AZ GOP chair Robert Graham’s trickery exposed & UPDATE

More not-so-funny-business at AZ GOP  as anti-Graham resolution is derailed 

From Frosty Taylor’s Republican Briefs:

Former Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman AJ LaFaro has written to AZGOP Executive Director Avinash Iragavarapu requesting an explanation for reports that the AZGOP call letter for the April 30 convention will not include a resolution calling for Chairman Robert Graham’s resignation that LaFaro had re-submitted as directed by AZGOP officials. 

LaFaro writes: “…I must say, the continued lack of ethics and integrity within the AZGOP State Party and Staff never ceases to amaze me. The resolution I originally submitted on March 14th and was instructed by Tim Sifert to resubmit after being elected a state convention delegate is attached.”  LaFaro  resubmitted the resolution to  AZGOP officials on April 6, the day after he was elected a state delegate by LD18 PCs. LaFaro is a LD18 Precinct Committeeman, State Committeeman and State Convention Delegate.

AZGOP State Convention Delegates’ Resolution Demanding Chairman Robert Graham Resign

We, the 2016 State Convention Delegates of the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP) are obligated to hold all of our leaders accountable for their actions. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both in as much Robert Graham is by far one of the worst Party Chairman the AZGOP has ever endured. So with conviction we rise and declare:

WHEREAS, Chairman Robert Graham

  • has continued to violate the Arizona Revised Statutes, the Bylaws of the Arizona

Republican Party, the bylaws of several of the County and Legislative District Republican

Committees, and the latest Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order; and

  • has repeatedly disregarded and disrespected the will of an overwhelming majority of

the AZGOP State and Precinct Committeemen; and

  • has conducted dictatorial actions that have been calculated and an insidious conspiracy

– including but not limited to the unconstitutional 2016 State Convention poll tax – for his personal benefit, the benefit of his cronies and the Republican establishment cabal.

BE IT RESOLVED that Robert Graham’s constant intimidation, bullying, overreach and unilateral policies will no longer be tolerated;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the AZGOP State Convention Delegates censure Robert Graham for his continued disservice to our Party, State and Nation;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED the AZGOP State Convention Delegates have lost confidence in Robert Graham, will no longer support him or his actions and demand his immediate resignation.


It’s time for the AZGOP to be of the people, for the people and by the people. Not for Robert Graham’s personal benefit, the benefit of his cronies and the Republican establishment cabal.

That means it’s time for AZGOP Chair Robert Graham to go. Please join the statewide movement in demanding Robert Graham’s resignation by signing THIS PETITION

Are we to stand by and remain silent letting Robert Graham’s and the AZGOP’s abuses continue or take a stand and say enough is enough!

A. J. LaFaro
LD18 Precinct Committeeman, State Committeeman, State Convention Delegate
National Director, Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA)
Immediate Past Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)

14 Responses to AZ GOP chair Robert Graham’s trickery exposed & UPDATE

  1. jakesez says:

    Go AJ!! This may be like throwing rocks against the castle wall, but sooner or later the wall will crumle

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    I applaud AJ LaFaro. Robert Graham has much grander aspirations than chairing the Arizona Republican Party. He want to keep our voices tamped down so as not to intrude on his plans. Imagine him doing to the national party what he’s doing here!! Now he’s even imposed an unprecedented tax on state delegates voting in the presidential preference election. We are each being charged $50 to participate. Graham is the worst chair in my memory. This “poll tax” is the icing on the foul cake.

  3. SuzanneC says:

    Organize, Organize, Organize. Why does Graham keep winning the election? Because the PCs put in by McCain cronies and the people who are in there just to take up space. Also there is no pay, you must have your own money to take this position. I know Sandi Bartlett is always working to get good conservatives appointed and or elected to Precinct Committee people. But she is one person in one precinct. You need to organize in ever precinct and use the RINO tactics to get them appointed depending on the district. Right before the last election I was asked to get Travis Grantham to a meeting to run for Chairman, I thought that was a great idea so I set it up. He listened but he decided not to. We need a good conservative like that to be elected Chair, someone who will work at the job. Not show up once a week and leave the day to day operation to others like Matt Salmon did. Someone we know who is not an egomaniac like Graham. There are a few still left there in Arizona.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Travis Grantham was an impressive congressional candidate. I hope to see him more active in the Republican Party and perhaps even run again now that he knows the process from first hand experience.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    “. . . The only antidote to decades of ruinous rule by a small handful of elites is a bold infusion of popular will. . . ‘

    The above statement is contained in an Op-Ed published in the Wall Street Journal today. The person who penned the Op-Ed, which asks How is the System Working For You and Your Family, is
    Donald Trump.

    Here’s the link to the transcript:

    Whether you like him or not, he tells it like it is.

    The McCain/AZGOP virus has spread to Colorado and Missouri, and will likely continue its rampage through other States unless that antidote shows up.

    As the Colorado GOP chairman, Steve House, responded in a letter last week to a disgruntled Republican, ‘. . . go ahead and burn the party down. . . .’

    • kylelyles says:

      Democrat Draft Dodging Donnie seems to be doing a great job at burning the GOP down as an arsonist who walked through an open door.

      Graham, McInsane, Flakey are all enabled by drooling party line voters.

      The best way to rid ourselves of them is to work from the inside as they do, and until conservatives gain traction, vote Democratic until a conservative is elevated to run.

      Ann Kirkpatrick it is this November.

      • Frankly Speaking says:

        What are you thinking??? Conservative medical doctor and two term state senator Kelli Ward is a much superior replacement for McCain rather than liberal Ann Kirkpatrick. We need to ensure that Kelli Ward beats McCain in the Primary. You sound like a crazed liberal.

      • Doc says:

        kylelyles…I don’t normally…oh for God’s sake…nevermind.

        (…again…Monstrous restraint…oh Lord my head hurts…)

      • lowadobian says:

        You know it’s bad when a person could think voting Democrat is the antidote to the AZGOP establishment, especially in CD01. The likes of Babeu, his allegiance to Flake & McCain & Graham is what needs to be outted this time around. He’s running circles around the geriatric set in the entrenchef Pinal GOP Establishment. Go no further than Irene Littleton and the Saddle Brooke & Robson Ranch crowd. Babeu is like their favorite nephew who is robbing them blind, smiling all the way. 50% of Babeu’s campaign money is Dark & from out of State, mostly Cali. His latest stunt with a Term Limit “Pledge”? None other than a neat sounding idea funded by a huge Million dollar Harold Rich D.C. lobbying PAC. Flake, his man-crush took 1.5 million from Soros’s DCCC, Hillary’s largest fund source. The fish stinks from the head down, so go after these ” candidates” like Babeu before this cancer mestatisizes any further.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Trump is not my preferred candidate but I’ll support him if he’s the nominee. Not doing so gives us Hillary, which is far worse.
      I fear the GOP establishment’s scheme to force a contested convention which WILL destroy the Republican party.

  5. Vince says:

    Robert Graham is a shameless sham who spends his waking hours figuring out how best to reelect John McCain. He undoubtedly thinks the barely lucid McCain is his key to a secure future in the GOP. I suggest we alert him to the fact that McCain doesn’t have a secure future himself.

  6. Patriot Dad says:

    Robert Graham’s allegiance to the vile senate team of John McCain and Jeff McFlake has lost him support within my district. He embraces their Republicrat actions and has never called either of them out for their cozy relationships with Barack Obama. McCain is now indignant over the abuse of American veterans at the VA hospital here in his own backyard, but until it became a political issue for him to hang his reelection hat on, it was never on his radar. He has actually given the back of his hand to families of Vietnam MIAs and insulted the most vocal of those pleading for information which he refuses to share. After devoting her life to getting answers about the fate of her brother, she died without ever getting more than crass theatrics from McCain who continued to insult her and then exaggeratedly got up from his seat during her senate testimony and walked out. McCain sure knows how to show respect.

  7. Doc says:

    …o.k. I’ve tried 3 times to post on this topic here. But my RESPECT for you ALL won’t let me actually “POST” what I type.

    Suffice it to say that this evil person/crook/meth-head needs to go.

    (I’d like yous all to thank me for my MONUMENTAL restraint shown here this morning. My blood pressure’s now so high that it feels like th’ top of my head’s gonna’ explode!!)

  8. CD 8 PC says:

    So glad to see this on line petition. I’m sending the link out to my political email list. Good work in adding this important update, SRAZ! And kudos to AJ Lafaro for his determination to get the truth out. He’s a conservative hero!