Hillary miscalculates Obama’s cache

Obama’s third term comes packaged in a coughing, bloated and shrill persona 

Hillary has picked a bad time to run for Obama’s third term. After the mayor of London called Obama out for his Kenyan allegiances as the cause for threatening Great Britain with trade sanctions if it leaves the EU, the Germans have taken to the streets expressing their fury with Barack Obama.

The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has run into major opposition, especially in Germany, Europe’s strongest economy. Tens of thousands protested as Obama arrived in Germany to pitch his trade deal.  The city of Hanover, alone, drew a crowd reported to be 90,000 anti-Obama demonstrators.

Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership was another mind-boggling power grab authorizing irreversible authority, since treaties supersede statutes under the U.S. Constitution. 

Yet liberals on CNN have gleefully declared Hillary is embracing Obama’s third term “wholeheartedly.” That strategy would obviously be problematic with an informed electorate. The Democrats, however, rely on pathetically uninformed, fraudulent, illegals and convicted felon voters.


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  1. Realist says:

    Committed leftist and militant feminist Camille Paglia, has questioned the realities of Hillary’s obvious health problems and suggested something serious is going on with her general health, from her misshapen body and uncontrollable cough to her bulging eyes, typical of chronic thyroid problems.

    But that’s the least of it. Hillary Clinton’s far left ideology and dishonest dealings will be the icing on Obama’s America-hating cake. I’m a Cruz supporter, but realize that even Donald Trump presents a better alternative than this obsessive and deceitful liberal. Remember Obama Care was originally her idea when her husband Slick Willy was president.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Picture THIS with Hillary’s head superimposed. Could you take that for another four or eight years??? Can your kids and theirs survive this liberal lunacy as America is reconfigured into the left’s ideal image??


  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Even though this woman’s been around for decades and has been in politics the whole time doesn’t mean she’s qualified to be president. This video is a good insight into her character. She lies – that’s what she does. Period. Will she pay? Only Obama knows for sure.


  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off topic, but if you are a Trump supporter this is of interest.

    From the article by A.J. LaFaro: ” On March 22, 286,743 Arizona voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump to be the Republican Party presidential nominee. Ted Cruz got 172,294 votes – fewer votes than Bernie Sanders – in a state that is supposed to be conservative. ” But Robert McGraham is not trusted to play fair.

    Arizona GOP elite says Trump voters don’t matter | Arizona Capitol Times

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    As the beautiful countries of Europe have disintegrated into the catastrophe that is the European Union, today we learn that Hillary and Bill have jumped on Obama’s bandwagon: NO EXIT for Britain from the EU, unless you want to suffer the wrath of the US. Yes, the US will open trade to Cuba and Iran; however if Brits don’t vote as Obama says, there will be hell to pay on the trade front for Merry Old England.

    The diabolical plan designed by George Soros and his minions to bring about one world government used Europe as their petri dish.
    And with the immigrant muslims bringing in bacteria, viruses, and other contagious illnesses not often seen outside of the MIddle East and Africa, there are not petri dishes in existence to identify the dangers ahead.

    On April 23, British journalist Peter Hitchens published a column containing historical information that I had never previously read.

    Seems that the US government has used some very effective shake-down tactics towards Britain over the years.

    All the dominoes are already lined up. Only awaiting the slightest nudge from either Obama or Hillary.

    If there are any patriotic Brits left who are not deep into drink and drugs and on the public dole (huge problem there), I hope that they vote to exit the EU.
    Muslims play a big role, now, in British government, especially the Parliament.

    Here’s the link to the column written by British journalist, Mr. Hitchens, entitled “America Is Not Our Special Friend”


    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Thank you, Sam, for your excellent overview. The points you make regarding Obama’s kid glove treatment of Cuba and Iran juxtaposed against the arrogace shown to our European allies should horrify every American. Unfortunately too few are paying attention.

  6. azgary says:

    Senator Ted Cruz Did Support TPA – and Secretary Kerry asked China To Join TPP a Week ago…

    • Doc says:

      Good morning all. As you all may know, I’ve been a Ted Cruz supporter since he announced. HOWEVER, that changed with this morning’s announcement that Senator Cruz will team with R.I.N.O. spoiler john “1 for 39” kasich to try & stop the Trump Juggernaut. As far as I’m concerned, this crosses a line that can’t be tolerated. The surety is that kasich will be either Cruz’s running mate, which means that even a Sanders election isn’t impossible, or he’ll get some high ranking cabinet position which again, isn’t tolerable. Mr. “1 for 39” being in any position of authority is unacceptable in my not very humble opinion.

      …NEVER shrillary (a.k.a. Jabba th’ Hut)
      86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD!!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Good morning Doc,
        Just the other day I saw where Kasich was in the process of choosing a running mate (v.p.). I laughed. To see what he and Ted Cruz are doing now is unacceptable. Taking orders from the RCC – RINO Central Command? It’s getting more ridiculous by the day. As soon as I can, I’m getting back out of the Republican party.