McCain plagued by severe case of tax amnesia

In another zany email, John McCain noted on Monday — tax  day — that “millions are finalizing their tax returns and cringing at just how much they have to keep sending to Uncle Sam.” He says, “This year, they have one person to thank for higher taxes: Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick.” 

Calling us “friend” repeatedly throughout his fundraising plea, amnesty supporter (cost per state) McCain asserts that he’s “going to be honest” — finally acknowledging he most often isn’t.

As he begs for money, McCain actually states: “I am always working and voting for bills that will lower taxes and lessen the burden that government places on our families. But I must have your help to fight back and win.”

McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and running for another 6-year term, appears to be suffering from…ahem…shall we say, memory loss? His bonding to tax increases is long and renown. In 2001, he broke party ranks to oppose President Bush’s tax cut, a vote he continued to defend.  This has long been his modus operandi. Over three decades ago, in 1983 McCain voted to raise Social Security taxes as part of a “reform package” that was enacted into law.

Liberal Kirkpatrick, like McCain, has repeatedly chosen Washington and left-wing D.C. cronies over Arizonans, and with his long-standing penchant for tax increases, the case is easily made the two are on the same side of the issue.

But McCain, who neglects to mention his very able primary opponent, Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician and two-term state senator, sticks to his script and says, “my campaign against Congresswoman Kirkpatrick is not going to be easy. My reelection is being targeted by the National Democrats and Harry Reid and she is going to have unlimited resources in her effort to defeat me — that’s millions of liberal dollars flowing into the state. “

Make no mistake.  We at SRAZ are not Kirkpatrick supporters.  But duplicity from those claiming to be Republicans is harder to take than lies from Democrats, which we expect. 

McCain continues, citing the deceptive Robert Graham to validate his claims. “But, Friend, don’t just take my word for it. Earlier this week, Arizona Republican party Chairman Robert Graham said, “Ann Kirkpatrick and her fellow tax-and-spend liberals insist on pushing their liberal agenda and forcing the rest of us to pay for it.”

Arizonans deserve better.  Follow the lead of Senate Conservatives Fund.

9 Responses to McCain plagued by severe case of tax amnesia

  1. State Delegate says:

    John McCain is married to a beer heiress worth 100s of millions. He’s also in the pocket of Washington lobbyists who keep him well supplied with $$$. He has a lot of nerve begging for donations from the rest of us. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last man standing. Dr. Kelli Ward is impressive. She has my vote.

    Arizona state delegates voted to censure McCain for a reason! He’s worked hard over the years to earn our contempt.

  2. Vince says:

    John McCain is unworthy of support based on his longstanding deceit, arrogance, lack of a grasp of basic issues and his obvious contempt for the Republicans who keep him in office. Now at 80, he’s running for yet another six year term? Give me a break! Give us all a break!

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    We, the legal citizens of America, have been lied to; marginalized, and have our lives put at risk due to those in Congress who continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies.

    Take a look at what happened in a House hearing today on immigration.

    Look at the faces of family members of Americans who have lost their lives at the hands of illegals.

    Multliple stories regarding those family members who testified at the House hearing are posted on today.

    One mom broke down in tears, reading the autopsy report of her school-age child who had been tortured then murdered by an illegal who then took himself to a movie.

    Another mom stated that her daughter’s killer was allowed to post a bond of five thousand dollars, and is of course now nowhere to be found.

    And the latest from the WH: A proposal to place a very onerous tax on each and every firearm that you legally possess.

    Everywhere you look in the Senate, House, WH, and SCOTUS you see treasonous acts being committed.

    Please work to defeat McCain.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Actress and publisher – Lena Dunham – I’d put that in quotes – is a foul-mouth whose mind is always on leftwing politics and breaking down sexual barriers. Her dream ‘girl band’ includes Cindy McCain among others on the Left. Everyone knows the McCain family is full of Democrats who call themselves Republicans for what reason I don’t know – there must be a political advantage.

    Lena Dunham Creates Dream Coachella Girl Band B.I.T.C.H. with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Jill Biden, Cindy McCain – Breitbart

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The real reason is he despises Trump and Cruz. Jeb Bush isn’t going either. They’ll all vote for Hillary for president.

    McCain to skip GOP convention | TheHill

  6. Kent says:

    McCain doesn’t need our money! He owns 8 homes and is married to a multimillionaire beer distributorship heiress. Contribute to Dr. Kelli Ward, an actual conservative with a proven track record in the AZ senate. She is also equipped to decimate Obamacare.

    McCain ignores her because she’s so much smarter than he is. That’s fear based sweat trickling down his leg.

  7. Army Of One says:

    I’ve been conducting my own mini poll among people I know and those I meet. I have yet to find a McCain supporter. Judging by this obviously unscientific survey, I’d have to conclude the senior senator is in a world of hurt. As Doc says, 86 the 80 year old.