Tom Cotton: A Cotton Pickin’ McDisappointment!

Did you know John McCain has Islamic terrorists running scared?

This, the latest fund-raising plea for John McCain, comes from Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton:

“Let’s get straight to the point,” says Cotton.

“If John McCain isn’t in the United States Senate, it’s a big win for radical Islam. There isn’t anyone in this country — especially any liberals — who can and will do more to fight terrorists than John McCain.”

Is this an example of his expertise, Sen. Cotton?

Or this 2013 misstep? A statement released by John McCain’s senate office termed it “regrettable” if the identities of the men photographed with him in Syria were confirmed to be individuals responsible for a terrorist sponsored kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims, as reported in the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper.

John McCain was ensconced in his plush senate office when Islamic jihadis beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in 2015.  The fact that McCain was in the senate when ISIS burned a caged Jordanian pilot alive was of no consequence to the sadistic terrorists. 

On Wednesday, with John McCain still in the U.S. Senate, atrocities continue to be committed. An official for the Kurdistan Democratic Party told Iranian news agency ABNA ISIS has been forcing women into arranged “marriages” with ISIS fighters — and have executed women and girls who refuse. The official said “at least 250 girls have so far been executed … and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed.”

This list of Islamic terror attacks on American soil is courtesy of the Religion of Peace website.

McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and is running for another 6-year term, is obviously doing a bang-up job of eradicating “radical Islam.”  He was first elected in 1982 — when Sen. Tom Cotton.was five. 

We can do better.

14 Responses to Tom Cotton: A Cotton Pickin’ McDisappointment!

  1. Former GOP PC says:

    Is Sen. Cotton aware that John McCain was censured by Republican elected state committeemen at thw statutory meeting by an overwhelming vote of 1,150 in support with only 351 opposed? He has worked against conservatives throughout his overly long career, colluding with IRS’s Lois Lerner and liberal Sen. Carl Levin to target what he dismissively referred to as “Tea Partiers.”

    He worked (behind the skirts of his surrogates) with San Francisco based liberal Obama donors to remove conservative elected precinct committeemen after the embarrassing censure. My wife and I dedicated years to the AZ GOP only to be kicked to the curb and replaced by McCain friendly Vietnamese brand new PCs who have never showed up at a district meeting.

    • Doc says:

      …cotton’s just another mcTraitor bootlicker. Worthless. Abso-freekin’-lutely worthless.

      86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!

    • Ellsworth says:

      Cotton is currying favor with McCain because he thinks there’s a benefit for him in the deal. That’s the DC game. It’s all about retaining power and grasping onto the money needed to keep a lock on it. As long as they hold elective office, none of them are any different. McCain has worn out whatever “welcome” he might have had when he carpet bagged into Arizona to run for Congress.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    Senator John McCain recently supported immigration from Syria. He has promoted illegal Immigrant “Amnesty” for 30 years: 3 Dream Acts in 2001, McCain-Kennedy in 2005 and Gang of 8 in 2013 – all since the 9/11 attack. Remember, all the 9/11 hijackers had work/travel/student visas. All had similar visas as those proposed in McCain-Kennedy & Gang of 8. Had the visas been rejected, or “overstays” deported, 9/11 would not have happened! But most overstays are still not deported and we issue thousands of visas to Muslims. Center for Immigration Studies Director, Mark Krikorian, testified to Congress, “The number of student visas issued to Saudis is up more than 500 percent from 9/11.”
    US voters want immigration stopped so wages can rise, middle class expand and new immigrants assimilate. A Pew poll found only 7% of Republican voters want more immigration into the United States (another poll found 80% want immigration cut by 90%).
    Only 4% of voters agree with McCain, Gutierrez and the Chamber of Commerce that, “Willing employers should be able to hire any willing worker no matter where they come from.” This is McCain, Schumer and Gutierrez’s “Open Borders Credo”.

  3. Army Of One says:

    Tom Cotton should have plenty to do in Arkansas without meddling in Arizona politics. John McCain is reviled by conservatives but is able to get reelected with the votes of newcomers who only recognize his name and the senior citizens who believe his tales of heroism. When he ran for president, vets who served with him released videos rebuking the selfless deeds McCain promoted.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Tom Cotton caught my attention when he was first elected. He has a fine military background and was conservative. Then he started showing up on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show – Hewitt, the liberal “Republican” who calls himself “conservative.” The only conservative thing about Tom Cotton is his good record in the military. To see that McCain got hold of him is sad. Hewitt is another McCain toady. Tom Cotton could be had – sorry to see this.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Senator Cotton has voted No to five various disaster relief bills.
    From Arkansas, which is no stranger to natural disasters (aside from the Clintons), he consistently votes No to aiding his fellow Americans.

    Re: the McCains:
    Here’s something that I found today on the website for the
    (Cindy) Hensley beer baron website.

    Seems that the family is pulling out all the stops, after all these years.

    Hensley is sponsoring a U.S. Vet Walk/Run event, first time ever, in May.

    Here’s the link:

    Interesting how McCain always remembers the Veterans at election time.

    • jojo says:

      And they wonder why we want TRUMP! It’s all one UNIPARTY. Defund the GOP. Break ’em. GO TRUMP

    • William Heuisler says:

      Sam, McCain is loathed by most Vets who know how he has harmed MIAs and POWs. All our POWs were not free when McCain left Hanoi in 1973. Worse, McCain blocked a POW Truth Bill in 1990 and the Missing Service Personnel Act in 1996. We all should ask him why. Voters must look this up. Stockdale’s Book: “In love & War” (page 254) and in HR1147- the Truth Bill.
      Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator John McCain has inexplicably sponsored and pushed into law measures that have needlessly classified information about our POWs who never came home, McCain has spent decades hiding critical details about POWs and MIAs, halting efforts to bring them home, or at least to learn their fate. Why would he do such a terrible thing to our fighting men and their families?
      The secrets McCain has helped hide came from multiple sources including official documents, radio intercepts, satellite photos of rescue symbols, witness depositions and details of a twice aborted rescue mission by our Special Forces.
      This Hensley hypocrisy gives us all a chance to ask Cindy and John about the Truth Bill he killed.

  6. Rob Haney. says:

    I want to salute Seeing Red AZ for being the only source of investigative journalism which consistently exposes the lies and deceit of the most reviled member of the U.S. Senate. He can only maintain his exalted status through the backing of the Republican Establishment who, both nationally and locally, enthusiastically support this Manchurian candidate.

    You and I know who these people are…Ducey, Brewer, the congressmen, AZ State Representatives, Chambers of Commerce, lobbyists, paid fund raisers, drive by media, the list goes on and on. They are more responsible for the downfall of the Republican Party than McCain. They are the enablers. Without them, McCain would have gone nowhere.

    A whole syndicate of protective RINOs has grown up about this fraud of a being who has destroyed the Republican Party through his wanton collusion with Constitution betraying Democrat Party politicians.

    Thank you Seeing Red AZ. We would have no resource for the truth if you did not provide the forum.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Rob Haney:
      As a known conservative and twice elected Maricopa County Republican chairman, your kind words are appreciated.

      Now, more than ever, as we approach a defining senate race in critical times, we feel an obligation to reveal the truth about John McCain. Senate terms are six years long and as we have seen, he is capable of doing a lot of damage to the Republican Party and our nation. It’s time to do whatever we can to put an end to his overly long career.

      Senate Conservatives Fund President Ken Cuccinelli, was quoted as saying, “There are few Republicans who have betrayed our conservative principles more than John McCain.” Cuccinelli pulled no punches, citing, “The McCain-Kennedy and ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bills that offered amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. He also voted for the Wall Street bailout, Obamacare funding, the $600 billion ‘fiscal cliff’ tax hike, and to raise the debt limit 14 different times!”

      The conservative organization has a page devoted to “Retire John McCain.”

      Seeing Red AZ supports Dr. Kelli Ward in this contest. As a two-term state senator, she is a known entity. As a physician, she is eminently qualified to address the calamity known as Obamacare.

    • William Heuisler says:

      This is the year we destroy his decoy and destroy McCain. Be of good cheer and get every person you know to the polls this August. This is the year.

    • Doc says:

      Mr. Haney & SRAZ: Both of you are fine examples of the kind of Patriotism we need in America. Thank You Both & I appreciate you.

  7. CultureShocked says:

    It is difficult to accept the fact the Sen Cotton has been at the Kool-aid as he was the only senator to vote NOT to give obama free reign to make the Iran deal. Remember the sell-out was 99 to 1.