Vote NO on deceptive Prop. 123

Special Election May 17, 2016 — Early balloting begins April 20

Proposition 123 is being heralded as Arizona’s education panacea, providing school funding without raising taxes. If you believe in the tooth fairy, this will be right up your alley. Ballots are being mailed this week. We all have busy lives, but it’s imperative we get up to speed on the ramifications of this proposition.

Ask yourself why current state treasurer Jeff DeWit and previous treasurers Carol Springer and Dean Martin oppose amending the Arizona Constitution, raiding our state’s Permanent Land Trust Endowment and guaranteeing tax increases, including raising your property taxes without adequately addressing our state’s school funding problems. As Arizona’s Chief Banker and Investment Officer, Treasurer DeWit oversees more than $13 Billion in state assets and serves as an investment manager for local governments. His extensive background in finance makes him a credible source on this issue.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office provides arguments filed for and against Proposition 123. Since we strongly oppose the measure, we are providing the No on Prop. 123 opinions. Read them over carefully.

This brief video explains the better answer to school funding for Arizona‘s students   Protect the future of Arizona’s K-12 education system. More information is available here.

7 reasons to vote NO on Prop. 123

Prop 123 in a nutshell.

What got us here?

A different path to take.

Knowledge is power. Vote wisely. Our children and their futures are too important for this quick, but deceptive, fix.

Arizona’s K-12 education system is underfunded, but Proposition 123 will make sure it stays that way for the next generation. No one would argue that Arizona’s schools have enough money.  We all know that Arizona students deserve better, but Proposition 123 doesn’t solve the problem.  It doesn’t bring any revenue that is not currently owed to our schools, it spends future money today, while constitutionally limiting spending for future students.

6 Responses to Vote NO on deceptive Prop. 123

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    Today, Monday April 18th, is the last day to register to vote in this important election. You can do it online:

    Register as a Republican so you can vote in the all important primary election where we select our best candidates to challenge the democrats. You can be as “Independent” as you’d like in the General Election. But the primaries are where each party selects the candidates who appear on the general election ballot.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Thanks for this information. Prop. 123 sounds like nothing short of a “smoke and mirrors” recipe for disaster. Glad SRAZ stepped up with clarification on the issue. Whenever we’re told “it’s for the children” there’s usually a catch. Prop 123 appears to be a major one! I’m all for supporting the best education possible to make our kids competitive in the global economy, but this “fix” to our state Constitution is clearly not the answer. I’ve read the best course of action is known as STEM, incorporating high levels of Science. Technology. Engineering and Mathematics into the curriculum. The schools are lax on these basics, instead promoting the disputed “science” of global warming, recycling and Homosexual/transgender acceptance. Ask a middle schooler to find Japan or England on a map, or explain our system of government. You’ll be shocked by their ineptitude. Many schools have done away with teaching cursive handwriting. Our kids are being systematically dumbed down by the liberal, unionist teachers they spend the greater portion of their days with.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Prop. 123 has been controversial so it takes special investigating to figure out how to vote. Last night on Politics Unplugged, Jeff DeWit was explaining reasons to vote no. It made sense to me. Now this morning, SRAZ has covered all the bases and I’ll vote no and encourage others to do the same. These propositions are tricky on purpose. A Republican may see that Ducey supports it and automatically vote for it. Jeff DeWit and SRAZ are conservative and I trust that more.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      I agree with your perspective on this proposition. I’m distrustful of Doug McDucey and his establishment ties. Treasurer DeWit has already announced he will not be running for a second term, so he has no horse in the race other than truth. How refreshing!
      I also trust Seeing Red AZ for a conservative vantage point.

  4. Observer says:

    After reading through the election guide mailed out from the Secretary of State’s Office, I had reached the same conclusion on Proposition 123 as SRAZ. When I saw the cast of characters in support, including the Chambers of Commerce, I knew this was another scam by the very people who promote the continued influx of illegals whose non-English speaking kids have flooded our schools and put American students at a disadvantage. With each name that jumped off the page of the voter guide, and I don’t claim to know them all, I became more leery of this scheme.

  5. Jennifer Jones says:

    The La Paz County Republican Committee officially opposes Prop 123.