McSkewed survey: Smoke, mirrors, hand in your pocket

McCain strategists obviously turn to focus groups as Arizonans continue to get McScrewed

In another of his campaign beg-a-thon emails to his “friends,” John McCain has included a survey. The 80-year-old aisle-crossing maverick running for another six-year term, and who has been a key advisor to the Obama White House, is once again a candidate, and disingenuously talking tough. He’s also acting as if he cares about those of us outside the D.C. beltway.  “I’m taking the fight to President Obama and I want your help to prioritize my next step. Please take just 30 seconds to share your opinion on five important issues in our country,” McCain pleads.

Of course it’s a fraud, just like everything else McCain hypes or touches. He doesn’t care what the answers to the insultingly ridiculous questions are.  He wants our money. By now he’s sent us so many donation solicitations that he signs off chummily as “John.”

His McSurvey asks inane questions on Veterans, National Security, the Economy, Immigration and Education —- all of which have suffered under John McCain’s watch. The choice of answers are Yes, No and Not Sure.

A sample of the questions:

Do you agree that veterans should have choice in their health care and not be locked into a broken system?

Do you think Arizona’s military assets are important to our national security? Do you agree with the President and Democrats that the sanctions on Iran – a country with known ties to terrorists – should be lifted, even after it violated the terms of the agreement?

Are you concerned about America’s out-of-control federal debt — now nearly $19 trillion and rising?

Are you concerned by President Barack Obama’s handling of our nation’s border security and the flow of illegal immigrants to the United States?

In the last few years, I helped stabilize pay rates for Border Patrol agents in Arizona, effectively providing more man power on the border. And just last year, the National Defense bill directed more than $170 million to critical border projects, including towers, communications, and critical air assets used by law enforcement. Do you believe these are important steps to securing our border?

 Strong schools make Arizona’s economy stronger, providing more opportunities to retain local talent – do you agree?

Had enough of the campaign related blather from the dodgy codger? Here’s the logical solution.

7 Responses to McSkewed survey: Smoke, mirrors, hand in your pocket

  1. Rob Haney. says:

    The Manchurian Candidate….Those who know him best like him least.

  2. Doc says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it until his sorry ass is UNEMPLOYED:

    86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!

    …jeez whatta’ pig…”friend”…whatever, dood. You ain’t my friend.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Dear McTraitor,
    The issues that you list in the letter—border security; healthcare for veterans, the federal debt, etc—-are ALL issues that matter to legal American citizens, but apparently not to you.

    Actions speak louder than words.
    So take some action — pack your navy blue blazer and tasseled loafers in your Louis Vuitton luggage and retire–preferably to some foreign country. And take your gang members with you.


    Note to All:
    Senator Chuck Schumer (D) (NY) announced this week that The Gang of 8 will be back, pushing for amnesty like never before, in 2017.

    Meanwhile, McCain’s token female lackey, Kelly Ayotte, is in for the re-election fight of her life. Planned Parenthood has released a statement that they will work to defeat her. And there are others running against her.

  4. Army Of One says:

    For McCain to act as though veterans are a priority is insulting. Veterans, especially here in McCain’s home state of Arizona, have suffered excessive wait times for care and other abuses at the Phoenix VA leading to the deaths of dozens of patients. Outrage followed when the internal cover ups were exposed and finally the foot dragging McCain jumped onboard and showed enough indignation to give him some positive press. Resignations of the vastly overpaid VA brass did little to improve service or restore trust in the shameful system that let our service men and women down. McCain doesn’t care for vets in Arizona or anywhere else in the US unless it benefits him.

    I’ve previously posted this video of John McCain angrily walking out of a senate hearing on Vietnam MIAs while the sister of one was testifying.. She chaired the National Alliance for the Return of America’s Missing Servicemen, and dedicated her life to finding answers. Deal maker McCain has never wanted to pursue any, leaving us to wonder why a POW such as McCain would react in such an abusive manner.

  5. William Heuisler says:

    McCain Decoy, Alex Meluskey chose a known felon as his Senate Primary campaign manager in February of 2015. A records check would have shown PT Burton had been convicted of kidnapping & Armed Robbery. Did Meluskey read PT Burton’s LinkedIn Profile listing Burton as Senior Marketing Director for Shane Krauser Enterprises? (Krauser was a Maricopa County Prosecutor convicted of mass Fraud in 2014). Meluskey’s 2015 AZ Corporation Commission (ACC) application of record links him to Robert Morris Group (RMG) President Craig Bergman, Director Joel Frewa & RMG “Corporate Partner” PT Burton.
    Remember Burton engineered a 2015 Scottsdale Resort fraud, stealing thousands from Tea Partiers. Note Bergman and Frewa (RMG officers) call themselves “victims and witnesses” of the fraud, but neither man lost a dime. And RMG Director Joel Frewa (Meluskey’s Communications Director and a Krauser employee) was Burton’s friend and roommate all during the 3-month-long 2015 Resort fraud.

    Why did Meluskey ignore “Director” Burton’s (Linkedin) working with known felon Shane Krauser?
    In 2014 (as Meluskey admitted printing false election slates to steal seats in Precinct 59 Bronco) County Prosecutor Shane Krauser was publicly admitting stealing $2.07 million from AZ investors.

    Click to access 140909Securities.pdf

    Craig Bergman, President of RMG, is Meluskey’s new Campaign Chairman. Frewa, Director of East Coast Operations at RMG, is Meluskey’s communications Director. Burton was “corporate partner” at RMG and was Meluskey’s Director & Campaign Chair. All were part of the Bergman, RMG, Krauser “Liberty Enterprise” network of talk radio, fire arms training, legal service, publishing agencies and “Liberty” Companies that spawned the 3 month Liberty Promotions Scottsdale Resort Fraud.

    Meluskey supposedly “fired” PT Burton, after his 2015 Krauser Liberty Promotions’ paid-for non-event at Scottsdale Resort. But Burton’s Linked-In Profile as Meluskey “National Campaign Advisor” admits Meluskey was (and has always been) controlled by the same Craig Bergman, Judd Saul, Joel Frewa, Shane Krauser network – all interconnected with Liberty Companies and the Robert Morris Group.

    Why do criminal connections matter? Why does McCain-decoy-Meluskey carelessness matter?
    Will anyone vote for a candidate who surrounds himself with criminals? We already have one.
    And we know many Senate Primary campaigns are exercises in criminal contempt for their voters.

    McCain DC allies like Senator Lindsey Graham “invest” millions to weaken State Primary opposition. Graham is a Director of McCain’s “Reform Institute Super PAC”. Graham’s “West Main Street Values PAC” and McCain’s “Reform Institute” have been exchanging secret campaign money for decades.
    Graham spent over two million to arrange 6 Republican decoys in his (2014) South Carolina Primary.

    Frauds like McCain and Graham pay frauds like Meluskey to deceive their own voters every 6 years. Meluskey has spent a half million according to FEC reports, but no real source for the money is listed with the FEC as required by law.

    Tee shirts, signs, TV ads and resort conventions do not hurt McCain or Graham, but if they convince enough Republican voters that decoys like Meluskey are real candidates, the frauds will always win.
    Bill Heuisler 520-403-2939

  6. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The Senate Conservatives Fund has devoted a full and informative page to defeating John McCain. It carries the headline “Retiro John McCain. ” As a lifelong Arizona resident and conservative GOP activist, that strums my heartstrings!! He carpet bagged into Arizona and as the consumate DC insider, has never represented us. He was a lobbyist before coming to Arizona to run for Congress.