Leftwing AZ Republic goes to bat for John McCain

Republic’s parent company Gannett pushing hostile takeover of Tribune Publishing

The front page of the left -of-center Arizona Republic was ablaze with an above-the-fold article and photo featuring an intense looking John McCain. He’s very concerned, donc’ha know, about what the newspaper refers to as “tales of suffering caused to Navajos by the Gold King Mine toxic spill.” McCain is also distressed about veterans. It’s election season and after decades in D.C. Arizona’s senior senator — who will be 80 by Election Day and is running for yet another 6-year term — knows how to gin up votes. With his overly long career on the line, he can’t afford to dismiss any potential constituencies these days.

McCain, who was literally chased off the Navajo Nation by tribal members, and told to “Get off our land,” less than a year ago, has recently developed an epiphany regarding Navajo issues. He needs tribal votes in a race that resembles a disastrous career ender for him.  His reception was similar to the one CD-1 Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick received from constituents assembled at a local grocery store for a town hall meeting that went very much awry. She wanted no part of a question and answer session and high tailed it out within minutes to hoots and hollers.  A man in the crowd reminded her, “You’re our employee!” Her abrupt exit was cheered, along with the shout, “Don’t come back!”

Expect John McCain to take another border stroll and make promises to “secure the border“ he has no intention of keeping. This deceitful behavior wins him prime space and accolades at the pro-illegal alien, pro-amnesty, Gannett-owned  Arizona Republic.

If the news conglomerate is successful in its unsolicited bid to buy out the majority of publishing entities for $815 Million, it will control the nation’s news as it does Arizona’s.

 According to it’s own press release, Gannett Co. Inc.,  which recently completed the $280 million acquisition of Journal Media Group. is “disappointed” that Tribune Publishing has refused its “highly compelling” offer. Gannett currently owns 108 newspapers and their affiliated digital properties which now comprise the newly created USA TODAY NETWORK.

If successful in its  takeover, George Orwell’s best seller “1984 ”will have come to pass. Read our April 3, 2013 account of Winston Smith. It will fill in the blanks.


6 Responses to Leftwing AZ Republic goes to bat for John McCain

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    So, it’s “Unwavering Commitment to Journalistic Excellence and Delivering Superior Content on All Platforms. . . ”

    Wow, at least the CEO of Gannett, Mr. Dickey, knows how to put multi-syllable words together.

    Too bad it’s a lie, a whole bunch of lies, a big fat grouping of lies.

    Linked on drudge, today:
    “Gannett Co. (GCI), which owns USA TODAY and more than 100 other media properties across the country, said Monday it offered to buy Tribune Publishing (TPUB) for about $815 million, its second big expansion move since spinning off from its former parent less than a year ago.

    In a letter to Justin Dearborn, CEO of Tribune, which owns the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and nine other dailies, Gannett CEO Robert Dickey reiterated Monday a private April 12 offer to pay $12.25 per share, a 63% premium to Tribune’s closing stock price last Friday. Gannett’s deal includes assuming $390 million of Tribune’s debt outstanding as of Dec. 31, 2015.

    The offer price is about 5.6 times Tribune’s estimated 2016 earnings before interest, taxes and other items (EBITDA). Gannett estimates about $50 million a year in “synergies” savings. Gannett owns USA TODAY plus 107 local news organizations including the Detroit Free Press, Cincinnati Enquirer, Des Moines Register, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Arizona Republic.

    “We believe Tribune shares the new Gannett’s unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence and delivering superior content on all platforms,” Gannett CEO Robert Dickey said in a statement Monday. “In this respect, the proposed combination of Gannett and Tribune would bring together two highly complementary organizations with a shared goal of providing trusted, premium content for the readers and communities we serve. . . “

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    News is no longer the purview of unbiased journalists. Rather it a liberal monopoly run by toadies of the controlling interests. Our kids are being force fed liberalism by unionist teachers in government schools and the rest of us are getting filtered content delivered by conglomerates such as Gannett. I hope the Tribune newspapers tells Robert Dickey (Gannett’s President and CEO) where to stick it.

  3. Villanova says:

    We Arizonans know all too well what the Arizona Repugnant is all about. Few are still subscribers since not many people want to pay money to have their intelligence insulted on a daily basis when the day old (stale) news arrives. Today’s news is ubiquitous and instantaneous, and it can come from conservative sites rather than the John McCain endorsing leftist local newspaper.

    That Gannett is finagling to coerce the Tribune papers to fall into its syndicate is beyond reprehensible. Americans want choice not regurgitation. This reminds me of repressive regimes that are the sole dispenser of information to the peons.

  4. Realist says:

    “Gannett proposes to acquire” is new speak for hostile takeover. Thanks for the link to the Seeing Red AZ Winston Smith post. Very apropos.

  5. MacBeth says:

    Gannett = Pravda.
    We own the news and tell the populace how and what to think.

    Don’t anti-trust laws apply here? Where’s the competition??

  6. Tom Dodson says:

    I parted ways with the leftwing illegal alien loving rag Arizona Republic years ago. Of course they support John McCain. I will be voting for Dr. Kelli Ward in the August Primary along with everyone else in the state suffering from decades of intense McCain Pain. 2016 is the year we #ShakeUpDC