AZ GOP scuttles Trump supporters

On the heels of our post Arizona: The epicenter of 2016 GOP delegate upheaval, which linked to a revealing Washington Examiner report on Arizona’s intra-party presidential primary shenanigans, comes disturbing information from immediate past Maricopa County Republican chairman A.J. LaFaro. 

LaFaro was contacted before noon on Sunday to attend a 2:00 pm meeting of outraged Donald Trump supporters, elected PCs all, who got conned at their caucus. Not one of them won election as a state convention delegate.

Yet people who weren’t even precinct committeemen — dispatched by AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham and the RINO establishment — were elected as delegates. The entire delegation from one legislative district are Cruz supporters even though Donald Trump won by a landslide. 

LaFaro cynically notes that “the 285,839 (46%) Arizonans who voted for Donald Trump on March 22, 2016 didn’t mean anything. Robert Graham and the RINO establishment know what’s best for Arizona,” he rightly mocked. “Talk about voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement,” LaFaro continued. To substantiate his comments, he includes the link to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Unofficial 2016 Presidential Preference Election Results, which clearly proves his point.

Regardless of whom you support this election cycle, this trickery should never be tolerated. It leaves us all vulnerable and at risk of having our votes become meaningless.


15 Responses to AZ GOP scuttles Trump supporters

  1. Observer says:

    If this Robert Graham orchestrated deceit appeals to you on a state level, think what he could do as chairman of the RNC. Graham’s long been rumored to want to replace current Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, who will be stepping down. Here’s the latest:

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    The article states that the job of the RNC chairman “involves raising loads of cash and communicating the party’s message.”
    Robert Graham is showing his fund raising expertise right here in AZ by charging elected state delegates to attend the upcoming presidential preference election. These are people (many retired couples) who come from around the state, have to pay for motels, gas and food while here, and Graham has engaged in this shabby and unprecedented move to show his “fundraising” prowess. What a guy!

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Sounds like state and national GOP pattern themselves after the Venezuelan government.

    Priebus: ‘The party is choosing a nominee’ | Washington Examiner

    “He (Preibus) also appeared to hint that the primaries and caucuses may not be as binding for the delegates as some have come to expect.”

    This will infuriate many people.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Donald Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be a boorish foul mouthed bully. I credit him with bringing the critically important issue of the illegal invasion of the USA to the forefront. However overall he is an embarrassment and not the least presidential or prepared to lead our nation in these difficult times. Frustration with the liberal status quo is not a valid reason to support this juvenile insult hurling machine. We need a proven leader now as never before in my adult lifetime. Donald Trump is not that person.

  5. gopgal says:

    Dear MacBeth – I think you are missing the point that TRUMP won the election here in Arizona.

    • MacBeth says:

      My comment is about Trump generally. I was not discussing the Arizona vote.

    • Odysseus says:

      So what? All that gets him is some electors bound to vote for him on the first ballot only. That is how it has always worked. The state party simply made sure that if there was a second ballot, it would go the right way.

  6. Hunter says:

    It doesn’t really say in the post exactly what was deceptive or unfair about the process of selecting delegates to the State Convention. My understanding is that PCs vote for the delegates, but the delegates only have to be registered Republicans from that district or country. They do not have to be PCs. If PCs voted for the delegates, what deception was done to have PCs vote for delegates they did not actually want to vote for? Was there fraud in the voting process? Did candidates for delegate lie about the candidate they support? Is it just possible that PCs have a different perspective on who should be the Republican nominee than those who voted in the Republican primary?

    The post does not really provide any useful information. It is just an emotional outburst against Robert Graham. Such an outburst is probably justified, but the post provides insufficient hard facts to back it up.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It’s pretty clear to me that games are being played by Robert Graham. I don’t need it written out for me. He’s a duplicitous McCain flunky who is not to be trusted.

      • Hunter says:

        I generally agree with you on this point, but I still don’t see any evidence for it in this post or its comments.

        Unlike you, for this particular point to have credibility, I do need to see it written out.

        There is no question that every tool available was used to elect delegates who don’t support Trump. The real questions are whether any improper activity took place or whether Trump supporters were just out-organized by their opponents and whether the elected PCs actually support Trump as much as GOP primary voters.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Microorganism Reince Preibus went on WTMJ radio station this AM with a pro-Cruz talk show host and announced that if you don’t like the GOP, just go and sit down. The GOP will pick the nominee.

    You can find the transcript and the audio at

    (By the way, a microorganism is a living thing that is much too small to be seen by the naked eye, but reveals itself under a microscope.
    It is yet to be determined whether the GOP is a bacteria or a virus or a fungus, but it is just one “O” short of being GOOP)

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Don’t know if the following is true. Saw it in the comment section of a Breitbart Wisconsin polling article: After what I’ve been reading about the state and national GOPe, I wouldn’t doubt it.

    “Warning! Lookout for thief

    Sheri Schulteis: ATTENTION WISCONSIN TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Your ballots will have a box saying something about delegates picking your vote. Please, DO NOT MARK THAT BOX. This is the corrupt way of stealing your vote. Triple check your vote. Make sure that box doesn’t suddenly mark itself. Also, for some reason, they have an affidavit for you to sign saying you will support the will of the people. I have no idea what that means, so please read it closely. They are doing weird things in Wisconsin this year, and as we know, I’m sure it’s not towards Donald Trump’s benefit.

    Please pass this on to your friends in Wisconsin that are voting for Trump. God Bless Donald Trump.
    Share! Share! Share!”

  9. Braveheart says:

    Most of us know exactly what has been going on within the Arizona Republican Party framework under slippery Robert McGraham. The establishment hate Cruz, but they hate Trump even more.
    McCain operatives and surrogates are committed to reelecting the deceitful John McCain, and next cycle, his interchangeable amnesty bent toady Jeff McFlake.
    They, through their paid hacks, are manipulating who gets elected as state delegates by asking those entering the district meetings who they will be supporting then creating a “slate” of delegates (unidentified as anti-Trump) and passing it out at the meeting. Too slick by half, but that’s what’s going on.

    • Vince says:

      Just me, perhaps, but giving an answer as to who I’m supporting, to someone with a computer in hand, is not going to happen. Not today, not yesterday. Not ever. Last I heard, it was still called a secret ballot.

  10. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Mitt Romney Niece: Reince Priebus ‘Has Revolutionized the Republican Party’

    I see the whole family is now going to burden us with their political presence.
    Mitt’s niece’s name is one of several being mentioned as possible GOP chairman/woman. Priebus is out 1/17.
    She’s Michigan GOP chairwoman.