McCain back in campaign mode: tacks right

Just like clockwork — every six years — perpetual candidate Señor Juan McAmnesty, who will be 80 by Election Day,  swerves into campaign mode, talking tough on the border.

Now he’s not merely trying to sound conservative, he’s admitting he’s in “the race of his lifetime,” as he refers to his 2016 campaign in his most recent email soliciting funds.

“Right now,” McCain whines as he ignores his conservative Primary opponent and leaps directly to the General Election, “my opponent, Ann Kirkpatrick, is in California, hobnobbing with big money, left-wing Hollywood donors as part of a closed-door conference put on by liberal fundraising network Democracy Alliance.” Then in the mother of all ironies he says,“ You see, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has a habit of putting her liberal crony friends ahead of Arizona.”

That’s exactly what billionaire socialist George Soros’s pal John McCain has done throughout his decades-long political career. If he wasn’t colluding with Ted  Kennedy, Russ Feingold or Hillary Clinton, he and his doppelganger Jeff Flake, busied themselves putting together the infamous amnesty promoting, La Raza-championed,  Gang of Eight, with far left Democrat  Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durban (D-IL), Robert Melendez (D-NJ), and Michael Bennet (D-CO). Arizonans McCain and Flake were joined by fellow amnesty-bent RINOs Marco Rubio (R-FL),and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in the so-called “bi-partisan” scheme.

The Daily Caller reported John McCain and Jeff Flake have the distinction of being neck-in-neck for the least popular U.S. Senator prize. Few Arizonans were surprised by the revelation.

We should never forget this is who they actually are — most comfortable with the most liberal of Washington insiders and laughingly backing their issues. Here it was amnesty:


9 Responses to McCain back in campaign mode: tacks right

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    So when will we be told that Luke AFB or David Monthan AFB are in danger of being closed down, as is the usual news during the run-up to McCain’s re-election bid?
    It’s always been his go-to lie.

    Regardless of McCain’s evil traits, you must realize that there are a helluvalotta Veterans living in AZ. And many are quick to say that they will vote for him, simply because he was a P.O.W.

    And speaking of the McCain family of liars, when will Megyn McCain–recently part of the Gang of 16 chicks who published the letter demanding that Trump fire Corey Lewandowski—-apologize?
    Since she appears to be her father’s daughter in every respect, my guess is the 12th of Never.

    • Retired in Mesa says:

      Calling women “chicks” is seriously disrespectful to my way of thinking. Time to join the 21st century.

      • Chic Chick says:

        I take being called a chick as a complement. Where’s the slur? It means youthful and attractive. An old hen is another story. There are much bigger things to get your nose out of joint over. Focus on McCain and McFlake.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    When the Senate Conservatives Fund advocates for replacing John McCain, it speaks volumes!

  3. William Heuisler says:

    McCain’s Alexandria, Virginia, REFORM INSTITUTE was formed to hide funding from Soros’ Left Wing OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE. Soros planned, incited and financially backed McCain-Feingold after expressing anger at many Republican election wins. He may have succeeded; IRS audits may have won the 2012 election for Obama, using McCain-Feingold to target Conservative groups with harassment, threats, unconstitutional, intimidating questions and long delays. Then our own IRS obstructed our justice for years – blamed “rogue agents” and destroyed evidence of voter-targeting in ex-IRS-Chief Lois Lerner’s computer.
    Nothing else has been done about this massive interference into our elective process. Maybe McCain can explain his role in Obama’s success in corrupting our system.
    This year may be our last chance to save our grand experiment in Freedom. This year we must concentrate on getting out the vote of all Republicans to elect a Conservative, patriotic Candidate in our August Arizona primary… and in our November General Election.

  4. Clementine says:

    John McCain is Arizona’s embarrassment. He is out of touch on critical issues and lies like a rug. Jeff Flake and his moronic and usually inappropriate grin is no different. All either of them care about is getting reelected. It’s power not the people that is their motivator.

  5. Annie O. says:

    I’m curious…..I wonder how much McCain’s donors are having to cough up to get on his delegate slate for the convention? They don’t call him the Godfather of AZ for nothing.

  6. Doc says:

    …we Arizonan’s are th’ butt of their jokes in D.C. ENUFF!!

    86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!! (and his boot-licker mcFlake right along with him!!)

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Saw this paid ad today on Breitbart:

    John McCain for U.S. Senate | JohnMcCain.comSenator John McCain, Arizona

    It left this out: