shallow and not presidential. His inconsistent political background as a registered Democrat, Independent and Republican has been worrisome. His lack of preparedness, vacillation on key issues, hurled insults, vindictiveness, loutish crudeness and repetitive, blustery responses have been unnerving, but the assumption has been the successful entrepreneur would grow with exposure to the political realm and make us proud.  That hasn’t happened. He has only grown in cringe-worthiness, alienating more than uniting and failing miserably with the women he needs to win. Social conservatives and evangelicals are especially apprehensive.

Presidential primary campaigns are typically rough and tumble affairs, but the current contest has taken an especially heavy toll on Republican unity at a time when we can least afford it — with Hillary Clinton salivating at the prospect of  returning to the White House.

Now Trump’s strong conservative supporter Ann Coulter has called him “mental.” The author of Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole concedes, “Let’s just talk about what he’s good on. He’s the only one who’s going to build a wall, but please stop testing our patience on the rest of this stuff,” she begged The Donald.

We feel Coulter’s pain.


24 Responses to The unnerving implosion of Donald Trump

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    We better get our act together and SOON. The radical left is organizing with a force and momentum not witnessed since the 1970’s.
    Sen. Ted Cruz is a conservative and can win. He’s doing well in the primaries and polls.

  2. PVPC says:

    “The Donald” is a one trick pony. I was caught up in the hoopla for a while, but then my common sense kicked in. He is an alienation machine. Can you imagine trying to advise this egotist? Obviously he doesn’t even take advice from his hairdresser.

  3. azgary says:

    Obama is against Trump

    Cruz/Beck are against Trump

    hillary/bill/bernie are against Trump

    SRAZ is against Trump

    AZGOP elites are against Trump

    The CoC is against Trump

    The Media is against Trump

    The establishment Democrats are against Trump

    The establishment Republicans are against Trump

    The Pope is against Trump

    The UN is against Trump

    The EU is against Trump

    China is against Trump

    Mexico is against Trump

    Soros is against Trump

    Black Lives Matter is against Trump

    MoveOn.Org is against Trump

    Koch Bro’s are against Trump

    Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump


    • Ajo Joe says:

      Will your support for this political party switcher remain if he decides to switch back to being an “Independent,” guaranteeing a Hillary Clinton presidency? Donald Trump is as mavericky and self serving as John McCain. Lemmings willingly leap off cliffs to their death. I hope Republicans are wiser.

      • azgary says:

        yes and I would have supported “switcher” Ronald Reagan if he had done the same.

        Trump is the only candidate that can beat hillary.

        the uniparty is out to destroy Trump because he will destroy them by taking away the profits from the bribes disguised as donations from the likes of goldman sachs and other globalist who own for example, cruz and clinton, thats why so many will support hillary over him, no different than cruz or kasich or ryan

    • Ajo Joe says:

      There is no comparison between Trump and Reagan. Reagan was principled, and came to his conservative positions long before becoming governor, let alone president. This past week gaffe king Trump even out performed foolish Joe Biden. He routinely puts his mouth in gear before his brain and as a non-conservative says what he thinks we want to hear because he has no actual clue. His ridiculous comment on abortion exemplifed his disconnect with the pro-life community which has never advocated penalties against the mother. It’s clear he’d be an embarrassment on the world stage. In business the billionaire answers to no one. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work when you’re the elected president of the United States…..unless you’re Barack Obama. Trump gave millions to liberal candidates and causes.Was Obama a recipient of his generosity as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were?

      • azgary says:


        look at some of the “conservative” things Reagan did as governor and as president.

        and it seems you like the politicians beholden to their donor/owners unlike Trump who is the owner of the politicians.

        cruz, kasich, hillary, pelosi, reed all owned by the SAME people who cannot buy Trump.

        but you would rather elect those who answer to the lobbyist according to your post.

        very sad.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    There are two differences in the way Trump and Obama make idiots of themselves.

    1. Everybody, hates Trump (according to the news media, National Review and Karl Rove). When he goes off, they’re right there to catch it and use it against him. They even make something out of nothing like the Michelle Fields complaint that ex-cop Corey Lewandowski shoved her almost to the floor. Video shows nothing in the way of evidence.

    The mainstream media, print and television, have covered up Obama’s rookie mistakes since day one. He’s never asked gotcha questions by the press. They laugh at his silly quips. They swoon over the way he wears his suits. They say nothing of the money he spends on family vacations. Or the number of times he goes to fundraisers or plays golf during crises involving terrorism. They say nothing of the mess he’s made of the Middle East. Bush = bad. Obama = good.

    2. Republicans like Ann Coulter call Trump ‘mental.’ No Democrat alive would ever disparage Obama using such language. Our side is more honest, calling it like we see it.

    There’s no level playing field when a non-politician like Trump is out there. He, like Obama (executive orders), has his own rules, but Trump can’t get away with anything because he’s not one of them. All of a sudden, he must play by the rules. I take it all with a grain of salt. The media are dishonest to the core. Democrats are evil in this day and age.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    If you are concerned about Trump, perhaps this news will soothe your nerves:

    The GOP will take a powder before doing anything to help legal Americans.

    The public record information regarding Mrs. Cruz and her affiliations should be enough to clue you into the fact that Ted Cruz cannot be trusted. And it is for sure that she has mental problems, as noted in a police report when the officer found her to be “. . .a threat to herself. . .” when found wandering along a busy highway in Texas, screaming and flailing her arms in the air, stating that she was just out for a walk. She was 5 miles from home, without the benefit of a motorized vehicle.

    Rubio and Cruz used the Tea Party to further their political aspirations, and their aspirations did not include keeping their leather chairs warm in the US Congress.

    Now, it is reported that Rubio’s handlers are furiously trying to secure an executive position within the NFL for Marco.

    Here’s another Ann Coulter “ism”:
    “. . . .news is no longer about imparting information. It is about imparting an attitude. . . ”

    It’s all being held together with post-it notes and toothpicks.

    • barries1 says:

      According to you I should never run since I worked for ABNAMRO bank who laundered money for terrorist nor my friend who worked for the Chicago Fed Reserve who took payment for their mistake? Post real Cruz issues not ridiculous accusations!

    • Kent says:

      Priebus is the national GOP equivalent of Arizona’s GOP chairman Robert McGraham. They are both establishment tools. I’m also veering away from the increasingly concerning Trump, but am disgusted with this level of manipulation of the process. I’d consider leaving the party, but I fear there won’t be one to leave after this asinine debacle plays out.

    • Hunter says:

      Heidi Cruz suffered from a serious episode of depression many years ago and recovered. It is not “for sure” that she currently has mental problems. She HAD a mental health issue, but she does not have one now. Plus, she’s not even the candidate, so why are you even bringing this up? Oh, that’s right, you’re a “Trash Can” Trump supporter.

      George W. Bush had alcohol abuse problems, but he overcame them well before he became president.

      Smearing someone because of previous mental health issues that have been overcome – especially a candidate’s family member – is unworthy of a decent person.

  6. barries1 says:

    I personally despise Coulter – she doesn’t follow day to day politics yet insists on weighing in that Christie is the only way to win, then Romney? She’s the attention seeker not Michelle Fields whom she continually ridicules on twitter!

  7. William Heuisler says:

    Read his books from decades ago. Trump has not recently changed his positions on taxation and the free economy. He has consistently opposed Globalism and open borders. He has raised children to be proud of and even his ex-wives like him.
    He is very pro military and pro vets. The more he screws up media questioning (the way I would) the more I like him. I just wish Trump would tell people like Kelly and Matthews to shove their attitudes up their supercilious noses (the way I would)..
    Bottom line? No body controls Trump. He is what the US needs.

    • State Committeeman says:

      William Heuisler,
      If you “screw up media questioning” it is of no consequence, since you are not running for president of the United States and have no hope of being the leader of the free world.

      Donald Trump is ill prepared not only for answering questions, but for the critically important job he seeks at an unprecedented time in our history. Americans deserve someone who is cerebral not full of bluster. We are not in a reality TV show, but facing vicious killers motivated by a skewed version of a skewed religion.

      The fact that Trump’s screw-ups make you like him even more is beyond disturbing.

      • State Committeeman, you are absolutely correct; the US needs a smooth, cerebral President who can talk and talk with very little emotion or real feelings. We need a President who gets along with the Media and can suck up to the opposition.
        But wait! We already have one of those in the oval office..
        BTW use your damn name like an adult.

    • Hunter says:

      The problem is that not even Trump controls Trump. He is out of control and out of his depth. Just as a football team owner can “buy and sell” players, but is incapable of playing the game himself, Trump should stick to buying and selling politicians since he is not capable of being one – and I don’t mean that as a complement. He doesn’t have even a basic understanding of most public policy matters that anyone seeking the office of President (or even a seat in the House of Representatives) should have.

      • “Out of his depth”, Hunter? You mean like the profound depth of John Kerry, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton? Trump’s public policy sounds like the team owner who will kick ass and take names. Few of our great leaders have been the sophisticated type you seem to favor. Washington, Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower were not exactly experts on public policy, but they were more popular with Americans after they served than before.

      • Hunter says:

        Those leaders you mentioned had public policy experience and knowledge. I’m not so sure about the legitimacy of some of Jackson’s and Teddy Roosevelt’s policy positions, but they were based on actual knowledge (and probably a misguided set of assumptions about the proper function of government in a free society). All of these people had experience in high level government roles before becoming president. Ike, for example, was a commanding general of perhaps the largest multinational military force ever assembled. This was a role requiring not just military leadership, but diplomacy and running military government operations (in conjunction with civil authorities) in liberated areas.

        The Democrats have some technical knowledge of government policy, but they are completely wrong about the proper role of government. To the extent they have knowledge, it is used to deprive Americans of liberty.

        Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but thinks he supports America. However, since he is ignorant about public policy and the long term consequences of government policies, he is likely to make disastrous mistakes if elected president. He may also look ignorant when debating even a Democrat even though his heart might be in the right place.

        Ted Cruz does understand government and its proper role in a free society. He is well qualified to be President.That’s why I support him.

  8. azgary says:

    after 4/26, Ted Cruz outs himself as an establishment sleeper agent. He will effectively be in favor of Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush to be parachuted into the nomination at the convention. Cruz, along with John Kasich, will be directly responsible for the destruction of the Repub­li­can Party.

    And the election of Hillary Clinton.

    • Realist says:

      How much do you charge to rent out your cracked crystal ball? The destruction of the Republican Party will rest on the shoulders of frustrated Americans seeking a political savior and thinking Donald J. Trump is the answer.

      • azgary says:

        kasich is already mathematically eliminated, rafael cruz will be on or before 4/26.

        the only reason he is staying in the race is because his masters at the uniparty and his owners like glodman sachs have told him to.

        if there is a brokered convention, the nomination will go to a gope/uniparty favorite such as kasich, ryan, bush etc… giving the presidency to hillary or sanders and driving republican voters from the party permanently.

        enjoy president hillary and the democrat controlled legislature and the permanent democrat control of everything nationally and soon statewide.

      • Hunter says:

        “Trash Can” Trump will probably be eliminated as a possibility for a first ballot victory fairly soon, too.

        I think it will be most amusing when “Trash Can” loses most of his South Carolina delegates because he clearly and publicly refused to commit himself to supporting whoever the Republican Party nominates. The South Carolina Republican Party does not allow delegates to be bound to vote for someone who does not agree to support the Republican Platform and the Republican nominee.

        His out of control “good brain” and the mouth attached to it may have cost him a lot of delegates through a totally unforced error.