McCain signs onto bill releasing thousands of criminal aliens

In an April 15, 2016 Action Alert, Numbers USA headlines that Arizona Sen.John McCain has signed onto a bill that would release thousands of criminal aliens into the U.S. with no deportations.

 Dear Arizona activists,

We have just learned that Sen. John McCain has become a cosponsor of S. 2123 — the Criminal Justice reform bill that could release tens of thousands of illegal aliens onto the streets.

Even as a member of the Senate Gang of 8, Sen. McCain has always been supportive for the rule of law and spoken against sanctuary cities. But S. 2123 would disproportionately favor non-citizens. According to government data, 77% of federal drug possession convictions and more than 25% of federal drug trafficking convictions in FY 2015 were non-citizens. It’s these criminal aliens that would be released from federal prisons and into our local communities if this bill becomes law. And unfortunately, the Obama Administration has shown little willingness to remove non-violent criminal aliens from the country.

You can read more on the bill here and here.

Numbers USA’s Chris Chmielenski, with the best of intentions though obviously not an Arizonan, urges calls to John McCain’s D.C. office  (202) 224-2235, advising us to tell the senate staffer to let McCain know that we’re disappointed in his support for S.2123 — the Criminal Justice Reform bill that would disproportionately benefit criminal illegals, and urge him to change his position on the bill. 

This is the John McCain — contemptuous of conservative opinions — Arizonans know all too well, which is why elected state delegates at the annual Statutory GOP Meeting overwhelmingly voted to censure him in 2014. The following year, John McCain and Jeff Flake were both greeted by the delegates with boos and turned backs.  Some attendees walked out.

Of “jump off the page” interest is the fact that the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary chaired by S. 2123 sponsor Sen. Chuck Grassley, is a veritable Who’s Who of John McCain and Jeff Flake’s notorious, amnesty pushing Gang of Eight cohorts, including Charles Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D -IL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — along with the two Arizona Sens. McCain and Flake. Marco Rubio (R-FL) found his involvement in the amnesty scheme derailed his presidential aspirations.

11 Responses to McCain signs onto bill releasing thousands of criminal aliens

  1. MacBeth says:

    What a surprise! McCain is proably hoping the grateful illegals will turn out in droves to vote for him as he runs for another 6 year term at age 80 !! This senile codger will be supporting illegals with his last breath. He has actually said he promised Ted Kennedy he would shepherd amnesty through as a tribute to their joint efforts on the destructive issue.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    McCain has never represented any Arizona Republicans because he’s always been a liberal at his core. He initially was elected to the US House from the east xalley to succeed well respected conservative congressional leader John Rhodes, Sr. who was retiring. As a returning Vietnam POW, McCain had a lot of cache (as well as cash, after ditching his wife to marry beer heiress, Cindy Hensley. )
    He had to be “persuaded” by the power brokers at the time, to run as a Republican. That “R” was forced on him and we’ve been saddled with the resulting maverick ever since.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’m sure this warms McCain’s heart. Ted would be overjoyed if he were still with us.

    And they’re ushered RIGHT THROUGH Mexico.

  4. Doc says:


    86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!

  5. LD 25 PC says:

    I view John McCain as an embarrassment and a huge blemish on this great state. Jeff Flake is every bit as devious and left leaning and is younger which makes him even more dangerous. But my politically conservative East Valley friends will continue to support him because they all go to the same church and that appears to take priority status with them, something I will never understand, since the consequences are dire.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    US LAWS CURRENTLY ON THE BOOKS—believe it or not:
    (1) foreign nationals in the US must at least avoid criminal activity,

    (2) foreigners must stay off public assistance,

    (3) the US govt is disinclined to grant “asylum” (means a free ride on the US gravy train and endless SS payments) to “fearful refugees” from war-torn Islamic regions,

    (4) on-the-book govt mandates force struggling taxpayers to foot the bill for the refugees to go back and forth between America and their supposedly hostile homelands on the taxpayers’ dime.

    (NOTE: The Tsarnev bomber’s family was flown to his Boston trial on the taxpyers’ dime. While planning the bombing the entire family—of all ages from elderly to newborn—pocketed every known Massachusetts and US govt handout.)

    • jakesez says:

      It all depends on who is or who is not enforcing the laws. There is no longer equal justice under the law it is now how much money or how many votes you can deliver.

  7. Annie O. says:

    What? He’s not even going to pretend to be a conservative during his primary? Oh, that’s right, he needs those sympathetic illegal immigrant votes in the fall, since the Republicans have managed to muddle the primary in his favor…..again!

    • PVPC says:

      It’s either done by design, collusion woith McCain operatives or abject stupidity, but whatever the source, the final outcome benefits McCain. We are beset by colossal egos and snakes.

  8. Carl Leathers says:

    McCain’s name isn’t on the list of co sponsors.

    • Seen It All says:

      Of course not. All of his amnesty cronies and his “illegitimate son” Jeff Flake are covering him. He knew he was coming up on an election year, so kept his fingerprints off of the bill. How naive are you??